Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 quotes from Fight Club that deserve to be in a modern bible.

Edward Norton as Narrator. The guy is seriously fucked up.
Fight Club has officially changed the way I see the world. No, I am not running off to go and punch some random people, but there are some quotes which some people really should adopt as their motto in life. These are mostly spoken by Tyler Durden. Who knew Brad Pitt could really be God?

Use soap. That's the first of Tyler's philosophies.

"Only after disaster can we be resurrected."-Tyler Durden

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."-Tyler Durden 

"The things you own end up owning you."-Tyler Durden

"Listen to me! You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you. This is not the worst thing that can happen."-Tyler Durden

"If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?"-Narrator

 "Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space."-Tyler Durden 

"I flipped through catalogues and wondered: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?"-Narrator

"With insomnia, nothing's real. Everything's far away, everything's a copy."-Narrator

"Hitting bottom isn't a weekend retreat. It's not a goddamn seminar. Stop trying to control everything and just let go! LET GO!"-Tyler Durden

"Fuck what you know. You need to forget about what you know, that's your problem. Forget about what you think you know about life, about friendship, and especially about you and me."-Tyler Durden 

I think Fight Club is one of the most philosophical movies of all time. In it's own, dark little way.


  1. I think Fight Club is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and forgets the most important image from the book. Regardless, I love the story about Marla's line "I want to have your abortion" Apperently the studio begged Fincher to change it and he finally agreed on the condition that he could change it to anything he wanted. Yes, they agreed, nothing could be worse, until they heard thew new line (best fuck I've had since kindergarden) and begged him to put the other one back in.

  2. Haha that is interesting. I'm on the opposite side of the table and I think it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. Obviously.

  3. I think Mike is the first I've heard that hasn't liked Fight Club. When I saw it, I immediately connected with both Tyler and Norton's narrator, it was scary how they were the opposites of myself, and I think that's why I liked it so much (because, unfortunately, someone spoiled the ending for me - which I did not take kindly too) I still thought it was fuckin' good, and just to grate at Stevee, I bought these Fight Club prints a while back http://ny-image2.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.165276286.jpg and have yet to get framed : D

    Speaking of scary things (since I posted here about a month ago or so, and kept forgetting to check out your blog afterwards - I have now caught up with your posts) you have now latched onto Andrew Garfield whom I had a huge thing for since seeing I'm Here, the Spike Jonze short in January (if you haven't checked it out, you should, seriously) and Jesse Eisenberg, who I had seen a film of his before, but wasn't particularly bothered about him (just thought he was another actor really) until I saw him in THAT performance in The Social Network and saw his adorable interviews. Hmm, now I really do sound like a teenage girl xD i'll shut up now.

  4. Cherokee: I'm officially jealous of you now! And another thing we have in common?! Wow. I have loved Jesse Eisenberg since seeing Adventureland (probably something to do with my slight attraction to the more nerdy yet totally adorable guys), and Andrew Garfield probably since hearing he was in The Social Network. I am very excited to see that movie in two weeks!

    And if you don't mind me asking, do you have a blog or something? People who love the same actors/movies/directors as me don't come around to often!


  5. Stevee - Yeah The Social Network was great, can see why everyone is going on about the screenplay for once, it's awesome.

    The Jesse Eisenberg film I first saw was funnily enough, an Adventureland, and though I liked it, I didn't really take to it as much as everyone else because I was thinking 'Oh shit it's Michael Cera in another body' but now, I can't stand the Cera comparisons xD (just because I have a hatred toward him possibly, and that the only thing I can watch with him playing the same character is Superbad and Juno.)

    I don't have a blog, no, just due to laziness probably and not really getting around to spending time to post stuff on it because I've been so busy for the last couple of months. Actually, apart from some stuff posted on sites, I am not on the net anywhere (going about deleting my deviant art account and such things) but I do have a Youtube account, which probably doesn't help in any way at all
    http://www.youtube.com/user/FishRabies?feature=mhum I am aware of the awful username, I did make it when I was 13 so bare with me xD

  6. Aw that's a shame:(
    But keep up the reading...people like you make my day:)

  7. I will keep on reading, it's nice to read blogs that don't try to be old-man critical on films and show off their exstensive knowledge of cinema, that writing really annoys me, and your blog is the kind of writing I do take to, where you write about films from your own personal perspective rather than analysing every freaking detail of it.

    Oh, on more film merchandise notes, I got this Inception shirt (ordered it earlier this month) and it shipped to me a few days ago http://endearinglycreepy.tumblr.com/post/1291975949/this-is-it-last-batch-ever-ever-once-theyre it's the last batch of 'em but it's so f'in awesome, and though it may be a little pricey (about £30 overall) it's definitely worth the purchase, seriously.

  8. Thanks! That's the kind of writing I take to as well.
    And I am jealous of that top! Anyway, I think when Inception comes out on DVD, we might be getting t-shirts or something at work. Otherwise, I'll take to the net and find me a cool one:)

  9. Ahhh, I'm getting vibes that you work in a dvd shop? If so, now I am jealous! Anything is better than working in a crappy chain-restaurant (even if it is part-time and a CV builder)but to be surrounded by dvds and to be able to ramble on about films, oh what a good life that would be.

