Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best and worst movies of far

Okay, so I won't be able to do one of those fancy lists that has every awardsy movie in there. Why? Two reasons: 1) Most of them don't come out here until next year. 2) I don't often go to the cinemas because they are so far away and there are probably age restrictions on them meaning I can't watch them until they come out on DVD. It will be so much easier next year when I have my restricted drivers license so I can drive myself everywhere and when I am 16 so I'll be able to legally watch most of these movies.

Anyway, I haven't seen such films as Black Swan, The King's Speech, The Fighter, 127 Hours, The Kid's are All Right...the list goes on. But what I have seen you will find on here. I'll give you the best of each genre, some overrated films, some underrated films and some really bad films. Beware...I haven't seen a lot.

Yeah, I'm a huge fan of The Social Network. I don't mind if it sweeps up every award at the Oscars. I was so interested in the story of Facebook before I had even heard of this movie, so seeing it all come to life was just amazing for me. The way Aaron Sorkin wrote it--as what could have possibly been a highly intelligent thriller--made the movie what it was. Hearing Jesse Eisenberg drone out his words in complete monotone was music to my ears. On that topic, Eisenberg has really grown into a proper actor with this role. Who would have thought that awkward lanky nerd would be an Oscar nominee (well I'm guessing he will be)? And where did Andrew Garfield come from? Thank God he's arrived on the scene. Justin Timberlake quashes all those thoughts on how a musician can't act. Complete with superb direction from David Fincher and an amazing score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, The Social Network is the movie event of the year.

Does this need an introduction? Ever since I first laid eyes on Inception back on July 22nd, I fell head over heels for it. And since getting it on DVD and watching it eight times, I think it's fair for me to say that Inception was my favourite film of the year. I still love it, even though most critics have forgotten about it. Truth is, Inception will probably live on a lot longer than the likes of The Social Network because it is so creative and original, and that ending sticks in your mind long after you have watched it. Christopher Nolan has topped his efforts on The Dark Knight (even though that remains as my favourite film of all time), and now we just have to wait and see if he can top those two with The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. Should be all in a days work for the guy.

While Kick-Ass is probably recognized as an action film, I thought it was simply the funniest thing I had seen all year. I am totally obsessed with this movie. It's so gloriously violent, crazily colourful and all out entertaining that I couldn't help but fall in love with it. That probably all comes down to a nerdy Aaron Johnson, a fellow nerdy Christopher Mintz-Plasse, a sweet but outrageous Nicolas Cage, a wickedly evil Mark Strong, and, well, a fantastically talented Chloe Moretz. With all the foul-mouthery and raunchiness of a general R-rated comedy, plus all the violence one could hope for, Kick-Ass was 2010's major win.

I don't generally watch a lot of horrors, though mostly every one I have watched this year has been crap (see further down the list). However, one--which is probably more along the lines of sci-fi--which stood out for me was Splice. Despite the fact that it was so stuffed up, I really enjoyed it, and thought it was a stunning piece of modern cinema with great performances from Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, put this on his list of underrated movies of 2010, and said this: "This film was awarded a Cinemascore of F on the basis of two audience losing sex scenes that caused audible ‘What the fuck’ cries when I saw it in the cinema. I applauded them. This is a great twisted little piece of science fiction that deserved to be lauded for its smarts and guts." I couldn't agree more. While it does cause a few jaw dropping moments, Splice is still damn good.

By now every one has probably forgotten about Martin Scorsese's delayed thriller Shutter Island, but it still deserves it's place on here. While it wasn't as good as I expected it to be, it was definitely edge-of-your-seat stuff, with a thrilling conclusion that was nothing but utter mindfuck. Featuring another superb and underrated performance from Leonardo DiCaprio, along with fine showings from man-of-the-moment Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams and Ben Kingsley, Shutter Island was a powerhouse of fun and pulpy horror blended in with a twisty thriller, and I applaud Scorsese for his achievements.

I don't think I have ever cried so much in a movie as I did at the end of Toy Story 3. It was a bittersweet farewell to those lovely toys I grew up with, and a pleasant reminder that Pixar will always make the best animated films. No other animated movie could come close to the greatness of this one, because no other animated movie could possibly capture the poignant moments or heart warming scenes that this one parades so well. Are we ready to say goodbye to Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang? Hmmmm...I don't know.

