Saturday, October 23, 2010


This scene in Inception made me bawl my eyes out. No I just about felt the same as I did when watching it. WARNER BROS. wants to make an Inception sequel.


Just NO.

Seriously, it will fail...especially because I doubt Chris Nolan will be back to direct it. He wanted the end to be a 'did it or didn't it' kind of thing. We want to leave it that way. Seriously, if this ludicrous idea gets the go-ahead, well have some shitty director and possibly a straight-to-DVD title and probably about seven sequels.

Just coz it made money, doesn't mean we need another one. We could watch Inception a million times without getting bored. So, no, it won't please anyone.

Even though I heard some stupid pissed off people at the cinemas saying 'I hope there is a sequel' just because they wanted to find out if the spinning top dropped or not. Save us all the horror of an un-Chris Nolan'ed sequel and think of the answer yourself. That's why it was made that way.

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  1. I agree with you. The film is just perfect with its mystery at the end.


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