Monday, January 24, 2011

Review Round Up: Comedies-Grown Ups & Vampires Suck

Since I'm lazy and so far behind in my reviews, I've decided to combine a couple of reviews just to save time and unnecessary space. Because I don't really think Vampires Suck quite deserves a whole place to itself.

Grown Ups

To be perfectly honest, and I will probably get shot for saying this, Grown Ups was quite entertaining. Like, I wouldn't say its the best comedy ever, and it sure does squander some of the funny men on display, but it was an easy watch. From a critical standpoint, though, this movie lacks focus. One minute it is trying to be a heavy slapstick comedy, then it is trrying to be all heart warming. I think the main message they were trying to get across was that kids these days are too obsessed with technology to see what's outside. But really, it just came across as these old people trying to relive their childhoods. It also proves that Adam Sandler doesn't have it anymore. And there's that irony that Grown Ups is a very immature comedy. My niece seemed to enjoy it, though.

Vampires Suck

I have never ever watched one of those spoof movies up until now. The only reason I bothered with Vampires Suck is the fact that it puts one of my favourite pasttimes into a feature length film: making fun of Twilight. Shame is, this movie is far worse than whole series and its insane fan base put together. The jokes are cheap, the various references to pop culture are awfully exaggerated and the way they try and make fun of the film by copying it word for word and just adding immature 'funnies' is horrible. I didn't laugh once. I mean, what the fuck?! Why do people make and watch SHIT like this?! Making Jacob a chihuahua, turning Bella into a burger or getting the 'werewolves' to dance to 'It's Raining Men' just isn't funny. I'd rather watch the spoofs they have on youtube, they are funnier. The only thing this movie has going for it is the fact that Jenn Proske, the girl who plays 'Becca', is actually really good at imitating Kristen Stewart. She has a future.


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