Yay! A remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street! Because we soooooooooo needed one of them! Jeez, this movie was a mess. From it's unbelievable gore to it's generally laughable script and everything in between, it was awful. I feel sorry for Jackie Earle Haley, who may have put his all in, but he ain't no Freddy Kruger. And poor Rooney Mara. On her way to becoming a well respected actress in The Social Network and on to being Lisbeth Salander: version 2.0, she had to star in this crap. I don't hate it, it just could have been a hell of a lot better.
The Last Song, Open House, Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time, The Bounty Hunter, Tooth Fairy, Legion, Killers, Eclipse, The Karate Kid, Clash of the Titans, Sex and the City 2, Dear John, Green Zone.

I feel liked I should have loved I Am Love, considering European films which focus more on style are somewhat of a specialty for me. But I just couldn't. I found it generally boring (I hate using the word 'boring' to describe a film, but it really was). Yes, the aesthetic appeal of it was amazing, but it certainly wasn't as stunning or as triumphant as many made it out to be. I think this was because the film was lacking in story and felt genuinely unstructured, leading up to a ludicrous ending which only just won my attention. Tilda Swinton was undeniably gorgeous in this movie, and spoke Italian like she had been speaking it all her life, but even her dedication couldn't save this movie from the melodramatic soap it really was.

Last week I gave Cemetery Junction another look, and I fell in love with it. It's actually gut-bustingly funny, but moreso the movie is entirely true. The characters all represent that part of becoming an adult, which makes it so great. Add in appearances from Ricky Gervais (co-writer and director), Matthew Goode and a fierce Ralph Fiennes, and this movie has got it made. Cemetery Junction made me so happy, but also so sad that not many people have seen this British delight. Either way, it's bloody good and deserves some more audience.

This beast of nature deserves my highest honour as best film of 2010. Well done, Inception, you may not win Best Picture at the Oscars, but that doesn't stop you from being the actual best picture of the year. Now, Nolan, I expect to see you at the top of this list again in 2012!

What were your top movies this year? Drop a comment...I'd love some recommendations for when we finally get some more movies!


  1. Ah, you always seem to do a blog post that I want to comment on! (So sorry for the last few spammages of comments in your last few posts.)

    I really wanted to check out I am love (it does look so beautiful, and Tilda Swinton - need I say more?) so I am suprised that you didn't like it :/

    Probably still give it a watch though, forming my opinion on it and what not, and see how it turns out!

    Really liked Animal Kingdom when I watched it (think it gets its official release in the UK next month,) but I was impressed with it. Shame Australian cinema has nothing going for it (except Babe and the excellent actors that seem to oddly spawn from there - Naomi Watts, Heath Ledger etc.)

    Got round to doing my 2010 list (I'm doing another one for overall films I've seen this year - which is going to be so tricky, since I've seen some brilliant films this year and thankfully only two or three terrible films.)

    1. The Illusonist (not the Ed Norton one! - which I have yet to see funnily enough.)

    2. A Prophet (had seen it in 2009, but it was released in the UK in 2010, so I put it in the list)

    3. Somewhere

    4. Mother

    5. Kick-Ass

    6. Little White Lies (dunno when it's fully released in the UK, but I managed to catch it at The London Film Festival)

    7. Toy Story 3

    8. Inception

    9. Catfish

    10. Gainsbourg (Shutter Island just missed the top 10 thanks to Gainsbourg, which may've been a little too long - well it was at least 30 mins too long - but I still love the film overall)

    Really dug The Road as well, which I thought was a beautiful film - Viggo is such an amazing, underrated actor. Thank God people are giving him roles though. We need more Viggo on our screens, dammit!

    And a notable mention for short films goes to I'm Here which I luckily found online at the start of the year - and where Andrew Garfield appeared in my life, only to land the Peter Parker job seven months later (crazy timing!)

    Even with some really shit, shit films (as always) it hasn't been a bad year at all. 2011 on the other hand doesn't look so great.

  2. Haha, it's okay. I still love the comments!

    I don't know why I didn't like I Am Love. It is beautiful, but I just didn't really connect with it and I always like to connect with my movies. In saying that, it's still worth a watch.

    Man, I watched Animal Kingdom again a few days ago, and I fell in love with it even more. To be honest, that is one of the best Australian films ever. Australia is good at making all of those great actors, but it has been said several times that the films coming out of Australia are 'too depressing'.