  10. My dad owns the local Blockbuster, so I kinda got a job there three years ago. Now I'm 15 I can actually serve customers which is always fun. Rambling on about films all day is definitely fun!
    Well...at least working in a chain-restaurant will be good for your CV! Do you have any long-term plans?

  11. Ah lucky! I think Blockbuster has gone bust here in the UK, not sure though, but being surrounded by DVDS all day would be pretty awesome.

    Long term plans, well, I have finished a book a while back and trying to find an agent for it - which is mentally and physically draining I can tell you - but what I really want to do is write screenplays (working on a few and one main one at the moment) and possible get into directing (the biggest long-shot ever, but I am determined to see it through)but as for jobs and stuff, I might get an interview for an apprenticeship at a UK television studio which will be great and I'm on the hunt for other part-time jobs at the moment. And there is my life story xD

  12. Wow I wanna write screenplays and become a director too! But, of course, I have to go through three more years of high school before I can freely do what I want...our school seems to think that 'film' shouldn't be in the curriculum. It sucks!

    Oh, the Blockbuster's over here are going bust too, but since we're the only DVD shop in town, we're staying put.

  13. I agree that film should be in the school curriculum as well. Actually when you're 16 over here, if you decide to go to a college, they usually do film studies and stuff - but you're legally not allowed to watch over 18's or some stupid shit like that (makes sense because it is, technically, against the law, but really? Everyone has watched a film with a rating that is above their real age)

    I don't know why Blockbuster is going down hill, it's so strange (tbh, I'd much rather have a DVD in my hand than watch stuff online - I only result to that if I literally can't find a DVD anywhere else or it is like 1 in the morning and I feel like watching a film)

  14. Haha, well, I'll let you in on a secret...I'm 15 and at least 50% of the movies I watch are restricted to 16 years and over (REBEL!). Anyway...who cares about that stuff?
    I couldn't say why Blockbuster is going downhill either. Though the suppliers keep putting the DVD prices up on Blockbuster and not on the other chains, it's so unfair. I only watch movies on youtube that can't be found anywhere else, because I'm not up with the whole downloading thing. If I were to choose, I would not download a movie that was still in the cinemas. That's cheating.

  15. Pratically all my DVDs are 18s (I'm 17) and I've always been a firm believer that ratings are a bit stupid. Unless it's some ridiculously graphic film that verges on porn or something, then it's up to you what you want to watch, and pretty much 99% of the time, you're not going to want to grab a knife and kill babysitters after watching Halloween.

    Oh, I can't download either, only stream stuff. Having the cinema experience is way better than watching a film on a tiny laptop screen, it's just annoying.
    Thats the good thing about the net though that you can find some obscure films that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else or ones that have no chance of hitting cinemas or dvds anytime soon. Other than that, I like to build upon my DVD collection!

  16. I love to build my DVD collection. When I was on holiday and had a fair bit of money, as opposed to thinking 'what clothes would look good on me?' I thought 'what DVDs would look in my collection?' I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy when I think that.
    Going to the cinemas is one of my favourite things to do, and I don't do it often because we have to drive 45 minutes to get to a good cinema. It's just fun going to the cinemas a few times a year because it feels magical all the time.
    And I don't like ratings...I love all the R16 movies because they are usually good, and they really aren't that bad.

  17. Haha, the same thing has happened to me and DVDs. I no longer care for clothes as I guess 'girls' in the stereotypical fashion are supposed to. And no, you're not going crazy, so don't worry! I need new shelves, as all my comics and dvds have now bombarded my bookcase and I'm having to stack DVDs by my TV.

    Yeah, going to the cinema is great. Wow, 45 minutes away from a decent cinema? Man, that sucks. Mine is at least a couple of stops on the train or a bus ride, depending where I am going to. I usually don't stick to going to one cinema, I look up the listings and see if anywhere is showing a film I want to see.

    Funnily enough on the magical subject, Hayao Miyazaki said that kids should only see one film a year because they'd appreciate it so much more and there would a kind of magical feel to it - I could never do that, but I like the sentiment to it!

  18. I find it hard enough to go a week without watching a movie, but there are always one or two movies which stand out in my year and I usually see those in the cinemas (i.e Inception).
    I could go to the cinemas in town but no one goes there. That may be because it doesn't have heaters or all the movies they show are so old. Like we got a movie on DVD and they continued to show it four weeks after it was released on DVD. What was worse was that movie was the only one they were showing and they were showing it every day. Silly people.

  19. Haha, that cinema sounds great - apart from the heaters - and I'm genuine, really because it kind of reminds me of this cinema in London called the Prince Charles, and they always show these cult and classic films with the occassion to show new releases after they've disappeared from the cinemas - which is handy because Kick-Ass came out in April over here, but I kept forgetting to go to see it, and then in July, Prince Charles were showing it and now I have a Hit-Girl poster on my wall!

    Ughh, I know how you feel about having to watch films all the time. I can go a few days, but I don't think I could do a full seven day week - crazy talk.

  20. I have a camp in about three weeks, where I will be away for eight days. EIGHT days without movies! It's going to be horrible.
    The cinema has kind of gone down the gurgler. Which is sad because it's the oldest cinema in New Zealand and I was looking at pictures of it from back in the day and it looked so beautiful! If they were to show new releases way after their release date which were actually mildly interesting, then I might go. Then again I don't want to die of pneumonia.

