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Top 10 Oscar fails in 2011

The Oscars decided that they wouldn’t be the same as everyone else, and decided to snub deserving people left right and centre. You know what the number one snub is going to be here, but there are nine more reasons as to why the Oscars got it wrooooong.

10. Best Actor: Ryan Gosling – Blue Valentine

I haven’t seen Blue Valentine, but I find it extremely disappointing that the Academy decided not to nominate Ryan Gosling for his performance or for anything other than Michelle Williams in the Best Actress category. I would have thought that it was one of those ‘nominate one, nominate the other’ kind of deals, but not to be. His spot was taken by Javier Bardem for his turn in Biutiful, which was a bit of a surprise, seeing as he hadn’t been nominated anywhere else but the BAFTAs.

9. Best Original Screenplay: Animal Kingdom – David Michôd

So this wasn’t nominated in many other places, but in my opinion, it should have been somewhere. It’s just a little sad that this film only came away with one nomination, seeing at it is one of the best reviewed movies of the years. Must be a case of ‘it’s Australian, who cares’. Hey, I’m a New Zealander, and I rustled up the energy to care about this movie. The screenplay for this movie was pretty darn good with its structure and plot, especially considering the fact that this was a debut feature for Michôd.

8. Best Animated Feature: Tangled

I guess this one goes for Despicable Me as well. Just because they aren’t as great as Toy Story 3 doesn’t mean they should have been forgotten. Tangled is the standard in animation, and it should at least be recognized for the amazing visuals and happiness it provides. Then again, with Toy Story 3 shaping up to be The Social Network of the animated feature category, it doesn’t really matter what else is nominated.

7. Best Supporting Actress: Barbara Hershey – Black Swan

I think anyone who has seen Black Swan would agree with me: Barbara Hershey is one scary mamma. Did anyone think that she was like Margaret White in Carrie? Black Swan is such a well acted film, so it is a little strange that it only got one acting nom (which will probably win). Hershey deserved the nomination, even if she only got a BAFTA nom along the way. No wonder Nina was such a damaged soul.

6. Best Visual Effects: TRON: Legacy

Didn’t this seem like a no-brainer? The effects were pretty much the only things that made TRON: Legacy worth sitting through, and to be honest, they were pretty darn good visual effects. Somehow, Iron Man 2 managed to sneak through (what the hell?). A movie which houses a young Jeff Bridges and an old Jeff Bridges (neither of which actually look like normal Jeff Bridges), more lights than the world knowingly has and some amazing set pieces surely deserves an Oscar nomination in this category, no?

5. Best Editing: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

You know how hard it is to put up a sign saying that Salt is ‘nominated for an Oscar’ but end up putting nothing by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Take a second to imagine the poor editor who had to go through that movie. They had to add all of those extra effects on screen making the movie as kick-ass as it was. Yet, no recognition. Jeez, if I had it my way I would nominate this movie in every bloody category. But I guess the Academy aren’t ‘cool’ enough for this movie. Prepare to die, obviously.

4. Best Supporting Actress: Mila Kunis – Black Swan

I was really disappointed when I saw that Mila Kunis wasn’t nominated. Come on, she totally owned on screen. While it was all Natalie Portman’s film, Mila too went through hell for this movie (dislocated shoulder, two torn calf ligaments...). She also got a Golden Globe and a SAG nomination. She’s also got a movie about a casual relationship coming out this year. So why no love for her, Academy? You disappoint me.

3. Best Editing: Inception

This really seemed like a no brainer. When you have to edit through all those different layers and put them together so they all make sense, then you should get some recognition. The editing in Inception should not have only been nominated, but it should have won. Anyone that edits a Nolan film should win.

2. Best Supporting Actor: Andrew Garfield – The Social Network

There was a small part of me that could see this coming (as the missing SAG nom probably harmed his chances), but ANDREW GARFIELD SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOODY NOMINATED! In such a well-acted film, nominating just Jesse Eisenberg makes it seem like he is the only reason to go and watch the film. He is not. ANDREW GARFIELD IS THERE TOO! And, to be quite frank, Andrew has probably the biggest future ahead of him after this movie. He was the one that everyone put on their list as the ‘top rising star of 2010’. So why wasn’t he nominated? WHY?! I still love you, Andrew. Academy, you better lawyer up, assholes, because he's not coming back for just a nomination...he is coming back for everything!

