Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Days, 229 Movies, 338 Posts: 2010 as it was for me.

Of course, living in New Zealand, we will be one of the first countries to see 2011. With just over two hours left of 2010, I felt like getting all nostalgic and going through some of the blogs/years highlights and lowlights, while Christopher Nolan sees me out with Inception (had to end the year with my favourite movie, of course). So let us go month by month, and I'll share with you some things which made this year fantastic. Mostly movie related, of course.

It's hard to believe how much this blog has changed since the start of the year. I seemed so naive! At the beginning of the year I managed to watch Avatar, Up in the Air, and probably be the only one to like Orphan. I also believe that is was back in this month when this blog was titles 'I'm Just a Teenager Who Loves Movies'. That title is still true, but I found something cooler. Also, a little bit of trivia for you...I was excited about Inception back in Jan, and yes, I did keep my Inception date.

Short month, hardly any reviews. And the reviews were really short, too. I also attempted to go through my 100 favourite movies before stopping five movies in, mainly because I realized in the time it would take me to go through the whole lot I would probably have new favourite movies and my list would get all stuffed. Maybe a project for 2011, going at a faster rate?

I believe this was the month I changed the title to 'Alice in Movieland', which is probably the title I am most known more. Yeah, I know I change the title a lot, but I like change. Don't worry, 'Cinematic Paradox' should stick for a while. Anyway, thanks to getting a laptop for no particular reason, I was enabled to post a bit more since I didn't have to share my computer with anyone else. Mind you, that didn't mean the quality of my posting was great. Oh well, we only get better with time...

Here was the month where I had a holiday and managed to watch a shitload of movies. Those movies were ones that came out over the summer in 2009, so they were pretty cool. I also got to watch my first 2010 release in this month. Yes, I know I was slack, but no one would let me go and see Valentine's Day in cinemas (thank God) and I was too young to watch Shutter Island. The beauty of DVD: I was way too young to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in cinemas, but when it came out on DVD, the censor's argument was invalid.

Lots of stuff happened in May, but it just didn't happen on here. If I wasn't blogging (i.e. hardly ever), I was rehearsing for the school production, stalking someone on Facebook or going to work for no reason. But I had this little period in that month where I was really, really sick, so I had to stay home for a while. And what do I do when I'm at home apart from watching movies? I surf other blogs. After reading lots from 'The Film Experience', I realized my blog was pretty shit. Ever since then, I have been working to become an average blog (I can't be as good as 'The Film Experience' as a one man band). Hopefully I've succeeded. Anyway, another happening in this wonderful month was the fact that the third Inception trailer was released. Call me emotionally unstable or whatever, but I nearly cried when I first saw that trailer. Seven months later and I still watch it a fair bit for an adrenaline kick. And thanks to that trailer, I started my Christopher Nolan obsession with The Prestige.

If I may say so myself, June was really the blossoming season of this blog. Of course, I must associate it with this post about America remaking Let the Right One In. I got a few more followers, but the problem was I couldn't post because of how busy I was in that month. In between the school production and exams, I found myself in the depths of an obsession with Christopher Nolan, which led to me watching some more of his films that month: Memento and Batman Begins (just about two years after seeing The Dark Knight). Along with that, I once again redesigned the blog (the orangey theme I had going on, if you remember). I like designing stuff, so that's why this is never the same for more than three months. I'm like Ramona Flowers with her hair colour. To top off a fabulous month, I did one of my most viewed posts, which was based around the trailers of Inception. This was featured in a Christopher Nolan blogathon that took place in July.

School gives me another holiday, I get posting a lot more. Also, I get on the LAMB, which got me a few more followers. However, one the biggest events of that month was the fact that I brought 'A Movie a Day' back. This helped a lot with getting my movie knowledge and numbers up. But, you know me, I was all about Inception in that month. And I got to see it, on that magical, yet rainy day-Thursday 22nd-which was the best day of my life. I cried so much at the fact, I walked out of the cinemas in tears. Three days later, I was back at the cinemas for my second viewing. Thank you, Christopher Nolan. I loved you that month more than I could bear.

My most busy month...I posted 50 times. Add in a Cillian Murphy obsession, and this month was pretty full on. Plus, it was my 15th birthday that month, and what do I do on my birthday in 2010? Take six of my friends to go watch Inception. Give me a break, Christopher Nolan on my birthday was perfect! A Movie a Day was in full swing, which made me post quite regularly (mostly reviews). Not much more to say about August.

With three months since the last redesign, I not only gave the blog a new look, but I gave it a new name too. Along with the new name, a new blogging style. Slick, sweet, and more well combed, I think I hit the jackpot. Though I still get better at this blogging thing, I'm pretty comfortable where I am. Also, September gave me my best blog post yet: one on Nic Cage's hairstyles throughout the ages. Gotta love Nic Cage.

October marked the first birthday on my blog, an achievement I never thought I would have gotten to. I also got really into Halloween this year, too. October was a busy, yet very cool month for the blog!

I started off the month with a question: why does everyone hate NZ and give us all the movies later than everyone else? Still no answer. November also had the feature 'Amazing People' for a while too. One of the highlights of the month was going to see The Social Network for the first time when it came out...and good news, I get to catch a late screening again next week! That started a slight obsession with Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg, which doesn't quite treaten my undying love for Christopher Nolan. The other highlight was the fact I got to go on camp, which didn't have any movies. Weird!

This month too, was particularly eventful. Once I got back from camp, I appeared on episode #49 of the LAMBcast (check it out!). Another feature came in: the top 10's I do every Sunday. With awards season starting, I rated the nominations with Leo, Zuck and Steve. Other than that, not much more to can see it all yourself anyway!

So that's it, another year over. I won't promise anything for 2011, coz I'm not so great about keeping promises! But I will post lots, and try to make it to 300 movies for the year. I did great this year, considering I watched 229, which was a whopping 96 more than 2009. As I watch Inception for the tenth time this year, I'm just thinking: what an interesting year this has been. Some great, great films, and some shit, shit films have come out. I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!

Thank you to anyone who has read my blog this year, you guys complete me! Have a great new year, and keep up being awesome!


  1. I wasn't aware of your habit to change blog names! Great that you have put everything in this post in the month order. I feel terrible now. I started my blog almost a year ago, and posted only 47 reviews! Jeez.

    Happy New Year wishes from another "emotionally unstable" Inception fan, haha, recognize it: we see more than those who didn't like the movie :)

  2. Haha, I wasn't going to...I was just going to put all these random posts together. But, knowing me, everything *had* to be in some sort of order. 47 reviews isn't bad! I mean, I probably have a bit more time on my hands since I am going to high school and we never get homework...but plans could change this year now I'm a senior!

    Happy New Year to you too! And congratulations on being my first comment of 2011. So glad it was an 'emotionally unstable' Inception fan!


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