Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Favourite Screencaps meme: The Social Network

It's time to look at five of my favourite screencaps from my current obsession: The Social Network. Since finally getting my glorious 2-disc edition on Wednesday, I have watched the film three times. And it never fails to amaze me. Like - and I know that a lot of people will disagree - I think this movie is one of the most perfect I have ever seen. Anyway, enough about my obsession, and onto my five finely picked screencaps...

Collage time!

And just for fun...

HIS FACE! There is something about this cap which is hilarious. Like, I want this to be my blog header. But that might scare a few people off...


  1. 5 times and counting...
    I think it's pretty perfect too. I actually think I need a TSN intervention now.

  2. Haha. I should really move it away from my bed. Like as soon as I get a free two hours, I'm like THE SOCIAL NETWORK time! The special features are amazing too. A TSN intervention would be good right about now for me too.

  3. TSN is like one of the best I have seen, other than Inception.
    I mean seriously. I could just watch both of those movies again and again and again. But I don't have TSN's DVD :'(..can't wait for my birthday.

    Just a question, where do you get your screencaps from to make this 5 Favourite Screencaps?

  4. Thankful someone else agrees! Whenever you get it, make sure you get the 2 disc edition. Hopefully your birthday isn't far away!

    My screencaps come directly from watching the DVDs on my laptop. I basically just pause the DVD when I find something I like, and then I take a 'screencapture'. Easy peasy ;)

  5. I watch it even without having any free time...I'm supposed to be studying for a really important exam, but instead I decide to watch the Trent Reznor-Atticus Ross feature about Hand Covers Bruise. How can is it sooo bloody perfect??

  6. My favourite shot from the film (and the entire year actually) is in the club, during Sean Parker's "this is our time" speech. I don't remember exactly when, but Fincher cuts to a straight on shot of Parker's face lit up by the clubs lights, as he essentially addresses the audience. Fantastic

  7. Aww, that look on Andy's face makes me sad. :(

  8. Ha! That last image should TOTALLY be your blog header. I would crack up every time I came for sure!

  9. Tom - That is a great shot. I really like the way that whole scene is set up. David Fincher is brilliant!

    Anna - I know :(

    Fletch - Haha, I might do that one day. It was my screensaver for a while...every time I opened my laptop I cracked up!


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