Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why is NZ getting all these films WAY later than everyone else?

With The Social Network being released this week (YAY!), even though the date was luckily pushed two weeks forward, New Zealand has been waiting quite a long time to see David Fincher's latest. But The Social Network isn't the only one with a delayed release date here. Check out this list:

USA release date: 4th June 2010. NZ release date: 18th November 2010. Distance between: around 25 weeks.
I think Splice is going into limited release here, but this release date keeps changing. It was first on during the New Zealand film festival in August, and then it was set up for release in September. Now it's going for November, but it's going to be released on DVD in January by Madman, which almost means an instant death in it's DVD release. Was it really that bad?

USA release date: 3rd September 2010. NZ release date: 25th November 2010. Distance between: 12 weeks.
Though there are several dates flying around for this one, it seems pretty clear that we will be getting this one more than 12 weeks after America. Meanwhile, some cheaters here will probably be downloading this film as I type.

Easy A
USA release date: 17th September 2010. NZ release date: 2nd December 2010. Distance between: 11 weeks.
This one, quite frankly, pisses me off. I really, really, want to see this movie! And by the time I do, everyone else will be like "this is old news!' It's not my fault!

The Kids Are All Right
USA release date: 30th July 2010. NZ release date: 26th December 2010. Distance between: over 21 weeks.
I have always wanted to see this film, mainly because of the amazing cast it seemed to get. However, when I went to the small cinema in the city it had a poster of this, with it's extremely late release date. The unfortunate thing it, this film will go into limited release here, and there's a possibility that we will miss out all together. Which will suck.

USA release date: 8th October 2010. NZ release date: 27th January 2011. Distance between: 16 weeks.
This one is undoubtedly delayed because it's one of those Oscar-bait movies and they always release here in the December-March period.

USA release date: 22nd October 2010. NZ release date: 3rd February 2011. Distance between: 16 weeks.
Despite the fact that it's directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Matt Damon, this film, which wasn't exactly greeted with rave reviews on it's release, won't be making it to NZ shores until next year. Even though there were interviews on the film on one of the chat shows.

127 Hours
USA release date: 5th November 2010 (?). NZ release date: 24th February 2011. Distance between: 16 weeks.
16 weeks until 127 Hours. Believe me, I'm counting down the days already.

Saw 3D
USA release date: 29th October 2010. NZ release date: 3rd March 2011. Distance between: 18 weeks.
Not that I give a shit, but most of the gore loving sadistic minded people who like this over-cooked series of blood will care that they don't get to see the final installment in 'mind-blowing 3D' until March next year. Even I think that's pretty stupid.

Never Let Me Go
USA release date: 15th September 2010. NZ release date: 17th March 2011. Distance between: 26 weeks.
Gosh, now I know that we are 26 weeks behind America in getting to see Never Let Me Go, I am really cheesed off. Yes, of course I want to see it because Andrew Garfield is in it, and the addition of Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley certainly helps, but the trailer looked so sad and haunting I just can't resist seeing it. And I will still be excited once March rolls around, that's if its limited release ever happens.

Other films which have been released this year in USA, but have an undated release date here for next year:


Jack Goes Boating


The Romantics

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

New Zealand may be the most beautiful country to live in, but why do the movie gods continue to give us lousy release dates which are weeks after everyone elses. That's the hardest thing about being in the blogosphere: by the time I see it, it's old news. Mind you, I watch them all on DVD, which I guess is kinda unique in the blogosphere.
Just promise me one thing. When I get to see The Social Network on Thursday (one of the first sessions here in NZ, so I am technically being an early-birdy), don't think I'm slack and think everything I'm saying is old news to you. It's not my fault!


  1. Don't worry, you're not alone! Machete for us in the UK is coming out in the next few weeks, The Kids are Alright is pretty slow to come to our shores and 127 hours is out next year as well (arghh, I could not get tickets for it at the London Film Festival which was so frustrating!)However, we are getting Catfish in December (luckily I did get to see that at the London film fest!) and Never let me Go a little earlier than you guys next year. If you're really waiting for that film though, I suggest you read the book, it's wonderful.

