Wednesday, January 26, 2011


*offensive language follows*
What the FUCK is this fuckery?! Did the voters not see Inception? Or The Dark Knight? Or the rest of Christopher's fucking films? I am so fucking disappoint. He has been nominated everywhere else, but not here. No, David O. Russell, the guy that tried to beat him up, is fucking nominated.
Fuck the Academy, Christopher fucking Nolan is still the best fucking director alive.
At least he's nominated for best screenplay, which is goingto fucking win.

...and Andrew Garfield was snubbed. How dare they do that either?

I'll give you my Leo/Zuck/ STEVE reactions soon, once I have calmed down.


  1. I knew you of all the blogs that I follow via Livefeed would have a go about this. Even though I wouldn't agree with the best director alive thing, it did make me go Wtf? when I was watching it live-streamed on the news and my laptop.

    The Oscars (i.e fat, greasy, white old men,) seem to have something against Nolan (then again, it is about who you schmooze up that neck of the woods.) Didn't they add in the Ten best film nominees because of the whole situation that blew up over no recognition for The Dark Knight and Wall-E? Seems a bit stupid to have done that, and Nolan deserves to be in that line-up of directors, just for Memento alone.

    Either way, it was pretty predictable, except where the fuck was Garfield and Gosling? What does Gosling have to do to ever get nominated there? That performance in Blue Valentine is just...words can't express that performance man, it's ridiculously good, effortless, and no one has given the man anything.

    The thing I do like about the general Hollywood award shows is that everyone, even people who aren't lovers of film, get into it all, making their bets on whats going to win, a

    Also, I had never heard of the dickery of David O.Russell (or supposed dickery,) until after you posted this and I looked him up - seems to be, a lot of people don't get along with the man. Hopefully (if it is all true, and I can't say it is, unless I was there,) he would've grown up by now.

    Glad you're holding the Chris Nolan flag though, keep it going! One day he'll get noticed, one day.

    On another note: I saw Black Swan yesterday. And am ashamed to say it was, just, well, okay. Portman was good, Hershey as well, mirrors were used to an awesome effect, it had some nice shots, costume and make-up, but where the hell was the 'I'm supposed to lose what is reality-fantasy?' Those veer on being my favourite films, so as a film-watcher, I am glad I MUCH - by a million miles - prefer Blue Valentine too Swan, which in film-watching terms, is good for me, but it didn't leave me disappointed per se, I just expected a completely different fucked up beast. I though I was going to see a film where I'd have to compose myself for days after, and in the end, I came out pretty normal and unscathed. Last 15 minutes was good though. Choreography was spot-on (for what I know of spending years doing ballet...thank God I don't do it now, haha.) Also, the loss of innocence sexuality lean and Nina's sanity, it just didn't gel well, it all happened wayyy to quickly, like BAM, BAM, BAM - she's insane now. There wasn't really a deteriation of the mind, so it was pretty hard to believe.

    And where all these comparisions to Cronenberg and Lynch are coming from, I have no idea - there were no similarites to Black Swan with their works whatsoever.

    Aronofsky was close to making something you just had no idea what the hell was going on, but, I guess the sexual awakening thing not fitting well with the film, and it being too stuck in reality didn't work in it's favour.

    It either could've been an awesome as fuck short film (with the last 15 min ballet sequence,) or it needed 20 mins on it's bones to slow things down, to make Nina's 'going crazy' thang to really work well.

    It was a good try, and I did enjoy it (Vincet Cassell is so hammy in it, it's brilliant. And Mila Kunis is great as Lily.)

    I guess, after this whole, long, rant, what I'm trying to say is, it had some great potential. I still recommend seeing it, because it'll be interesting to see what your opinion on the film is.

    Sorry for the long comment here xD

  2. The Oscar people seem to really hate Nolan. I have no idea why that is. The ting that really pisses me off about his snub is the fact that David O. Russell got nominated. I haven't seen The Fighter, but I know that when he was nominated for the Golden Globe, he was a real longshot. Yet, he gets a nomination. What is life?