    Gosh, that is a good list. I see I have some watching to do! You should really start up a blog :)

    I'm gonna check out that 'I'm Here' one day. I need more Andrew Garfield to tide me over until Never Let Me Go comes out here next year!

    I thought up until Inception came out, we had some really crap movies coming out. After that came out we started to see all of the good ones coming through, and ovverall this has been a pretty good year.

    Gosh, I have to look at some 2011 releases for one of the upcoming episodes of the Lambcast. This could be interesting...

  3. I'll try to refrain from commenting too much (so hopefully your blog posts won't have too many films that I've seen/wanted to see!)

    I honestly didn't even know Australia had any films out, ever. Or maybe we just don't seem to get them. I mean, I had no idea that Babe was an Austrailian film until the other day I found out when I was looking at any Australian cinema. Still, I think Animal Kingdom's release will give them more le-way into doing really, really good movies.

    Thanks! I slaved over doing that list as there have been some good 2010 releases. Wish I could've made a top 20 (as the blog I contribute sometimes too, only wanted a top 10 list so they could add up the other contributors lists too.)

    I was thinking of starting up a blog, just so I could follow other blogs (and not particularly post anything) but I don't think I would be good at 'blogging.' I'm good at commenting on other people's posts, but I don't think I would dedicate the time to actually post anything.

    Might consider it so I can follow certain blogs, saves me bookmarking loads as well!

    I have so much watching to do as well! I have to sift through my classic films list, my other film list, and Xmas DVDS. Hopefully 2011 will be a good watching-movie year as this one was.

    I can't believe he hasn't signed up for anything else yet apart from Spidey! Well, come Oscar time where he is bound to get a nomination at least for supporting actor, I am sure that he will get more roles landing at his doorstep. But contracts and having the time, he might not be able to sign up for any other roles. I hope this Spiderman 'reboot' is good though. I certainly wasn't a fan, until I heard the news he had won the part - and was aware he was a good actor. So hopefully he'll be able to do the part justice (and it's nice Gwen Stacey will be getting some screen-time too!)

    I was really wary about Never let me go being made into a film because it's not a very cinematic film (and I am certainly not a fan of Keria Knightely, even though she seems like a nice person irl) but with the beautiful cinematography, and Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield on board, it might just be a really good adaptation. Can't wait to see it too!

    Yeah, that's very true actually - Inception was the time where everything churning out of cinemas was some good shit.

    Oh, are you contributing to lambcast? That'd be awesome!

  4. Australia has been doing films for fact, the first ever 'feature film' came out of Australia in 1907! However, their films are very subjective...if you are going to be a fan of one then you are probably going to be a fan of them all. Most of what they have produced lately have been very depressing and artsy, and have failed to get the audiences in, despite the critics raves. I haven't actually seen many of them, because they tend to stay in Australia because of their failures, but they really don't look like my cup of tea.

    Ha, well if you like commenting, then that's're in the blogosphere! But then again, if you start up a blog, or maybe just a google account, you'll have all the blogs you follow right there!

    I hope 2011 is a great watching year like this one was! Mind you, since I watched every single Nolan film this year, I feel like all the good movies have been cleaned out. I'll probably find a new director to obsess over by then so I'll have some more watching to do.

    I officially can't wait to see him as Spiderman. But it does suck he hasn't signed up for anything else...I'll be having withdrawls! The fact that Emma Stone will be sharing the screen with him is so cool too. They're like, my two new favourite actors from this year!

    I did Lambcast episode #49 for a bit of fun, and I really enjoyed it. So I'll be doing episode #53 in a few weeks time, where we will be talking about our most anticipated for 2011. Unforunately, my most anticipated for 2011 are really all the movies I have missed from 2010, like Black Swan, Never Let Me Go, True Grit, The Fighter, 127 Hours...

  5. Wow, they don't sound very, what's the word, creative? I really didn't have any idea Australia had been making films. I mean, I knew they made some, but none that made any impact of some sort. But then, America does pretty much dominate everything.

    A google account? I think I actually have a google account, I mean I use Gmail a lot, so I could probably just use that -trying it out now.

    I got round to delving into all of Nolan's filmography this year too! I'm sure you'll find another director to obsess over. Think the same thing will happen for me too. It's been a very much David Lynch year in 2010, so I'll have to find another director to religiously obsess over their work...