  2. I might actually read the book, even though I'm more of a read the book after the movie kind of person. I missed all off the movies at the NZ Film Fest, but none of them were particularly special, only Animal Kingdom. Anyway, it's just a relief to know that we will be getting these movies!

  3. Man, I really want to see Animal Kingdom. Think that comes out next year for us. It better be as good as the hype, that's all I'm saying!

    Oh Splice actually isn't bad - it's extremely fucked up, and made me laugh when I wasn't supposed to, but that's probably the reason why it's getting the 'instant death treatmant' on DVD.

    And I forgot, when the hell is Stone coming out? Ed Norton in a film - I am there. I've been waiting for that for ages. Maybe Deniro can actually prove he can actually act instead of being in crappy comedies - silly old man, he's such a good actor yet all he seems to muster up now is endless Meet The Fockers stuff.

  4. Animal Kingdom is amazing. It didn't quite live up to all the hype that I had been hearing, but I'm kinda hard to please.
    I'm definitely going to see Splice! I just think the actors are cool.
    And gosh knows when Stone comes out. I'm actually thinking it will come straight to DVD here, since it's been undated for next year. I mean, the reviews from America weren't that great. But Ed Norton...count me in!

  5. I didn't even know anyone had even seen Stone yet or that it'd come out in the US. It's been knocking around for so long on release dates, it seems like it's pretty much gonna disappear somewhere (like you said, straight to DVD) but since there are two heavy weight actors in it, it'll probably end up having at least a couple weeks on the other sides of the pond, since it didn't do so great in America now looking it up.

    And it's good to know Animal Kingdom is good. Yeah, the hype can be pretty annoying at times, but this year (Inception, Toy Story 3, Monsters) feels like things have lived up to the hype for me anyway.

    Oh lord, Splice is seriously so messed up, all I could do was laugh at it - entertaining trip to the cinema that was.

  6. I never knew about Stone until I saw it on Rotten Tomatoes. However, even movies with heavyweights such as De Niro and Norton can get pushed into being released straight to DVD. De Niro's 'What Just Happened' got that treatment here and countless numbers of times I have seen an Ed Norton flick randomly appear on the shelves. It's rather annoying, what this world has come to.
    I agree with you: hype this year has been good. The Social Network definitely lived up to the hype for me. Thank goodness we had some really good movies come out of the darkness. I thought we'd be stuck with The Last Song and the like for a while!
    Now I'm really looking forward to watching Splice! Sounds like a good time!

  7. I mean, I know Ed Norton and Deniro have disappeared into obscurity for the casual cinema goer, but at least they are hell better actings than some of the 'good-looking' youngens (man that makes me sound old) being pumped out of Hollywood.

    The best part of this year has truly been the last few months, as up until June, 2010 had been a REALLY bad year for cinema releases, that's for sure. And I am very glad to have not seen anything to do with The Last Song *shudders*

    And Splice is an extremely entertaining time - just don't take it too seriously and when you do see it, you'll be fine xD

  8. Yes, we have been seeing less and less of the more experienced actors. Al Pacino, too, though starring in a few films, has disappeared because his movies never get marketed properly. Mind you, some of the younger actors coming through, like Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, are doing amazingly well, and I don't mind seeing them all the time.
    I actually thought that 2010 was going to be the worst year for cinema releases. While we still do have a few clunkers floating around, the films we have been getting since June have been fantastic. I mean, we got Kick-Ass, Inception and The Social Network this year, wha more could you ask for?!
    And don't even bother with The Last Song. I nearly shot myself while watching the first 20 minutes. All the teenage girls who I unfortunately have to recognize as my peers kept going on about how sad and dramatic it was...I just thought I had seen so many better versions of the story which DIDN'T have Miley Cyrus. Gosh, that movie was painful.
    I promise not to take Splice too seriously. Maybe I'll get all my friends around and we can laugh at it together!