    Don't even get me started on the Garfield snub (well, you'll see my Leo/Zuck/Steve reaction sometime during the day). It's like saying Jesse Eisenberg was the only performance in that movie. Andrew was amazing in that movie, and without him, I suspect the whole thing would have fell flat. Oh well, I guess I saw it coming, as Andy never got the SAG nomination.

    I haven't seen Blue Valentine (don't even know when that is coming out), but I've heard so many good things about Gosling. I wouldn't have thought Javier Bardem would have been nominated, but oh well. The great thing about Jeff Bridges getting nominated is that Colin Firth will beat him, like he should have last year. (side note: you seen The King's Speech? Saw it yesterday, superb)

    What a coincidence! I saw Black Swan yesterday too. I thought it was pretty good, but it wasn't amazing. Like you, I reckon her insanity came way too fast. But the last 15 minutes were soooooo good, I was just like 'WTF?!' the whole time.

    Aronofsky's direction was so good. I loved the use of mirrors and everything. The performances were amazing too. If Natalie Portman doesn't win that Oscar, then there will be trouble.

  3. I think not nominated Nolan for director was one of the best things the Academy has done in a long time. Instead they picked five directors all better than Nolan. Inception doesn't even deserve that best picture nod and I don't think it would have even gotten it were it not for those stupid 10 nominees. Inception was a brillant action movie but was sloppy, unfocused lacked the imagination to do anything intelligent with it's overarching concept. The Dark Knight was brillant as was The Prestige as was Batman Begins. Everything else Nolan has ever made is overrated. The best director alive? Even as hyperbole that statement is ridiculous.

  4. I completely disagree. I love Nolan a lot, he is my idol. Thanks for your condescending comment.

  5. I watched The Fighter yesterday (as I now have this annual thing of ranking all the films in best picture nominees list, so I gotta make sure I watch them – even if it’s online, as it doesn’t come out here til February.) And, I am also not made of money xD

    The Fighter = entertaining, light-hearted, pop-corn crunching, predictable fun. There was nothing else too it (except Walhberg and Bale did have some great chemistry.) I thought Bale was awesome in it – not as great as everyone is saying he is, but good nonetheless –; it’s always nice to know he doesn’t pick the same, predictable roles over and over again and he had a crack-head spot on (a Boston accent too). Amy Adams played against character well, and the blonde sisters were just hilarious. I did however prefer Andrew Garfield’s performance in The Social Network to Bale’s, so it makes it more frustrating that he isn’t up for anything this year. (I’m guessing they couldn’t handle two Brits in the same category, then?)

    Oscars love anything Coen related, so Bardem alone would have had a shoe-in just because he was in No Country for Old Men. However, Buitful is directed by the man that gave the world Amoreos Perros, and that was an excellent film, so I’m sure it’s got its own merits there.

    Awesome! You got in then? Told you you’d be able to do it, haha. Haven’t seen The Kings Speech yet, gonna try and check it out this week (same with 127 Hours as I have been trying to see forever, ugh.) Black Swan: Last 15 minutes, definitely, for me were the film, I guess I was just expecting this whole mind-fuckery to go on, and it left me out in the cold a little. I did get the Perfect Blue comparisons though – towards the end anyway- with the Natalie on Natalie fight, but it made me pleased to know it wasn’t a carbon copy of one of my favourite films (thank God for that, hey?)

    Yeah, there was some great directing going on there, more with the tracking behind Portman’s back – The Wrestler style. Those camera shots, the in-your face vibe, as I said before, the mirrors. I don’t understand why no one talked about the ballet in Black Swan? It was really well choreographed and executed nicely, so it seemed a little odd to me… I was surprised that Portman was so damn subtle in Black Swan; I thought it was going to be camp-central, so that already made me warm to her more in the film. For me though, I’d put my money (if I was voting,) on Michelle Williams. But obviously Portman’s going to bag it.

    I think it would go like this for me (in acting terms, haven’t seen Winters Bone yet, so I wouldn’t know where to rank Lawrence.)

