Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AAN: Taking a look at my favourite FYC ads...

One of my favourite parts of the award season, thus far, has been looking at all the 'For Your Consideration' ads. Some are beautiful, and some of the things they asked for they never got. Here are some of the coolest/weirdest ads I've seen so far:


Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty, isn't it? It is perfect.

How to Train Your Dragon's FYC campaign is so simple, yet it is very effective. In another life, Dragon will win an Oscar, but for now, it wins the award of having the most beautiful FYC ads and coolest dragon.

This one is mainly all about Christopher Nolan and his fucking awesome writing talents, which, in a perfect world, would win the Oscar, but this ad is awesome. In fact all of them are. This one, however, captures the epic of epicness this movie has.

This ad, too, is one of my favourites. It has the most iconic scene in the film in it, plus that gooey 'awwww' feeling I also feel at the end of the film. And it has Master Nolan's insanely cute son in it.

Toy Story 3's campaign has taken on some of the previous Best Picture winners and incorporated them into some of the most stunning pictures from the film. Plus, it's always cool when there's a subtle 'The Best Reviewed Film of the Year'. Speaking of which...

The Social Network is the 'best reviewed movie of the year' too! HOW WILL I LIVE WITH ALL THIS UNCERTAINTY?! This was the first of the ads to come for this movie. As the Golden Globes came, they became a lot more cockier. Then see what they looked like just before the Oscar nominations.

Hells yeah. The Social Network wants it bad. They don't go for simplicity. They just cram an ad full of writing saying how fantastic it is. It's on 'over 250 top ten lists'! It's had 'over 100 4-star reviews'! Hey, this ad still looks great. And I'm not just saying it because there is a rather large picture of Andrew Garfield to the right hand side.



This ad for City Island is so bright, you'd be sure not to miss it, right? Well, it seems like this ad isn't the only thing that people missed. City Island is such an awesome movie. And it at least deserved either an actor nod for Garcia or a screenplay nod. But noooooo. So, to compensate, you must see this movie!

Despicable Me gives me the fluffies. And this ad is pretty damn awesome, too.

This ad for Inception is my most favourite. I love all the pictures of the cast members and the way they all go together looking slick and smooth. The acting in Inception is still amazing!

Tangled should have been nominated. It was a beautiful film. If only for this scene on it's own. Gorgeous.

Pete Postlethwaite, R.I.P. Miss him. One of his final films was The Town, which I heard is brilliant, but has only been nominated for one award (Jeremy Renner - Best Supporting Actor). It has some brilliant ads too, even though it just didn't get noticed enough. This ad, particularly, is made all the better looking thanks to Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively and the always sexy Jon Hamm.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps seems like a movie which is soaked in awardsy goodness, but alas, it was not that good. Instead, the only thing it had going for it was the hope for a supporting actor nod for Michael Douglas, who was incidentally billed first. This ad does him justice, too. Very executive looking, oozing with greed.


The good news: Helena Bonham Carter got nominated for an Oscar. The bad news: it wasn't for Alice in Wonderland. They wanted this to get acting nominations? I've practically already forgotten that this was even released last year.

Luckily, this ad was aimed at the Golden Globes...

Best performance of Gyllenhaal's career? Oh yeah, let's just forget about Brokeback Mountain for a second there...


Oh lordy. I know it's Australian and we're not supposed to care, that doesn't mean that Animal Kingdom and the tremendous Jacki Weaver deserve a bland ad like this. My message to whoever designed it: "You've done some bad things sweetie."

Jesus Christ. Someone went a little crazy. This ad is just too busy. I don't care if The King's Speech is going to sweep up, this ad is awful.

Like the poster, this ad is awkward. Geoffrey Rush is kinda looking at Colin Firth like he is a bit of a joke. Helena Bonham Carter is looking adoringly at her husband, and for once, she is the normal looking one. Firthy, however, is the most awkward looking of the lot. Photoshopped to the max, with eyes that don't at all match what the rest of his body is aiming at. It literally creeps me out.

Unfortunately, the design team spent so much time photoshopping Michael Douglas that they couldn't complete the rest of the ad.

I know that Winter's Bone is the lowest of low budgets, but this ad is like someone hit the snooze button in my brain and told me it was okay to sleep through the duration of this movie.

Thanks to Awards Daily for putting up these fantastic ads! If you have any favourites, let me know!


  1. Man, that Animal Kingdom FYC poster is really bad, same goes for The Kings Speech bad photoshop jobbies.

    Toy Story 3 got it in the bag for me, I loved (most) of the ads they came out with.

    Also, I think TS3 I right, that they're the best reviewed film of the year. With The Social Network following behind in a close second. Except, times could have changed since the last time I saw their Fresh meter on Rottentomatoes.

  2. My favourites are the Inception posters and the Toy Story 3 one, glad you posted these for I hadn't seen any of them before!
    I like the Town poster a lot as well, the film was a bit disappointing though...

  3. Cherokee - Some people should really just stay away from the photoshop. I mean, it never did anyone any favours.
    TS3 is probably right, as it is impossible not to love that movie, but that sure won't get it Best Picture.

    Jack - Glad I could help! Hey, don't get me down on The Town. I finally get to see it next month!


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