  9. Agreed, there are some great young actors doing well like Garfield and Eisenberg, which is a nice change from having the usual Megan Fox's strutting around (though I am shamefully waiting for Passion Play to come out - maybe it's the fact it's set in a circus, Mickey Rourke is involved and they have weird creatures which I always love) gets incredibly annoying. It's like expected that actress in particular have to play up to being models.

    When Miley Cyrus is involved, I am never going to bother myself with anything she does. I mean, it's great she's managed to make millions for herself, but in talent terms, she has very little of it. Still, she is laughing to the bank.

    True, Kick-Ass, Inception and The Social Network were great, great films, and it's nice to know American filmmakers are stepping up to the game again (except, I think Matthew Vaughn is British?)Well, at least Kick-Ass wasn't another fucking period drama, which seems to be the only thing British filmmakers are capable of making. Damn us British!I am interested in seeing Jane Eyre though because of Michael Fassbender, Mia Wasikowska and the guy who directed Sin Nombre at the helm but none of them are british so I guess it makes it okay, sorta.

    Teenage girls, I think, do have the worst taste in films/music/books, especially music, and it is a shame really. Saying that makes me sound like an old man, but the stuff some teenage girls like is just ridiculously bad xD

  10. Megan Fox really annoys me. There are more people out there that deserve to be actors than her! She can't act. That said, she is still very amusing to watch. I, too, want to see Passion Play, it sounds pretty intriguing...
    Gosh, as for Miley Cyrus...that's another reason as to why I hate Disney. What happened to the cool days when they used to make 2D animated flicks like Beauty and the Beast? I feel like my childhood had been torn to pieces and burnt by Disney channel.
    I believe Chris Nolan saved our year with Inception, and possibly the years to come. He really raised the bar, and restored my faith in American filmmakers. Matthew Vaughn is British, and I think what he did with Kick-Ass was so amazing. Even if it's not to everyone's taste (still not sure why that is), I found it ridiculously entertaining and original. Which is what we are seeing very little of these days.
    Teenage girls do have bad taste, mainly because they just don't care. Most of them think that all the greatest movies are 'boring'. Quite frankly, it pisses me off. Luckily, I was able to 'train' my best friend into liking all the good movies, mainly because she always steals my DVDs. Still, it sucks how much the film world and the 'real' world are different from each other. Most of the time, the real world sucks, because there aren't any good movies there:(

  11. We all know the only reason Megan Fox has gotten any acting jobs is because they just sex her up in whatever role she is in, at it's just sad. As long as a girl (or guy) can act, I don't give a shit what they look like.

    Disney has been travelling down the tubes for a while now (even Princess and the Frog hasn't mangaed to restore any faith in me) and they too have burned my childhood at a stake - I loved your description of the burning by the Disney channel. I have no idea what happened to them but they continued to dig a deep hole for themselves in the 2000's and then jumped right in with High School Musical.

    I totally agree Chris Nolan raised the bar with Inception. He made a gateway for a little weirdness in the mainstream, and not something that has to be simple and linear. Though a lot of filmmakers the likes of different and fresh stories that don't have to make sense all the time (I mean, look at David Lynch) a lot, if not all those filmmakers, are more underground and cult, and what I thank Christopher Nolan for doing is saying "Look, it may not be your typical boring storyline blockbuster, but this CAN make money."

    For me, it kind of sounds like a typical teenage thing to say, but it was the "Oh an 11 year old kid swears" that put a lot of people off. WHY? A child swearing, such a taboo - ugh it pisses me off when the media hype up something that doesn't mean anything really, it's ridiculous. I don't know about you, but the Kick-Ass backlash here was insane just because of the swearing.

