Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DVD--Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

or: Bam! Smack! Woohoo!

One word to sum it up: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Me, the self-proclaimed comic book movie nerd that I am, was going to love Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, no doubt about it. The saddest thing about this movie, though, was the fact that it was released to some amazing critical acclaim, and everyone inside movie-world was obsessed with it. Unfortunately, hardly anyone from outside movie-world went to go and see it in it's theatrical release, therefore it flopped. Luckily it flopped gracefully, as it's fan base continue to go on about it today on their blogs and other social networking sites. This movie deserves it. Please, people in the teenage to late 20's age group, don't make the mistake of not seeing it. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is the most visually astounding movie we've seen since Avatar.

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) plays in a garage band, Sex Bob-Omb with his friends. He dates Knives Chau (Ellen Wong), a high-school girl five years his junior, and he hasn't recovered from being dumped by his former girlfriend, now a success with her own band. When Scott falls for Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he has trouble breaking up with Knives and tries to romance Ramona. As if juggling two women wasn't enough, Ramona comes with baggage: seven ex-lovers, with each of whom Scott must defeat in order to win Ramona.

Like this years earlier comic book movie release, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim comes off as monumentally cool. But what Scott Pilgrim has over Kick-Ass is the way it is made. Instead of making another generic blockbuster, director Edgar Wright (responsible for such films as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) has adopted a video game style to aid the story. The whole movie maps out just as if it were a video game (no, not one of those fancy PS3 games that look real...it's more like 90s style), which helps stylize the violence and tone it down a little bit. This concept could have majorly failed, but under strict direction from Wright and carefully placed effects from the rather large visual effects, Scott Pilgrim is a major win. While it's script certainly isn't as stunning as the visuals, Scott Pilgrim is a virtually flawless and amazingly entertaining film.

Finally in a worthy lead role, Michael Cera (NOT the guy from Zomebieland and The Social Network...that is Jesse Eisenberg) hasn't shrugged off his awkward guy exterior he gained from Juno, but he is more bearable in this movie. I couldn't think of a person better suited to the role of Scott Pilgrim, and I'm glad we can see the guy kicking some butt instead of just being...awkward. The film is filled up with a great young ensemble cast, which includes the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Death Proof, Anna Kendrick from Up in the Air, Alison Pill from Milk, Chris Evans from The Losers and Jason Schwartzman from The Darjeeling Limited. How this film didn't get any recognition at the Golden Globes is beyond me. Not only is this one of the most all-out entertaining movies I have seen this year, but it's also totally deserving of any accolade it can get. I think I have found my latest movie obsession in Scott Pilgrim...or proof that I am getting nerdier by the day. Anyway, Scott Pilgrim is a must see for those who are open minded enough to take it's silly storyline seriously, because those people will be sincerely rewarded.

THE VERDICT: Why did no one go and see this wonderful film in it's theatrical release? Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is so visually stunning and funny that it deserves to be seen for it's great entertainment value.



  1. Man, you make Scott Pilgrim sound so fucking awesome. I have become kind of irritated at myself that I can't love Scott Pilgrim in the way that everyone else does, but I guess it's one of 'those' films for me. Everyone else digs it, but you just don't get why it's so beloved.

    I should - being the comic nerd I am, as I am sure I have mentioned - but I really should've been warned off by the comics which I can't stand, but I'd heard so many awesome things about the film, I just couldn't pass it up (plus, nothing else was on, so I took my bets and watched it.)

    Michael Cera suprisingly has a good taste in films, but my God, I just can't handle the guy. Superbad, okay, I liked Superbad. Juno, I liked Juno too, mainly because of Ellen Page - didn't love it - but he suited the role. Year One...Youth & Revolt...I had it with Cera.

    I kinda think it would've benefited if it was a different actor in the role, but I don't think it would've changed so much about it. Probably be like someone playing Michael Cera.

    But Pilgrim looked awesome - I love old 80s Arcade games, so I was well up for it, came out of the cinema and felt dissapointed.

    I liked Shaun of the Dead, but didn't rate it so highly as everyone else did, so maybe I have a problem with Wright's direction? Someone did point out that Pilgrim had nothing to do with Simon Pegg writing it, so that could have put me off the dialogue, which I wasn't digging.

    However, the graphics were as awesome as shit - they should be nominated for best special effects, for sure - so were the fight scenes, nicely chorographed, and Jason Schwarztmen is always welcome.

    Think I'd mentioned all of this before, but it's nice to hear a completely differing opinion from my own from you either way, in review form none the less.

    Probably wanted a comment from someone who loved it though, so sorry about that!

  2. I just loved Scott Pilgrim. I'm not sure, it was just one of those 'click' moments for us two (whole it sounds like we are getting married). I do agree that the dialogue was a bit off, but I was sorta detracted from that because of all the visuals and other things going on.

    I agree, Michael Cera is getting old now. I thought he was cool in Superbad and Juno, but he was just playing the same character in every film so I got sick of him. And then when people kept saying "Oh Zombieland has that guy from Juno in it" I nearly blew my top. Jesse Eisenberg is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then Mr Cera, because Jesse at least sounds like his voice has broken :)

    Ha, a comment is a comment. I just love getting comments! As long as they aren't too negative :)

  3. It's still annoying because it was a film tailormade for someone like myself! Aw well, I guess it's just one of those films that everyone is in to, and you're just not that bothered about it :/

    I wouldn't hate on it totally anyway, I just wasn't a fan of the acting, but the visuals were awesome as hell. So was the music. I guess it's more accurate to say I didn't mind it. But hey, there is a lot of love for the film, so I'm not complaining : )

    I jumped on the Eisenberg bandwagon and FINALLY got round to watching Zombieland (I was kind of put off after I watched Adventureland when it came out, because I tried to get into it, and I didn't really) but Zombieland was, is, so freaking awesome. Have a postcard of a survival rule on my wall now!

    Also, there are so many epic interviews between Eisenberg/Garfield (and some with Timberlake) that I am glad they all coexisted in the same film now.


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