  21. Eight days, more than a week = FAR TOO LONG. Unless, I need a break from watching a film like when I watched Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, I just couldn't watch a film after that.

    The oldest cinema in New Zealand? Wow, and New Zealand is big, compared to the UK anyway - which is pratically not even a country, just a dot on a map. And true, you really don't want to die of pneumonia, even films aren't worth death. xD

  22. I really want to see Somewhere! I'm a huge fan of Sofia Coppola.
    Hey...more people know where the UK is compared to NZ. We're just that little country down the bottom of the world with the sheep.

  23. Yeah, Sofia Coppola is amazing - one of my favourite directors. She gets so much schitck though. 'Oh she got into the industry because of her father' 'Oh she does the same films all the time' Arghh, it pisses me off. I do hate it when people ride on their parents success, but Sofia is actually a really talented filmmaker, so all the hate is frustrating.

    Don't worry, I know the feeling about New Zealand being unnoticed - I'm quarter Mauritian, so whenever I have to tell someone where I am from (which is ALL the time) it's a long and boring process. Then most ask where Mauritius is and I have to tell them (if you did wonder where the hell it is, it's the literal dot next to Africa on a map xD)

  24. I know where Mauritius is! But then again when I was a kid I liked to read maps of the world. Ahhh...what I was like before I discovered movies.
    Sofia Coppola does some amazing work, and has definitely made her own way through Hollywood. She is the Coppola that deserved to become famous, whereas Nicolas Cage should have become a dentist.

  25. Someone who knows where Mauritius is! That is seriously a first there. Well, you should be lucky, because you discovered the awesomeness of films before I've did. (I've been a cinephile for at least a year and a half, not that long!)

    Oh god, I forgot Nicolas Cage was apart of the Coppola crew. Well, the good thing was, that no one could've played Big Daddy quite like him, and hopefully, he lives up to the hype of Wild at Heart (David Lynch directed film) which I'll hopefully be getting for Xmas. Other than that, he did bestow that laughably bad remake of The Wicker Man. Still, the 'not the bees' scene remains so bad-it's-good to this day

  26. I can't believe I used to go about my life without films. I became a true cinephile in 2007 when I bought my first issue of Empire magazine, and it kinda grew from there on.
    HAHA! I haven't seen The Wicker Man, but that scene was HILARIOUS! The only Nic Cage movie which I can stand is Kick-Ass, because he was kind of a cute father figure. Besides that, I can't stand the guy, even if the story about him doing magic mushrooms with his cat Lewis, and then stating that while under the influence he thought his cat was his brother, kinda makes me laugh.

  27. It's true, when I think back (apart from writing and what not - which is still apart of my life) I wondered what the hell I was doing before watching films, and I guess, not a lot, except draw.

    And good ol' Empire for bringing you into the world of film! I haven't actually ever bought an issue of Empire for some reason or other. I'm more on the lines of Sight and Sound and Little White Lies - both of them are great film magazines, especially Little White Lies which I thoroughly suggest you check out.

    Even if I had a worst enemy, I don't think I would make them watch The Wicker Man remake, yes, it is that bad. However, there are epic laughable scenes in it such as The Bee Scene that do make it worth while, but one watching is definitely enough.

    I've never heard that cat story before, oh lord hahaha - how can I not have heard that story? I don't really have a big problem with Nic Cage, I just prefer if he isn't in films that I watch, though I will eventually get round to seeing the Coen Brother's Raising Arozonia, which he is supposed to be good in, so here's hoping.

  28. Yeah, I was writing before then, doing amateur drawings, and I think I was like obsessed with music. Other than that, since I was born I was riding horses, so that probably kept me entertained.
    I have a rather large collection of Empire magazines. It's good because my Dad buys them for the shop, but the people there never read it, so I just take them. It's $10 less for me to spend a month! I will try and find Little White Lies, but I can't promise anything, the movie magazines over here are very slim. In fact, the only one they have here in the bookshop is Empire. It's so annoying!
    I sometimes have to wonder what posesses people to remake classic movies. The good thing is, they seem to steer clear of films like Gone with the Wind and The Godfather. I love laughably bad films, but I hate film which are just plain depressingly bad. My favourite laughably bad film is The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Me and Mum laughed our heads off at that one.
    Haha, me and my friend found out the cat story while in our computer class. Nic Cage never fails to amuse us. I would actually still like to see Leaving Las Vegas, since he won an Oscar for that. I mean, he won an Oscar, so he has to be good, right?

  29. Music for me over the past few years has become kind of bothersome, because I just can't find any good stuff. I've now resulted into listening to scores, oh the shame, the film nerdiness never ends! - a non film related thing - I love horse riding, always have done. I was probably never good at it or anything, but I loved doing it anyway, another piece of my childhood right there. The shame, I was so into doing different activites when I was a kid (Ballet, horse riding, gymnastics, flute/trumpet) but never actually continued any of them, and became extremely lazy. That's teenagedom for you!

    New Zealand seems pretty strapped for creative stuff from outside, I feel for you guys! I dunno if you'd be able to find Little White Lies anywhere near you, but you'd be able to order from their website that's for sure www.littlewhitelies.co.uk . They have some pretty good blog posts too.