    I never thought about teenage girls not caring, makes a lot of sense now I think about it. The worst is when they're like "Oh I don't like old movies or black and white films." Gahhh, that really pisses me off, and I do agree they just brand everything 'boring.' They add a hell of a lot of box office revenue, which is terribly sad. If only we could install some sort of chip which would make them have good tastes dammit. The world would be a better place (even though everyone can like what they want to, really, the world would definitely be a better place if Disney hadn't messed themselves up.)

    It's good to know you're training your friend thanks to your DVD collection! I do the same a lot, always recommending films/tvs/books and most of the time they come out liking whatever I recommend, which is good. Currently, I'm getting my friend to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as she's all on Robert Pattinson) so hopefully this'll make her like the actual blood-sucking vampires, not the ones that sparkle. I tried getting her into True Blood, but she wasn't buying into it.

    You just gotta sift through all the bad films to get to the good. It's shocking though how many bad films get produced, but afterall, it's all a money making business you know? If I had my own production company, it'd be broke in less than a year - I'd be too concerned with the 'art' than the money. And that's why I'll never be a producer.

  12. Totally agree with you on the Megan Fox situation! The acting is the strong point, not the looks.
    Disney has brainwashed the kids. Most of the programs and movies these days are about teenagers, but teenagers don't necessarily like them or care. Therefore it's making the younger generation grow up too fast. I say enjoy your youth while you have it, and leave all these 'serious' matters til later. It still pains me when a ten year old is on Facebook going on about her boyfriend, and I think Disney may be kinda responsible for this.
    It makes me laugh when someone says that Chloe Moretz swears too much in Kick-Ass. I mean, seriously, did you see how many people she slaughtered in that movie?! Are they saying that swearing is worse than murder? And anyway, it's not like many kids would see it. Chances are if they did, they were already swearing or have bad parents. Some people need to loosen up. Kick-Ass is a masterpiece of sorts.
    Gosh, I hate it when people think black and whit movies are boring! It Happened One Night has to be one of the most funniest movies I have ever seen, and yet people my age dismiss it! I really dislike trying to recommend movies to people my age, because what I find amazing is just boring to them. If I stoop down to their level, all I get is some crappy romantic comedy, which they think is boring anyway! Some people just make me sick.
    Ha, I watched the re-runs of True Blood this year, and my friend got into it. I was lucky that her and all my other friends bought me season 1 and 2 on DVD for my birthday. She loves the program as much as I do. It's so cool to have someone else who I can talk with about good movies all day!
    I also always think of art before money. While I like watching bad films (mainly because they give you an idea of what is good film), it still pains me to think that people just make movies for money. Back in the day, they used to be a form of entertainment. Now I don't know what they are. Everytime I have an idea for a film, I think it's amazing, but I can't see it going any further than a DVD shelf, because it's too arty. The cinematic world sucks sometimes.

  13. The growing up too fast thing does really piss me off. I don't get why kids, especially girls, want to look and act older, what is the deal with that? And with role models like Miley Cyrus, you know, it's not setting a good example. I know she's basically and adult and what not, but sometimes you have to take responsiblity, I mean does she really think that there are people that listen to her music that aren't young girls?

    Haha, yes, I think in anyone's books, murder should be worse than swearing. But for me, swearing is a day-to-day thing I don't even think about anymore, and it's not like the world is going to end of a kid says 'shit' or something, you know? It's just stupid that people will complain about minor things.

    Don't forget Some Like it Hot - that's hilarious. The ending is just classic comedy. And I totally agree with the crappy romcom thing - of course, everyone has had a romcom phase, but at least those that have been there no that they're not exactly masterpieces of art. This conversation now seems to turn into a hating of those that don't appreciate good films, haha!

    That's true I guess, the good think about bad films existing is you know when something works and when it doesn't. But all hope isn't lost, because if everything really was a whole money making biz in the film industry, we'd literally be bombarded with crap after crap, so at least there is a little ray of sunshine.

    And hey, if you come up with a great idea for a film (mine are always too arty and messed-up to think anyone would even want to see it!) go ahead and write it down, because you never know, something might become of it!