    Yeah, it'll be interetsing to see Emma Stone and Garfield on screen together. I liked Easy A - and Stone, obviously, was great in it - so it'd be nice to see what kind of chemistry they create on screen!

    Awesome! Sounds good, might check it out if I have the time. Damn America, they ALWAYS get films earlier than, well, everywhere. Even films that aren't American...That's why I was happy to know that Tintin is being released in the UK first - ha! I loved the Tintin comics and especially the TV series, so it'll be weird to see it on the big screen. Hopefully it'll be good! Jackson and Speilberg on board, sounds like a nearfire hit to me.

  6. Well, I couldn't recommend many Australian movies other than Animal Kingdom. And Strictly Ballroom, which was Baz Luhrmann's first film. I absolutely adore his work. Other than that, they are better known for the actors they have.

    Well I see you have started with the google account!

    I'm thinking Sofia Coppola for next year. Or maybe Guy Ritchie? I'll see what ever floats my boat next year. I think I only got so obsessed with Nolan because I was so looking forward to Inception that I watched all of his movies just to compare them all.

    I loved Emma Stone in Easy A. Finally she wasn't just the best thing in a bad film, she was the best thing in a really good film! She will go far!

    Haha, we got all the LOTR movies just a smidgen before anyone else because Peter Jackson is OURS. And we got Harry Potter 7 a day before the rest of the world for no apparent reason. That's it for us though.

    I hope you had a good Christmas!!

  7. Animal Kingdom is an excellent recommendation to head your way into Australian film. I've only seen Romeo + Juliet (of Luhrmann's work) and I am not a fan :/ I LOVED the idea behind R + J though, (and I really like Claire Danes - wasn't fan of Dicaprio until I realised he could actually give a good damn good performance a la Shutter Island.)

    Guy Ritchie- Very random! Yeah, I do that a lot too, well, I'm beginning to sift through filmography of my favourite directors. Don't have many David Lynch films to go now! The only directors I can think of that I have watched all their stuff is Nolan (7 films), Sofia Coppola (4 films) and Satoshi Kon (4 films - the first directors stuff I have owned all on dvd for like 4 years as well.) I would've watched all of Darren Aronofsky's stuff once Black Swan comes out - and that'd make it his fifth film, and I fish out the Pi dvd we have.

    Lucky! Getting Potter is extremely random though mind you o-o. Could have to do with time zones? Speaking of LOTR me and my brother were watching the extended edition of Fellowship of the ring the other day. Lord, I love those films. And it's so quotable it's ridiculous.

    Thanks! I did, got a tone of DVDS to sift through (a good amount between those I have watched, and those I haven't) and a couple of other things. Hope you had a good Christmas too. Get anything good? (which is the question I ask everyone xD)

  8. I think my small movie obsession at the moment is Animal Kingdom, I have to keep fighting the urge to watch it! I love Luhrmann stuff for some reason, but thats probably because it's so artsy and I like stuff like that. Australia was a bit too long though. And I've been a fan of Mr. DiCaprio ever since I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I went through this huge DiCaprio phase last year and I still haven't quite got out of it.

    Darren Aronofsky is another director who I might take a look at. I'm getting Requiem for a Dream as a late Christmas present. I won't be able to see Black Swan until like May next year, when it comes out on DVD, coz it's an R16. Damnit, if only it came out the year after then I wouldn't have this problem!

    I think it had something to do with the time zones, and we always release movies on Thursday and never on the Friday. Haha, LOTR never gets old. I wonder when they're gonna play it on TV again??

    Oooh! DVDs! I had a good Christmas, ate a bit too much though :/. I basically just got some vouchers to buy DVDs, plus my 10 movie passes so I can go to the cinemas for free. And I got Inception, because my mum said that was a Christmas present and I had to wrap it up on Christmas eve and stick it under the tree. That was my fvaourite present, haha.

  9. Well, Animal Kingdom certainly isn't the guilty pleasure type movie - probably too emotional for me to constantly watch it, but don't fight the urge to watch that film man!

    I love 'arsty' stuff too (unless it's ridiculously slow moving where it doesn't bring anything to the film)but I was too suprised when I didn't take to Lurhman's work. Maybe the Great Gatsby adaptation will prove me wrong?