    1. Michelle Williams
    2. Natalie Portman
    3. Nicole Kidman
    4. Annette Benning

    On the note of the Mike guy: Why would he come to your blog when he knows that you like Christopher Nolan? Also, in terms of directing, Nolan definitely could’ve replaced Russell, for sure.

    Again, that was one lonnnng comment, haha xD

  6. I really wanna see The Fighter. It's out here, but its an R16, of course, so I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD. Like you, I wanna watch all the Oscar ones early. I didn't really wanna see True Grit, but now its been nominated, I'm gonna try everything to see it. Thank goodness I worked on a public holiday so I can get extra pay...I can bribe one of my parents to drive me to see it.

    Still can't understand that Andrew Garfield snub. Oh well, when Christian Bale wins, I'm pretty sure he'll win for the rest of his career. I can't believe this is his first nomination.

    Well...I didn't exactly 'get in' to watch Black Swan. I was just randomly searching online when I found the movie and I started to watch it. I feel so guilty, but hey, I could not possibly wait any longer. And it is my first offense! I feel like I'm on the dark side now :(. I just realised that 127 Hours comes out in two weeks (R16...coz I may be influenced to chop my arm off after seeing it). I feel like I have been waiting for it to come out foooooooorever. Just a few months to go until I can watch it...

    The ballet in Black Swan was beautiful, especially since Natalie and Mila did most of the dancing themselves. I guess the ballet was secondary to the 'WTF' moments that movie had. I heard that Julianne Moore's performance was better than Annette Bening's in The Kids Are All Right. Why is Julianne continuously snubbed? Her snub for A Single Man was pretty weird, too.

    Totally agree with you on the last part. Hmphf.

  7. I've seen two Coen Brothers films, and I haven't got fully into them yet (though I really liked No Country for Old men - the shots were so brilliantly composed, it was ridiculous.) But my brother has given me his Coen's brother box-set, so I am sure to check it out.

    Yeah, the Bale win might be one of those jobbies, so I wouldn't mind him winning.

    Don't worry! Nearly always, if I watch a film online and If I like it enough, - I'll buy it on DVD or maybe go and see it in the cinema, in my life-time, so you know, I never have seen a problem with it, especially when there are films like Drugstore Cowboy that are out of print. But I do find it annoying watching stuff online, just because my laptop screen is crappy and I love the experience of being in the cinema.

    How much I liked the ballet in Black Swan, I guess the only comparison too The Red Shoes is both have ballet in them, but you can't compare those two films at all. They are entirely different films, and everything about The Red Shoes is magically (including the infamous ballet sequence which is just awesome.)

    Forgot to mention (and how could I forget? It was one of my favourite parts of the film, that was actually creep,) Clint Mansell's re-vamp Swan Lake score, which is fucking awesome.

    I thought the performances in The Kids are All Right were all nice, particularly the kids, I really liked them, and Mark Ruffalo as always, but the film is just sort of 'ehhh.' There were some great moments in it, but I really didn't get what all the fuss was about. The emotional climax near the end just didn't gel. (I won't ruin it for you, since you haven't, but hopefully you'll notice it too xD)

  8. I've only seen Burn After Reading and A Serious Man. I started watching No Country for Old Man on TV, but the reception was crappy so I gave up. I'll get around to getting it on DVD. I mainly just wanna see True Grit because of Hailee Steinfeld. It always makes me happy (and insanely jealous) watching young people being fantastic actors.

    Gee, I'm so buying Black Swan when it comes out on DVD. I don't want to make a habit of it, maybe just of the R16 movies I really want to see (I'll only have that problem until August so thats not long). And I'll wait for them to be released in the cinemas here, coz then that feel better. Sometimes you just have to go to those measures. But I'd choose cinema over laptop screen anyday.

    Man, I wanna see The Red Shoes. They were showing it at the NZ film fest last year, but I missed it (I so have to be able to drive myself around by the time its film fest...I do not wanna miss out this year!). I'm surprised there aren't more ballet movies, because I reckon films and ballet go perfectly together.

    I'm so glad Mark Ruffalo got an Oscar nom. He deserves it for the most part of his career, too. I think the concept for The Kids Are All Right is very interesting, but then again it seems like one of those fantastic concepts that don't make a whole film. Sucks when that happens.