  14. I for one don't listen to Miley Cyrus, and don't know many people over my age who do. I get she wants to get out of the Hannah Montana phase, but that ain't gonna happen...she's making too much money out of it.
    I swear sometimes (usually when I want to really push the fact that a movie is good), but I don't think people die from it. I'm pretty sure that shit isn't even classified as a swear word even more.
    I'll admit, sometimes I will choose a crappy romcom over a classic film, but that's only when I am exhausted and don't want to think. But now I see why my mother doesn't like romcoms and would rather watch horrors (something I have picked up from her).
    You're right, this convo has turned into an all-out hate on people who don't apprectiate good films! Oh well, it's their loss.
    Hey, bad films make the film industry what it is. I love reading the reviews that tear them to pieces. That's the fun thing that comes out of a bad movie.

  15. If she just left Disney, I think she'd probably do a Lindsey Lohan or something. Though I don't have an interest in what 'celebrities' do in their personal lives, I think it'd be sad if that happened - to anyone not just her.

    Literally, I'm telling you that I didn't know 'crap' was a swearword and one day, someone told me and I was thinking WTF? Crap? A swearword? C'mon, that's just pulling on strings right there!

    Oh, everyone has a don't-wanna-watch-something-good day, I know I have! Makes me glad that Julia Stiles romcoms exist.

    I actually read a great tear-film-to-pieces review the other day in my addition of Little White Lies. The film (Miral) I had actually wanted to see after checking out the trailer, and probably will still see it, but I just loved that review (which went on to say that the film was a 'great big pile of shit.')

  16. Miley Cyrus is definitely heading down the Lindsay Lohan road. It makes me so sad to think that she was the star of one of my favourite movies, Mean Girls. She had such a future, but now no-one can take her seriously.
    Crap was a swearword back in the day when I was a little kid, now I can't believe that! We can use practically any word (including crap and shit) at school, so I guess there aren't that many swear words out there anymore.
    Oh, and I checked out the Little White Lies website! I love the design of it! I'm gonna be making my way through their reviews and stuff later...I think I have found my new addiction!

  17. Even though I've never been a fan of Lindsay Lohan (yes, not even Mean Girls) I do always check out any of her films (apart from the ones when she gets all drama serious) whenever they come on TV as they're good cabbage films to just lose yourself in. I have a hate/love relationship with the remake of Freaky Friday. I mean, it is so terrible, yet so awfully great at the same time, if that makes any sense. I guess you could say Lindsay Lohan's films are my guilty pleasure movies.

    At school, I don't think anyone is bothered by swearing. Teachers swear all the time - I actually remember the first time I heard a teacher swear when I was 12 and the whole class gasped in shock, it was hilarious.

    I love the design of their website too! You can read their magazines online which is a major bonus imo no matter how much I love having the physical copy of a magazine in my hands. I recommend reading the Kick-Ass issue, which is really awesome.

  18. I agree with you, Lindsay Lohan movies are perfect little 'I don't care' movies. However, Jennifer Aniston's rom coms are enough to put me to sleep.
    If a teacher swears, it can be really shocking. But that's when you are young and swearing is kind of a shock. Now, it's just a part of the english language, and we're all over it.
    I actually started reading the Kick-Ass issue, and the next on my list is the Let the Right One In issue. I thought that one looked really cool!

  19. Oh man, in my household, Jennifer Ainston is teared to shreds with an on-going joke I have between me and the family. I absolutely can't stick her films, not even one. I also never got the whole obsession with Friends - wasn't that funny too me - so I think that contributed to my "WTF HOW DID SHE GET SO MANY ACTING JOBS?" thought.

    Both of those issues are great! Luckily, I nabbed myself the postcard versions of the covers, which I have now framed, and waiting to put up! The Eli cover is one of my favourites I think, out of all their covers so far anyway. I love the Sin City one too.


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