Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new rating system? Thoughts?

I'm getting bored with the generic (insert number here)/10 ratings, so I decided to change it up a little. Here are my ideas, but I need your help to help me decide on which are cool, which ain't and what I could change! I'm half asleep at this point in time, and need inspiration!

For a 1 - 2 rating of a movie. Because, sometimes, a really awful movie feels like being the Grand Canyon where no one can hear/see you. Maybe not so bad.

For a 3 - 4 rating. Like, it was an okay movie, but it was still pretty shonky and I wouldn't really recommend it, coz it did some bad things.

For a 5 - 6 movie. The movie was boderline good, but if it listened to Eames and dreamt a little bigger, than it would have been actually good.

For a 7 - 8 movie. Love at first sight, some would say. I'm a bit iffy on this one.

For a 9 - 10 movie. Just because this picture is perfect.

I need your help! What do you think of these?


  1. These are cool!
    That Inception one is a great choice.

    But since these are all relatively recent releases does that mean you are going to replace them by newer releases every now and then or are you keeping these indefinitely?

    Anyway, I like the idea!

  2. Great idea! It's nice to switch it up now and again. I love the ones you've picked, but Jack L has a point about the new releases, whether they'd be switched around when other quotable films come out, but well done man, you've hit a good jack-pot there (and plus it goes with your Award Rating system pics too!)

  3. Thanks guys! I know they all have new movies, but they were the only ones I could think of. Knowing me, I will change them in the future!

  4. Sweet - another convert!

    Yeah, I was gonna point out the same thing as Jack - these are all too new, though you got some great screenshots and captions to go along with them. They will certainly capture your feelings on a film.

  5. Lesya - If I get your approval, then I will do it!

    Fletch - In the future, I'll put more effort into finding some different pics and captions. But for now, I like these, since they're all so fresh!

  6. We might take that last one with a grain of salt, if the context of the quote were taken into account.

    I like it. It's different.


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