    Remaking, for me, has always been a strange one - the worst offenders are probably remaking non-English language films. They usually turn out to be terrible, and no matter my love for Christopher Nolan, I was really 'meh' about Insomnia.

    I actually haven't seen Gone with the Wind for some reason, and have pretty slim knowledge on classics - which I am going to build upon that's for sure. What I've gathered with a lot of classics I've seen, is that they're very modern, so I guess that pretty much makes them classics.

    Laughably bad films are great, especially those on the lines of the B-movie camp type. Oh, yes New Moon is awful. Probably the worst thing about it is I have it in my DVD collection, as me and a friend went to see it, and she bought it for my birthday even when I was wayyyy out of the Twilight phase (yes, I had been there, and thankfully clawed my way out with my sanity intact and realisation of how irritated and creeped out I was by Mr Edward Cullen with the whole watching-you-sleep thing)but genuinely, I thought it was alright on first viewing, and even second viewing, since my friend had bought it I thought I should watch it just for that reason alone. But on futher thinking about it, it is pretty shit. I still don't have the heart to get rid of it, or any present I recieve, so I'm guessing it's going to be staying with me for a while now, and it's more to the point that it was the first birthday present I got from that friend.

    Ah, Oscars have made a complete and utter mistakes many times. I actually have a burning hatred for 79th Oscars when Crash won best picture. I mean, I hated the film before I knew about it beating out Brokeback Mountain - Crash pretty much summed up everything about how American movies can be extremtly patronising and stereotypical at times - but now Crash has remained on my irritating Oscar winner list (if I had such a thing, maybe a should.) Also, the 74th Oscars was a pretty bad year for winners as well. How the fuck did Jimmy Neutron get nominated for Best Animated Feature? (That's not even one of my reasons for hating that year of Oscars, just look at the Best Actress category.)

    Shutting up now, there has got to be one Nic Cage film that deserves to exist (minus Kick-Ass)

  30. I listen to scores all the time too! I love listening to the Inception one in sequence while I am doing homework...it makes everything seem more epic! And The Social Network one is pretty awesome. Most of the songs on my laptop are from movies, because I just can't get into the new stuff...too 'gangsta' for me.
    Ha, I gave up lots of stuff too. I rode horses because my parents trained racehorses, but last year they gave away my favourite horse, so I kinda gave up on that one. The only thing I have kept up outside of school is drama. I love acting, and since going to high school I have been able to do a lot more of it! But yeah, I became too lazy too. I just write now, which seems to keep everyone in the town happy (they love my movie reviews I put in the paper...I never really expected that kind of response!)
    When I heard that America was remaking Let the Right One In, I think I actually nearly started crying. I haven't seen Let Me In yet, but even though it's been getting great reviews, I think they remade it way too soon. Insomnia has to be one of my least favourite Chris Nolan movies, mainly because he didn't write it so it didn't have the same trickiness as all the others. I think David Fincher's take on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could be okay though, since he's such a great director.
    I'll admit...I once had a Twilight phase too. This was when I was the first one to see it and I liked it. Then everyone else watched it, so I went along with their obsessing for a while (I have read all the books) and then gave up. You gotta take a step back and look at how ridiculous the whole thing is! Anyway, I'm like you, I could never have the heart to get rid of a present, no matter how bad it is! Hey...New Moon is an entertaining movie to a degree.
    Oscars...when they snubbed Chris Nolan and The Dark Knight, I lost all faith. And to be perfectly honest, I thought Inglourious Basterds was more deserving of the Best Picture. Yeah, The Hurt Locker was good, and Avatar was cinema-changing and whatever, but Inglourious Basterds was more than amazing. Colin Firth should have won Best Actor for A Single Man, too. If Jesse Eisenberg and Chris Nolan don't get nominated this year, someone in the Academy will die!
    Nic Cage...one good movie? I think he makes them all bad.

  31. Oh man, yeah I love Hans Zimmers stuff, he is great. You should really check out the score for Akira, not only is it just an amazing film it would've lost something without that score - it's so fucked up, but the good-kind.

    That's sad about the horse though D: I'd always wanted one, but living basically in the city you know doesn't really work that well.

    The two things I've always wanted to do would be to sing and act (not sure why I would've liked to have acted, but there is something intriguing about it.) Whoa, that's awesome! How did you score the reviewing gig? Basically, you're a fully fledged and published critic!

    Join the club, I did have many weep-inside moments when I found out about the remake, and even though I really love Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee, I'm not buying the shot-for-shot vibe that I've been hearing it's gone for. I might watch it at some point, just because I really like those two kids, but apart from that, I'll stick with the original!

    I never got the whole palavar about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I mean, my mum had read the books - and she's a real book nerd and knows a good book when she reads it - but she was so-so about it, and all the books she has recommended to me, I've loved, so I stayed away from it, and never had a particular interest in the films.

    However, saying that, I can see why Fincher is into that triology since it does seem right up his street with the whole crime vibe and what not.