    For me, Dicaprio has definitely got better with age. I do wanna check out What's Eating Gilbert Grape mind you. That shit looks good. And I think we all have our actor phases xD I've been in actor phases, but don't really have favourite actors/actresses. Weird.

    Aronofsky is a good one to check out. Dunno if I mentioned it before, but Requiem for a dream (the bath sequence) was remade from one of my favourite films, Perfect Blue. Was happy to see that in there when i watched it. Wouldn't go as far to say Aronofsky is one of my favourite directors, but I love The Wrestler and Requiem (I liked the fountain, but it didn't feel real to me. The score is fucking amazing though.)

    Why don't you try and sneek into the cinema if it's an R16? Our ratings are wayyy different to those around the world. We have a U, PG, 12A (under 12s have to be accompanied by an adult), 15 and 18's.

    Thursday instead of a Friday? That's a bit fucked xD We get a TV channel over here playing them ever couple of months or so BUT NEVER THE FUCKING EXTENDED EDITIONS -.-

    So it seems like you had a filmic (new word there?) Christmas too! Luckily, I got Inception as well (thought it would be forgotten with the other films I knew I was going to get.) And I watched it on Xmas day, which was fun. My TV makes it look a lot shitter though (quality of picture.)

  10. I watched Animal Kingdom last night, just after watching another Australian film, Tomorrow When the War Began. I don't know if you got that or the books over where you are? Anyway, that films alright, if you ignore the truly shocking acting.

    DiCaprio has gotten better with age. That phase where there was all that 'Leo-Mania' he wasn't really that good. Mind you, his best performance is in Gilbert Grape, and then The Aviator. I'm pretty sure I have spent half my life watching DiCaprio movies.

    I can't wait to check out Requiem for a Dream! I, too, really liked The Wrestler. Haven't seen The Fountain, but I might do that sometime these holidays. I guess I'll have to dig around for Pi, because that isn't exactly so easy to find. And, of course I'll check out Black Swan as. soon. as. I. possibly. can.

    I might try and sneak in one day. I mean, when I was 13 they charged me at the zoo as a 17 year old. And the other day Santa thought I was my seven year old nieces mother (meaning I would have been 7 when she was born :/). So, it might work, as long as they don't ask for ID. In that case, I will break out the McLovin :)

    Thursday is the day! (a bit weird, because when I wanted to watch Inception and The Social Network on their premiere days I would have to hassle Dad...I mean, who goes to the cinema on a Thursday?!) Ha, we just get the normal editions I think. My mum tapes them every time they are on so we probably have 50 different versions of it.

    Filmic--I like it. Inception didn't look great on my TV either. Especially coz of the sound...when they talked it was really quiet, but then once the music started it was REALLY LOUD. Mum thought we were trying to bomb the house or something. I like watching it more on my laptop, coz the headphones seem to balance it out a bit more :)

  11. Nah, we haven't gotten that over here, but I did hear something about Rachel from Neighbours getting some acting award for that (and after reading your review - how could this be?)

    I asked my mum the other day actually did she remember Leo Mania and she said it wasn't as crazy as everyone was making it out to be. With age, her memory must be going -.- the stories I have heard of that time sound insane. Even though I was alive, I wouldn't be able to remember it xD. Haven't seen either of those films, but Gilbert Grape is something I have wanted to check out for a while now.

    A friend lent us Pi and we haven't seemed to have given it back, so I'll get round to watching it as soon as I sift through a million other dvds...Requiem for a dream is worth the wait. Really enjoyed that. Some great editing in it too.

    Just try it, see if you can get in! I mean, to be honest, the only thing they'll be able to do is just say no you're underrage. Oh God, trying a McLovin' would be hysterical.

    Why does you Mum tape them when they're on if you still have all the other tapes? xD

    OH GOD I SAID THE SAME PROBLEM! Me and my brother were watching that shit at like 2 in the morning, everyone was asleep, and he had to keep turning it up and down because of the music.

    A Hans Zimmer score sounds good for a bombing scenerio in film.

  12. Rachel is actually better than the rest of them, because she isn't trying to overact like them. Whole, do you have Neighbours? Have you ever heard of Shortland Street?

    I'm guessing Leo-mania would have been like this Robsession they speak of. Geez, I wouldn't remember it, being two years old and all. I suspect it was all to do with Titanic. Which is a shame because he has been in so many better films than that.