    Fuck. I just watched Requiem for a Dream. I was crying so much at the end there. It was so bloody depressing. I don't know if I can handle that again.

    Oh, and since Chris ain't in the Oscar noms, I'm going for Aronofsky. I think he's my one of my semi-director-obsessions now.

  9. I couldn't stand A Serious Man. Well, that's too extreme, but I didn't take to it as much as No Country for Old Men, that's for certain. It has taken me forever to get down to watching some Coen's, especially knowing Steve Buscemi is like, their main man, and I love me some Buscemi, so underrated he is, it's ridiculous.

    Totally agree - Cinema over Laptop Screen any day of the week, and T.V screen over Laptop too.

    The thing I guess about Aronofsky is he certainly isn't a subtle filmmaker. That's why I prefered The Wrestler - and really took too it - out of all his works so far, (still have yet to see Pi,) because it's the most stripped film of his. I like the guy's stuff, thanks to Clint Mansell's scores, but The Fountain let me down major (it was okay, I guess,) the same goes for Black Swan, so I'm on the tight-rope here, wondering where Pi is gonna go. Like Black Swan, he has the potential to be awesome, but never gets there. I am interested to see what he does with Wolverine, and hope for the love of god he doesn't fuck up the story for that (which I LOVED in the comic, one of my favourites.)

    I cannot remember at all what happened at the end of Requiem, which is annoying, because I really like it, and I didn't see it a million years ago, either.

    The Red Shoes is wonderful, definitely a favourite of mine. Powell and Pressburger - that team are so awesome, but even Powell on his own, he created one of the most visually stunning, and awesome as fuck films, Peeping Tom.

    Yeah, I liked the idea for The Kids are all right too, plus, it's hard to find well written gay characters in an industry that is happy to churn out unrealtable, white, male leads. So that alone, was good, but it just left me feeling, "what was the point?" Also, the stuff that goes on, just didn't fit with the film since Moore and Benning seemed so happy together, I was like 'What?'

    On another note: I'm glad you got to watch A Prophet, even though you didn't seem to take to it as much as I thought.

  10. The Coens have never really been my thing. Mind you, I haven't seen The Big Lebowski or Fargo, so I guess I can't really judge.

    I love Steve Buscemi too. One day I have got to get down to watching Boardwalk Empire.

    The Wrestler was gooooood...but that was more Mickey Rourke's film than anything else. I find it kinda strange that he is directing Wolverine. He has directed all these artsy types of movies and he is pretty good at it, but I just can't picture him doing a comic book blockbuster. So it should be interesting to see what will happen, but I can't see how he could fuck it up.

    I need to watch A Prophet again. I think I just didn't really take to it because I was so bloody tired when I was watching it. Mind you, I really liked the style of it.

  11. I feel I haven't seen Classic Coen's stuff, so imma give them the benefit of the doubt (for now, anyway.)

    Yes! You must see Boardwalk Empire, beyond awesome.

    Probably why I liked The Wrestler, since it wasn't Aronofsky putting his stamp-of-approval all over the film, but letting it play out. Again, it's a suprise I took to The Wrestler out of all his films, because Requiem is my kind of film - the one I always seem to love.

    Oh man, when I heard that news, it seriously made me go WTF? Worse is if he fucks it up with THAT story, which was done so well in my favourite X-Men comic (well, technically it's a Wolverine one, but you know.) And I am interested also, considering that he'll have a gigantic budget at his disposel.

    That is the worst time to watch A Prophet man! It's definitely a film to watch when you're wide awake, considering it's also about 2 and half hours long, haha.

  12. I was very dissapointed! I even didn't want to write anything on my blog, although I thought that day could be the beginning of returning to blogging (yuk, to many -ings). But when I saw the nods presented online, at first, I didn't get WTF was happening.

    I am assuming they are just jealous.

  13. Cherokee - When A Prophet comes up for sale, I will buy it. I need to watch it again!

    Lesya - In the words of Maurice Fischer, 'disappoint'. Everyone is jealous of the Nolan.


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