    I actually got all my friends into Twilight when I picked up the books (because I liked supernatural kinda stuff anyway) and I was glad there was a story like that, but then I got out of the phase as quickly as I could've done - thank the lord. I've always had this weird thing when you get into something, and it's really sorta personal to you, and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts talking abut it too. It's happened with so many things for me, Twilight being one - but that was shitty anyone so it was alright that everyone started obsessing over it. We all have terrible phases at some point though!

    Man, I completely forgot about the snubbing of Nolan with The Dark Knight - wtf was that about? Wall-E also got snubbed, which was awful as well, because I love that film to death.

    I agree, The Hurt Locker was good, but upon thinking about it, it just wasn't the best film. For me, my top 4 would've been Up, District 9, Inglorious Basterds and An Education - those were my favourite nominees of that year. I have no idea why The Blind Side was there at all. I guess they had to fill up the 10 slots with something or other.

    I actually haven't gotten round to seeing A single man (hides in shame) but I LOVE the cinematography and the styling, it does look very stylish.

    Imagine if one of the Oscar voters did die if Jesse Eisenberg and Chris Nolan weren't nominated? That'd be some pay-back Final Destination shit - creepy! Though I don't think Eisenberg will win (if he is nominated) I am still rooting for him anyway. Best male acting performance I've seen all year. Well, him and Stephen Dorff in Somewhere. Those are my two votes.

  32. Ha, once upon a time I used to be able to sing. I still go in most of the musicals in town, but I don't think I would even try a solo. But yeah, acting is one of my most favourite things to do, and it's just really fun.
    Yeah, I've got my own little spot in the local newspaper. I just managed to get in the paper, and they said they'd try it out for a couple of months. Eleven months later and I don't think they'll be getting rid of me in a hurry! Some people get so shocked when they find out that I am only 15, and I even have people recognizing me in the supermarket. So in my little town, I'm quite the celebrity!
    I'm not buying the shot-for-shot vibe from Let Me In either. I don't think any Americans could capture the same quietness and atmosphere as Tomas Alfredson. That movie is quite simply a classic and by no means can be recreated. It just sounds better in a different language. I still love Chloe Moretz though!
    I'm kinda 'meh' about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, too. I read the first book and couldn't understand why everyone was going on about. But I really liked the first movie, especially because of Noomi Rapace's performance. At the moment I can't quite picture Rooney Mara in the role, but I have a feeling that it will be one of those brilliant breakout roles.
    I, too, really don't like it when everyone suddenly becomes obsessed with what I'm obsessed with. Okay, I do want them to watch good movies and all, but it's like they are trying to take it off you. That's why I went off Twilight. When every single thing in one of the magazines I (used to) read had Twilight plastered over every second page, I gave up on the whole thing. I've never been a Harry Potter fan either. I don't really see those as movies, I just see them as companions to the books.
    Wall-E was amazing, but then they just didn't believe in nominating animated films. It still shocks me when I think of how they nominated The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire won. Sure, they were good movies, but The Dark Knight was the movie of the year.
    My picks for last year were Ingloruious Basterds, District 9, An Education and Up too, and maybe Up in the Air (but that's not the kind of movie that wins). The Blind Side is a movie that everyone loves over here, but I found it quite mediocre and the only thing it had going for it was Sandra Bullock. A Single Man should have been nominated. You should definitely watch that one, the design and cinematography of it was amazing! It has a really simple story, but the way it is made makes it so spectacular. Tom Ford is one talented guy!
    Oh yes, if Chris Nolan doesn't get nominated then I will definitely have to send someone like the Bear Jew to deal with some Oscar voters. It shocks me to think that he has never been nominated for Best Director, even though it's obvious to everyone that he is one of the best director's out there at the moment. I haven't seen any standouts this year, but I would definitely like to see Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield nominated this year. I haven't seen 127 Hours, but I have this strange feeling that James Franco might win this year.

  33. Your town sounds quite crazy, there seems to be so much going on there! I think that's the best thing (and sometimes the worst) about being young and writing because when someone says "Oh you're -insertage- years old? Wow, I would've never suspected that!" But it's kind of a sticking it to the old man critic in a way, which is always cool in my books! And a town celebrity, that's cool in itself too, and to know you have a reader base is great as well.

    Whatever Chloe Moretz does, I think will be pretty good as I don't think she's kind of the young actress that her family around her would pick shitty roles (even though an Emily the Strange film sounds incredibly odd.)

    I wasn't getting Rooney Mara vibes from that role either. She looks a little 'too' hollywood, even though as I said before, it shouldn't be about looks, if they can make her character rough, she'd probably pull it off.

    It's nice when someone appreciates something you've liked for ages, but I think it's about it becoming a little personal to you, and the worst is when people claim to be fans of something when they're not. I keep coming back to the users on www.tumblr.com when I speak about that, because they're all pretty much like the same stuff that's 'underground' an 'hipster'and they are Harry Potter crazy on there.

    Finally! Someone who doesn't follow the Potter bandwagon. I've never gotten the crazy either. It's been so odd to me how the books and films have become so hyped. I mean, the idea for the books are okay, I just have never like J.K Rowling's writing style, and the films have always been so-so (I have NO idea why they always get, mostly, glowing reviews.)

    That's another annoying thing actually! The shunning of animated films. What is that about, seriously? No one should care if a film is animated, black and white, not in the English language, whatever it is - if it is a good film, it's a good film!

