Sunday, February 6, 2011

AAN: Anyone else wanna endorse The King's Speech?

I liked The King's Speech. I wasn't completely blown away by it, though I could have been tempted to give the film a standing ovation at the end. I wouldn't say that this could be the movie that I want to win Best Picture. In a perfect world, it would be going to Inception, but I would far rather have The Social Network take the cake. However, The King's Speech has been gaining terrific momentum. Let's have a look at some famous people who have endorsed it with their love:

-Happy the "The King's Speech" was nominated. It'll raise awareness of the debilitating speech impediment known as "British accent." - Stephen Colbert
-The Kings Speech was so excellent. Amazing true story performed by masters of their craft. Writing, directing and performance all superb. - Zachary Levi
-Josh Duhamel said at the SAG Awards that he loved Christian Bale in The Fighter, everything about Black Swan, and...The Kings Speech.
-Wowzers, The King's Speech is bloody amazing!!!!! - Tom Fletcher

...and, the most important endorsement...

The Weinstein Company (TWC) is honored to learn that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, has enjoyed a private screening of THE KING’S SPEECH, as reported by Duncan Larcombe, Royal Editor, in today’s edition of The Sun.
Well, shit. Now you have to give it the Oscar, right? THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND APPROVES!

So who can approve of the film now? Hang on, we'll just call God and he can come down and endorse it himself.


  1. I haven't seen the King's Speech yet, I'm not very up to date with recent releases, but I am looking forward to it for I have been disappointed with most films I saw last year so far, including I'm afraid to say, Inception...
    In fact the only films I've really loved last year were Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Another Year and Exit Through The Gift Shop.

    I do think The King's Speech is going to win the Oscar and Colin Firth will definitely win Best Actor.

    Anyway great post, I enjoyed your sense of humour...

  2. I read it - you're hilarious. I'm amazed that the Queen has so much clout in this day and age!

  3. Jack - Nawww, no Inception love? But glad you loved Scott Pilgrim. I still think The Social Network will win. Thanks!

    8lifegr8 - Thanks!


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