1. Best Director: Christopher Nolan – Inception

WHAT. THE. HELL. So, you’ve probably read my rant or whatever, and now you probably think I’m crazy. But you don’t just not nominate Christopher Nolan and expect to get away with it. You don’t just nominate him in every other award show but not at the Oscars. You don’t just ignore him for The Dark Knight and then ignore him for Inception. You don’t just hate on Nolan, full stop. He is amazing (in my eyes, at least). To be honest, he doesn’t need a fancy Oscar nomination to prove that. It’s just a nice thought.


  1. Spot on, every single one of the.

    One thing about Mila Kunis that I loved (besides my predetermined affection stemming back to That 70's Show): Nina is telling her to back off after she [Lily] told the director that she [Nina] had been crying, and she [Lily] just cocks her head back a bit, shifts her weight, the whole getup, and says, in the best casual/bitchy/surprised/conspiratorial/whatever delivery, "Okay".

    And that's my story that you honestly didn't give two shits about. Lovely write-up.

  2. Oh, yeah, and as me-appointed Woobie of the Year, Andrew Garfield owns the Oscars. For real or in our collective dreams, I don't care, he owns those bitches. Good fucking day.

  3. Haha, glad you enjoyed the post. Andrew Garfield does own the Oscars.
    Love your story on Mila Kunis too. Mila was wonderful in that movie, so I don't know why she wasn't nominated. The Academy these days!

  4. "I'm so sorry my movies require you to actually think" LOL. No thinkers in the Academy! This snub made me love the Oscars less... like very less.

  5. You said it, sister. Also pissed that TRON got snubbed for Best Original Score, but that one's gonna go to Trent Reznor and I'm more than happy with that. Still, lame move.

  6. Lesya - I lost all respect for the Oscars that day. Now I'm only mildly excited for them. You don't just ignore the Nolan.

    Aiden - That was one that I was angry about, too! The soundtrack was gooooooood. I really want Hans Zimmer to win that category for Inception, but I'd be happy if Reznor gets it.

  7. I totally agree about Nolan, Garfield and Gosling getting snubbed. It would have also been nice to see the Animal Kingdom script get nominated, but I wasn't all that surprised it didn't appear.

    I also agree about the editing nominations - both Scott Pilgrim and Inception rely on editing to tell their story far more than your average film.

    Tron: Legacy's score was the most outrageous absense this year - it's my absolute favourite soundtrack of 2010, and made a weak film far more watchable.

    Other big disappointments were Black Swan not getting nominated in the sound categories, and Shutter Island not getting nominated at all. Should be up for Direction, Actor, Picture, Costume, Cinematography & least in my opinion

    I wasn't all that taken with either Hershey or Kunis' performances. If you ask me, the biggest snub in that category was Lesley Manville from Another Year...she deserves to take home that award, but she wasn't even nominated!

    PS I love all the Nolan love on this blog! Memento is either my one or two favourite film of all time, and The Dark Knight is also in my top ten.

  8. I knew that Animal Kingdom probably wouldn't have gotten anything other than Best Supporting Actress, but that was one of the best films of the year, so I'm pretty sad it went by unnoticed.

    Tron Legacy's score was amazing. I wonder how it didn't get nominated? It was eligible, right? I mean, it wasn't a great movie, but there were components of it which deserved some Oscar attention.

    Jeez, Shutter Island should have been nominated. Especially for best actor. Leo owned in that movie. I guess that was just a case of being released so early in the year that it was somewhat forgotten. I haven't seen Another Year, but I heard some really great things about Manville.

    Ha, this is definitely a Nolan run blog! Thanks.

  9. Hey, stevee, I totally agree with you, Nolan had to be nominated, I think he probably beserved to win....cuz you just can't make movies like that, Inception was just amazing, i think it deserves to win Best picture....
    Another actor who really deserved to be nominated was Mark wahlberg for his performance in Fighter. Mila kunis deserved to be nominated too...
    I think that James Franco desrves to win best actor as his performance in 127 hours is just brilliant, and Natalie portman deserves to win for Black Swan...
    Even last time the academy made mistakes by not nominating Tobey Maguire for Brothers and the biggest one was not awarding Avatar for best Picture. Anyway I loved you Blog.....

  10. Agree with you on every level! Thanks!


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