    I liked Slumdog, but it definitely wasn't a Wall-E or The Dark Knight, that's true. I like Danny Boyle's stuff (love Trainspotting) but I wouldn't put him in my favourite directors list, though I'd always check out his films as I think he is an interesting director.

    Oh, you reminded me, my other pick for last year was A Prophet - I LOVE that film so much (maybe as much as I loved Tahar Rahim in it who has become my man of the moment for like a year since I've seen it now) but it wasn't nominated for anything except best foregin film. I mean Rahim had an amazing peformance in that, and no best actor nomination?

    Agreed, the only thing going for The Blind Side was Sandra Bullock, but it was no oscar worthy performance. Maybe MTV winning though (which funnily enough, actually used to be credible until Transformers/Twilight rolled round.)

    I love Tom Ford's clothes, so I'm sure to love his film too, I'm definitely gonna give that a watch sometime soon.

    Man, imagine if Bear Jew shit really did happen - that would be some payback for Inglorious Basterds right there!

    I'm getting vibes from James Franco too (I do like him as an actor) so it'd be nice for him to get some award recognition for once. The one I think is going to sweep the board is Colin Firth in The King's Speech. I've been hearing good things about it, and even though I already moaned a little about the period drama thing, I love Helena Bonham Carter, so I might just check it out.

    Period dramas always do big at the Oscars though, and also, I'm guessing it's Colin Firth's time as they always do pay-back awards like they did with Kate Winslet, so this is probably his year.

  34. Our town is more than crazy, but really it is quite boring here! I mean, we went crazy when we got McDonald's here last year! Ha, it has been good being a town celebrity, and one day, when I can be bothered, I can write whatever I want for the paper. But I can't write about much else other than movies and the internet, so I'll have to wait for some more inspiration.
    I have a blog on Tumblr too, but I just reblog lots of crap and it's not really the best blog site out there. I do like the Inception pages they have though. They kinda make obsession okay!
    I have never liked Harry Potter. All of my friends are really excited about it's release this week, and I'm just like 'Can I go see The Social Network again?!' I've never read the books either, whereas they are all on their fourth or fifth reading of them. I just really don't like fantasy kinds of stuff. One day I might watch all the movies, but I haven't died by not doing so.
    I've been quite the fan of Danny Boyle after watching 28 Days Later, but I wouldn't say he's my favourite director. That list is made up of Chris Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and David Fincher, and that's it.
    I reckon Carey Mulligan should have won Best Actress. Just to kick some old Hollywood butt, and because she was simply beautiful in An Education.
    Now that you bring it up, I also think Colin Firth should be a front runner. I can't believe he has only been nominated once...he's one of the best actors out there! I thought The King's Speech looked very, I don't know...like a very unserious stage play or something, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. I should be going to see that when it comes out here!
    Period dramas are big. But they should be focussing on the film itself, not the pretty costumes and sets that seem to hold the script up.

  35. At least you get the chance to write about films, and get the word out there about good films and that's always a positive.

    Actually, now mentioning tumblr, the only way I found out about the Inception shirt I have is from one of the blogs on there, so I guess good things can come out of things that annoy the crap out of you xD

    I'm real into fantasy and pretty much anything weird or not stuck in reality, but I've just never got the hype surrounding Potter, it's really baffling. And you should go and see The Social Network! This year, I've discovered just wandering off to the cinema by myself if I feel like it, and the experience, has pretty much paid off as I can see what I would like to see without having to do some sorta deal breaker that forces me into seeing something I'm not really interested in.

    Sucks having different likes to your friends sometimes, but if a person is nice, I don't give a shit what they like and it should be vice versa too.

    I like Danny Boyle's stuff too. I don't know if I mentioned it previously, but I think what's great about him is he is always out of the box, he never does the same sort of film and he isn't pinned down by genre's either. I mean, he did Trainspotting - a totally messed up and drugged up story - and then went on to do a zombie film. Gotta give him props for that.

    I was rooting for Carey Mulligan for Oscar season. She did get a Bafta though, so that's good in my books too.

    I wasn't in to what i've seen of The Kings Speech (which actually is just pictures, don't think I've seen the trailers) but as I said, anything with Helena Bonham Carter - I am there.

    Yeah, when it comes to Period dramas, I think they're given a little bit of a leeway, like they're going to be good just because it's based on a Jane Austen book. Kinda annoying if you think about it.

  36. Yeah, I've found heaps of stuff on Tumblr that looks useful, but my dashboard is usually filled with crap. That's not a blog site. It's so weird to see someone write more than two lines in a blog post that hasn't been reblogged or doesn't have a picture. Usually I just go reblog something from the Inception fansites because they make me laugh, but that's it.
    I have never got the whole Harry Potter thing. But then again, the films have gotten themselves quite good casts over the years.
    I think I'll be making the trip to the cinema to go watch The Social Network again next Tuesday (when the teacher's should hopefully be on strike so we get the day off). Just gotta convince Mum to drive me over. She doesn't quite understand why I have to go and see a movie more than once. She took me over to see Inception three days after I first saw it, and then I said that I wanted to go and watch it for my birthday (you know...Chris Nolan films are like my favourite things and it was my birthday so why not!). She looked at me as if I were crazy.
    Danny Boyle is very good at making those 'out of the box' movies. I simply cannot wait to see 127 Hours. I haven't seen Trainspotting (mainly coz it's an R18 here), but what I saw in 28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire and even The Beach was pretty different to all the other movies. And he always knows how to pick a great soundtrack, too.
    I'm there for The King's Speech, too. Hopefully it's as good as the standing ovation it got at one of the film festivals, and hopefully it can get Colin Firth an Oscar.
    Yeah, that's what everyone thinks. If a film is based on a classic, and pretty much follows the book, it will be good. But I think if it branches out, like Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland, it can get a bit messy.

