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My thoughts on the Screen Actors Guild nominations (with Leo, Zuck and Steve)

So...where the Golden Globes were a way of getting stars who don't deserve an award into the ceremony, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are snubs aplenty. But at least many of the stars deserve to have their place there. Of course, I'm bringing Strutting Leo (for happiness), Mark 'You have my attention' Zuckerberg ('meh') and Steve from Legion (WTF?!) in to rate the nominations.

They're back!
OUSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY A CAST IN A MOTION PICTURE Black Swan-Natalie Portman, Barbara Hershey, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder, Vincent Cassel.
The Fighter-Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Jack McGee.
The Kids are All Right-Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska, Josh Hutcherson.
The King's Speech-Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bohnam Carter, Anthony Andrews, Jennifer Ehle, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Guy Pearce, Timothy Spall.
The Social Network-Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Josh Pence, Max Minghella.

While I am really happy about this line up, there are two minor things I am not happy about. First, are the snubs within The Social Network's nomination. All the leads are accounted for, even if Josh Pence isn't exactly a 'lead' as his face never appeared in the film. However, where the hell is Rooney Mara? Her name was plastered on some 'For Your Consideration' campaigns in the hope that she may get a nomination for best supporting actress. She wasn't the only one snubbed. Brenda Song, who perfectly played Eduardo's psycho girlfriend, is also missing. As is Rashida Jones, Douglas Urbanski and Denise Grayson. Oh well, as long as the main players got a nomination. The second bone I have to pick is the fact that Inception isn't seen. Okay, so it wasn't particularly an 'actors' movie, but it's great cast and great performances must have accounted for something? I guess it is just a case of other ensembles being better. However, despite those two hiccups, I couldn't think of a better line up...and this will be a race right down to the finish line come SAG night.

Jeff Bridges for True Grit
Robert Duvall for Get Low
Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network
Colin Firth for The King's Speech
James Franco for 127 Hours

No Wahlberg? No Gosling? Does it matter? Again, this is a two man race between Eisenberg and Firth, with maybe a little competition from Franco. I've been hearing some good things about Jeff Bridges in True Grit, but there is something a little off about him winning an Oscar for a role that John Wayne won an Oscar for years ago. If he can do it, good on him, but the fact that he isn't nominated at the Golden Globes may hurt his chances. As for Robert Duvall...well, I don't know what to think here. All I know is that Ryan Gosling is probably more deserving for his turn in Blue Valentine. Unfortunately, again, Leonardo DiCaprio is forgotten for his work in either Shutter Island or Inception, thus crushing all hopes of him getting a nomination come Oscar time. This category 'has my attention', mainly because I am rooting for both Eisenberg and Firth, and I can't wait to see who comes up trumps in the awards season. Secretly, I'm thinking that James Franco may come out of no where and win this award though...anyone agree?

Annette Bening for The Kids are All Right
Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone
Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Hilary Swank for Conviction

This category is pretty much the same as the drama category at the Golden Globes, apart from the fact that Halle Berry was nominated instead of Hilary Swank. I think that one spot has been handled particularly bad, to be honest. Julianne Moore should have been nominated in this one, full stop. I have heard some people saying that Hilary Swank's nomination is based purely on hype, and her co-star Sam Rockwell is more deserving. If that was really the case, then why was she nominated over Julianne Moore? Apart from that, this is also a two woman race between Bening and Portman. Like the actor category, Bening is an older actress who may never have a chance to win again, however Portman is a younger actress with plenty of time to be nominated again, but probably won't get another opportunity to win. I'm on team Portman, as she has been sweeping up plenty of other awards for her turn in Black Swan. We've been hearing good things about Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone ever since it was released earlier this year, but her campaign has lost momentum after being nominated against such fine actresses. Nicole Kidman has already won an Oscar, and will probably just have to bask in the glory of the critical acclaim she is getting for Rabbit Hole, instead of getting all the accolades for it.

Christian Bale for The Fighter
John Hawkes for Winter's Bone
Jeremy Renner for The Town
Mark Ruffalo for The Kids are All Right
Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech

NO ANDREW GARFIELD?! I. Am. Shocked. Does that kill his chances of getting an Oscar nomination? It better not. I could give this category a 'Steve' straight away, but the rest of the category is looking pretty good. Winter's Bone gets some more love, but I think this was really Andrew Garfield's spot. Christian Bale is back, and is on the right road to winning an Oscar, believe me. If he doesn't, it could be the biggest shock ever, but not only is he winning this for The Fighter...he is winning this for the rest of his career. Man, does he deserve it. Jeremy Renner and Geoffrey Rush are also back, rounding out a pretty interesting line up of supporting actors. The latest addition to the category is Mark Ruffalo for The Kids are All Right. There was a certain uproar from bloggers and others in-the-know when he was snubbed at the Golden Globes. All I have to say is that is about bloody time they noticed Ruff. The guy has been around long enough, and he's a really good actor. Sometimes that doesn't seem to matter to these awards. Another 'meh' from me, coz I think the only competition Christian Bale has is Christian Bale, and there is no Andrew Garfield. I mean, COME ON.

Amy Adams for The Fighter
Helena Bohnam Carter for The King's Speech
Mila Kunis for Black Swan
Melissa Leo for The Fighter
Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit

The Screen Actors Guild awards seem to have more love for True Grit then the Golden Globes did. Young Hailee Steinfeld gets a nomination, unfortunately taking the wonderful Jacki Weaver's spot for her turn in Animal Kingdom. Oh well, it's nice to see the young ones in there...proves that not all kids around our age are drinkin' and druggin'. Other than that, we see the same names from the Golden Globes, and I couldn't be happier about that. This category is really anyones guess. While I love Amy Adams to death I doubt she'll be the one to win. I'm glad that Mila Kunis got a nom here, because that definitely heightens her chances of getting an Oscar nomination, which will put all those skeptics to shame. Helena Bohnam Carter deserves an Oscar, like Bale, for the rest of her career, but I'm still a little iffy about her chances of winning. So that leaves Melissa Leo, who has been getting the most amount of acclaim for her role as the mother in The Fighter. Could she win? Who knows? That's what I love about this particular category...I have absolutely no clue on who will win.

2 Strutting Leo's
3 Mark 'You have my attention' Zuckerberg's
0 Steve's

These awards are a bit more refined then the Golden Globes, but the fact that there isn't any Inception, Andrew Garfield or surprises kinda left me feeling a bit 'meh'. But hey, it's only the acting, and the acting ain't everything when it comes to film. I'm still looking forward to seeing the outcome of these awards.

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