    Sifting through DVDs is ooften a painful task for me. I have DVDs I bought like two years ago and still haven't watched! I must watch them this year. La Dolce Vita is at the top of my list!

    I wonder what would happen if I went in the day before my birthday? I am so going to try that!

    My mum forgets easily, and then when she looks through all the tapes, she finds thousands of the same thing. Oh well, at least we have back up if one breaks.

    I know! I was watching it last night before midnight and I could not hear the talking unless I turned it up heaps, and then the music would come on and the room would nearly blow up! Either need a better sound system or something like that...

  13. Yeah, we get Neighbours here. I used to watch it a lot, even though I could agree it was pretty shit, but I haven't seen it in a while now. It used to be pretty big here with the whole Kylie Minogue thing in the 80s but now, I think less than a million people watch it.

    Agreed. Titanic is the ultimate cheese-fest, and I love it for it, but it's not a masterpiece or anything...God, is that Rpattz obsession still going on? It'll probably kick-start again come Breaking Dawn.

    Christ, tell me about it. I got a truck load of DVDS for Xmas (about 14/15 - not including the 9 in my Val Lewton boxset...) and now, thanks to a family friend who has happily bought me two Criterions and a Fulci film, me going out sale shopping and bagging 7 dvds or so and my brother presenting me with my late Xmas pressie, which is ANOTHER boxset (mario bava boxset with 5 dvds in it) I have officially got a crap load of stuff to watch.

    Haha! You should try that!

    Back-up is always good, so your mum is doing you a favour there xD

    Probably doesn't have much to do with the soundsystem, it's Hans Zimmer's score comes in at such random times, but compared to the amount of times you've watched it compared to my 3 (two in the cinema, one on dvd) you'd probably be able to guess where the music is gonna come in!

  14. Haha, I never knew that! Mind you, we get Coronation Street here, so it seems only fair. Do you get Shortland Street as well?

    I wouldn't say the Robsession is going as well as the Taylor Lautner craze. Then again, I think everyone is kinda over the Twilight thing now. It's all about Glee and The Vampire Diaries these days. Then again, I got a teen magazine and it had Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield in it. I didn't even think they knew who they were!

    Gotta love those box sets! If you don't mind me asking, what are these 'Criterions' everyone has been speaking of? Haha.

    Haha, not only can I guess where the music will come in, I know the name of every track (thanks to me listening to the soundtrack whilst doing homework every night). What a nerd!

  15. Oh know, I feel for you having to be subjected to Coronation Street! Never heard of Shortland Street - and why do all these soaps need to be based around street names?

    Thank god the Twicraze is dying down now. It's just been replaced with less, but still, crappy things. At least Vampires, when they die down for good, will become bloodthirsty killers again - looking forward to that!

    I can understand Emma Stone being in a teen magazine because her filmography has mostly been in teen films, but Jesse and Andrew -wtf??

    Criterions are a collection of about 500 films and counting that select a certain amount of films a year to add to their collection. The thing about Criterions are, they're like the film lovers bible. All of the films I've watched that have been in their collection so far, are beyond excellent. They are very selective in what goes into their collection, but they have a whole mixture of everything - classics, cults, unknown films (and the unknowns are really unknown - where no one knows ANYTHING about the film.)

    They are also pretty well known for having bucket loads of extras (one of the reasons why their DVDS are so pricey, but so worth it.) All of the covers they have designed for them are beautiful, too.

    Crappy explanation, but I'll just leave you with a link xD

    I need to get some tracks off that soundtrack...I've been lacking in soundtrack listening for a few weeks now!

  16. Coro isn't that bad...but I must admit I will do anything in my power not to watch it the two times it's on during the week. Good, you haven't heard of Shortland Street. That is NZ's medical drama which has the most awful acting and script-writing, but it's like a nationwide tradition to watch it every weeknight at 7pm.

    Emma Stone became popular after Easy A, I guess, but I would have thought The Social Network was a bit too high end. In saying that, when I went to go and see it again, there were quite a few girls around my age there, so maybe they have caught on? I guess it does help that Andrew is the new Spidey, though.

    These Criterions sure sound interesting! If only we had them here...

  17. Kick-Ass was one of the best movies of 2010! Definitely agree with you about Nightmare On Elm Street. That was a dud.


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