  37. I did like the squinting Dom Cobb meme, but then it kinda got old after a while. I do agree, they have managed to back themselves good supporting casts, just a shame about the main three leads (nothing against 'em or anything, but I'm waiting to see some decent enough acting.) I do like the guy that places Malfoy. He's hilarious (obviously unintentionally in 'dramatic' scenes) but he's one of the things that makes Harry Potter at least in some cases watchable.

    Your mum should be aware of your obsession with films by now, surely? Also, it was your birthday - it's like the only day of the year when someone can rule over family/friends. Well, that's how I see it, haha. I'd seen Inception twice - both in IMAX, which was awesome - and I was the one that dragged the rest of the family along to see it after I'd seen it the first time with a friend.

    You've really got to check out Trainspotting, it's so hilarious, and Ewan Mcgregor is amazing it. Best performance by far from him in anything else. Though in Danny Boyle's first film Shallow Grave, he was good too. Totally agreed with the soundtrack - LOVED the Trainspotting soundtrack.

    Speaking of Colin Firth/A Single Man, I heard news Tom Ford is doing another film, apparently a comedy or something - and since I know that A Single Man is pretty dramatic, that's a complete twist in genre, which is great.

    I'd have to disagree a little there on that as a lot of stuff (as far as I know from what i've read) were missed out in the LOTR trilogy (which I love) the books, are just utterly boring, no matter how great the story is I'm just not a fan of J.R.R Tolkien's stuff. He does of great ideas I'll give him that.

    Alice in Wonderland was actually based round the first two Alice books I think, more so Alice through the looking glass than the book everybody knows. I think I am the only person in the world that enjoyed that film. Yeah, it didn't need to be in 3D, but I still had a really fun time out and I've always been a fan of Tim Burton's stuff, so anything he does, I'm gonna check it out (apart from the remake of Planet of the Apes, but he had apparently really bad times with the studio and didn't actually direct it, so I'll accept that failure and rejoice in him finding Helena Bonham Carter.)

    I think I read your Charlie and the Chocolate Factor blog (was it on here?) and pissed myself laughing. Have to agree that it didn't need to have a revamp, and it is my least-favourite Burton film that I can definitely live without.

    A film I do recommend, since I feel you're not that keen on Tim Burton is his short films (Frankenweenie, Stink Boy) and most of all Ed Wood. I love that film to death, probably even beats out Edward Scissorhands which always has me sobbing at the end.

  38. The squinting Dom Cobb meme used to be hilarious, same with the Strutting Leo. But now they have run out of ideas, which is a bit of a shame.
    I don't even see the Harry Potter cast as actors, just like I don't see the movies as movies. They just are Harry, Ron and Hermoine (or however you spell her name) to me, and they will stay that way forever and ever.
    Haha yes, Mum is well aware, but it still doesn't stop her, or anyone, from rolling their eyes when I said I saw Inception three times in the cinema. The first time I went to see it on it's opening day with my best friend, then three days later I dragged two more friends and my mum along to watch it with me. And then for my birthday I took the same best friend (who saw it three times as well), the other two friends, and three more friends to go and see it. I really wanted to see it in IMAX, but to do that I would have had to drive for seven hours to get to the closest IMAX cinema!
    Tom Ford doing a comedy?! Pleeeeease let it be set in the 50s or something so he can dress everyone up! Gosh, what he did with A Single Man was amazing. I really hope he can pull off the genre twist, which I'm sure he can do.
    I'd rather see LOTR as a movie then actually read the books. There would be so much fantasy stuff going on that my head wouldn't be able to picture, so it would get really boring for me. The movies, however, are simply amazing! Makes me so proud to be a Kiwi.
    I didn't mind Alice in Wonderland, it was just a bit of a mess. I mean, Johnny Depp doing a dance at the end? And I love Anne Hathaway, but she really didn't do well in that movie. Props to Tim Burton though for the Wonderland he created.
    Yes I did write a little something on here about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in a lame and uncompleted attempt at doing a 30 day movie meme). It's my least favourite movie of all time. Incidentally, I watched it at the very beginning of my movie obsession.
    I have been trying so hard to find Ed Wood, as I'm very interested in the man himself. Aw, Edward Scissorhands. That's a movie of my childhood, which I loved so much. I must get it again!

  39. Oh I forgot about strutting Leo. Yeah, that was a good meme at first, but then it was just overused and pointless by the end.

    SO agreed about the Harry Potter cast. Though I do think that's the worst thing (for an actor or someone wanting to be an actor) is to have that typecast hanging over your head. I give credit to Viggo Mortenson, as he's pretty much able to brush the Aragorn character off (but he is actually an excellent actor) so with the Potter trio, I think they're going to be pretty much remembered for that series of movies.

