Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling like...(this was the best week of my life!)

Okay, so this is a post more about me rather than movies (that sounds so vain, but my week needs to be shared). It wasn't really the week of my life, as that was last week on camp, but anyway, this week has been filled with some amazing achievements...

Sunday: (late addition, but Hatter was offended)
I was on the LAMBcast! Got to chat with five other guys: Fletch, Steve, Kai, Hatter and Nick, who were all pretty shocked upon finding out that I was a 15 year old girl from New Zealand who loves Christopher Nolan and is a published writer. Pretty fun times, that convo was! Apart from the fact that I suck at 'Last LAMB standing'. Just because I didn't know many Ewan McGregor movies (and there was a bloody The Men Who Stare at Goats poster in my room! Godammit). Make sure you give it a listen when it comes online!

Last week of school! Not much really happened apart from the fact that Inception arrived at work early so I could look at it. I didn't get it out though, because I planned to watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Killers that night, and I did. Now I will forever regret that decision.

We had the most boringest field trip ever, but when school finished we rushed down to get Inception to watch it the day before it came out on DVD. Not only that, but my review on the film was posted in the local paper (see below), and it was pretty much bigger than any other review I have ever had. I've already had some great feedback on it, which is really good.

(The bottom is cut off a was too big for the scanner! But yeah, I wrote that.)

The morning was great. I'd been pestering my parents to drive me and my buds over to the neighbouring city so we could go and see Easy A. Mum finally agreed. Then, after me just saying once that I didn't have a lot of money to buy Inception, she said she'd give me the money to buy it as a Christmas present. Mainly because she understands that I love this movie so much and I couldn't live without it until 25th December. Gosh, I love her so much. She understands my movie obsession better than Dad. So, after school, we went up and got our copies of Inception (we being me and my best buds). I went home and refused to watch it. I did watch Me and Orson Welles, and then thought I might just watch the special features from Inception. Then I found myself watching the whole damn thing. I am going to draw the line when I start watching it five times a week.

Last day of school. Woohoo! Last day of being a junior. WOOHOO! At the Junior prizegiving, I got 'merit' certificates for Science, Information & Communication Technology, and Visual Arts. I was so surprised about the Science one, since the teacher hates me because everything I do has to have a strong connection to movies (Christopher Nolan made it into a project about the brain), and I'm not particularly good at Science either. I also got a certificate and voucher for winning the Year 10 speech finals, for my enlightening speech on Facebook. When I walked off the stage, I was secretly thanking Mark Zuckerberg.
We got to leave school early since the prizegiving practise only took 25 minutes, so me and more of my buds went to the 'Fantasy Cave' (a.k.a. the best thing in Dannevirke) to see Santa and some other displays of Christmassy stuff. That was really fun!
Then it was time for the big prizegiving for the whole school. Now I was maybe expecting some class awards for Drama, and maybe the Year 10 English cup. I ended up going home with class awards for Social Studies, Drama, Information & Communication Technology, and Visual Arts Printmaking and Painting. When it came time to give out the top of the class awards, I wasn't really expecting that much. My name was called, and then the guy reading out the names told me to walk slower since I got quite a few awards. Not only did I get the Year 10 English trophy (I was expecting it because I got it last year and English is the only thing I'm really good at), I also got top of Year 10 Social Studies. And, by some stretch of the imagination, I topped Year 10 Visual Arts. For one thing, I'm useless at art, and also, I'm not taking art next year. There were so many people who deserved it more than me. But I topped it, and I can't help but feel proud of myself. They were three major achievements I will never forget, and man, I feel happy about them.

All the stuff I picked up yesterday!
Friday: Sitting here, writing about my week, which you may be reading. Sorry, it's not amazingly movie related, but we have to mix it up, don't we? What's in store today? Hopefully screenings of I Am Love and Splice (and maybe a rewatch of Ince-no, stop.). Also, our annual trip to McDonald's and water fight down at the park, and a goodbye to one of our good friends. Oh, and catching up on all of the blogging I have been missing!

Anything exciting happened in your neck of the woods? Or do you have any achievements you're super proud of? Tell me in the comments...


  1. Once again, that's great to be published in a newspaper. Congrats on the last day of being a junior.

    Oh, I can't read the Inception-related posts, it's still not here. Besides, I'll be waiting for the limited two-disc edition :(((

  2. How did joining us on the LAMBcast not factor into your awesome-week post?

    On behalf of the rest of the boys, I'm offended!

  3. @Hatter Sorry, it completely slipped my mind. I put something in for you guys though! Sorry for offending you!

    @Lesya I don't think we are getting the 2 disc here:( But if we do, I'm buying that too!


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