    You were spreading the word of Inception! That's always a good thing, even if it was a dragging-along-to-the-cinema kinda thing.

    Seven hours? Holy shit, that sucks man. It's really irritating that there are only a few select films that get shown at IMAX, and most aren't even worth seeing, so it's a joyus occassion when there are good films worth checking out at IMAX.

    Man, I love 50's fashion. Pretty much anything goes from 30s - 60s, and I do love the 90s (not the god awful tracksuits, but the grunge phase dammit!)

    You should be proud! Jackson is a top-form director man. And LOTR was such a cinematic experience for me, going to see each one twice with the family (also did that for King Kong - well the once as there was too much sobbing going on from my mum and me), and the same will continue for when The Hobbit comes out. Imagine if The Hobbit is just as awesome (which I'm sure it will be) and having a Hobbit/LOTR marathon - it's going to be epic watching.

    If you haven't checked out Heavenly Creatures btw (a Jackson film) I really recommend you do. Some great fucked up performances in that. The general film is messed up, but that's why I love it.

    That dance was a so-bad-it's-good dance, think that's why I loved that moment, haha. I'm not that big on Anne Hathaway actually. I like her as a person, sure, but I think the only performance I really dug her in was Brokeback Mountain. She was good in The Devil Wears Prada I guess and Princess Diaries is like another guilty pleasure of mine.

    It definitely isn't in my least favourite films (or crappiest films of all time) list, if I had a list, but the ones that always pop up to mind are Johnny English - which was just so terrible words can't describe how bad that is - and I guess, anything with Orlando Bloom in it (minus the first POTC and LOTR - but Jackson knew only to give him a couple of lines or so)

    It's definitely worth seeking out that's for sure. Think it's definitely the best performance of Depp I've seen. Edward Scissorhands is a childhood film for me too! It only took me a few more watchings as I got older to realise how depressing it actually is.

  40. Ha, I saw that Rupert Grint was starring in a movie called 'Cherrybomb', which was some sort of R18 thriller, and I just laughed. I can't take him seriously, as he is Ron Weasley. No matter what they all do, they won't be able to get away from it, unless one of them gives a really good Oscar worthy performance. And we all know that's terribly unlikely. No matter how short Emma Watson cuts her hair, she will always be that girl out of Harry Potter.
    Yeah, I noticed there weren't many films in IMAX. But I'm gonna make it my goal to go and watch The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, because by then I might be able to drive properly. Inception would have been amazing, I would imagine, because it was amazing in my small cinema. Damn, I wish I could have seen that film in IMAX.
    I'm a huge fan of vintage kind of fashion, mainly all leading up to the 1960s. The 70s and 80s kinda scare me a bit. Todays fashion is just...so strange. I don't get into it that much.
    Peter Jackson is a great guy, and we all pretty much worship him here. The Hobbit situation nearly cost us our entire film industry, but fortunately we got there in the end. I bet The Hobbit will be amazing. When I was watching LOTR, though, I couldn't help but notice all the amazing scenery in the background, and thinking 'that's where I grew up!'. I'm so glad I live in NZ, and not some stuffy city. I'll try and find Heavenly Creatures, as I've always wanted to see that movie, since it brought Peter Jackson to the world. Any movie that does that deserves a watch from me.
    Ha, I don't have many 'worst films of all time'. I mean, yeah, I watch some really bad ones, but they aren't bad enough. I have never watched those movies like Epic Movie, so I don't think I know what a really bad movie is like.
    I found Ed Wood on youtube (bless that website)! I shall definitely get around to watching it when I get some time. But this week is gona be pretty hectic, since I have camp at the end of the week (grrrr). I'm also planning to watch five movies on Tuesday (The Social Network, Knight and Day, The Karate Kid, The Girl who Played with Fire and Cemetary Junction), go me!

  41. Oh, Cherrybomb, it does look pretty ridiculous that film and the styling on Rupert Grint's hair is really terrible hahah. Very true about Emma Watson too. I think Radcliffe has a shot at trying to get out of the Potter mould, well, at least he'll be trying and getting jobs out of it too.

    Man, IMAX does change your viewing experience by a mile. The first time I went was to see The Dark Knight, and the acoustics inside the cinema was insane. I was in awe or something by it.

    For me, there isn't actually a distinct style for today's fashion, which I guess is a good thing. Everyone dresses so differently from one another, so when you go through every 10 years of fashion and get up to 2000's/2010, you won't be able to pinpoint any distinct style out of it.

    I'm not suprised you guys worship him! Yeah, all the news about The Hobbit I kept hearing with the problems with budget/location was insane. Glad it got resolved in the end though. If there is anything I want to revist, it's middle earth.

    Oh Jesus, don't watch Epic Movie, just don't *shudders at that excuse for a film.* Five films? Wow, good luck with that marathon! And nice one on finding Ed Wood, they actually have some of Ed Wood's films on there I think too.

  42. Ha, Rupert Grint's hair in Cherrybomb looks absolutely ridiculous. I'll definitely be giving that one a miss. I did hear that Emma Watson got a role in 'My Week with Marilyn', which should prove to her to be a real actress who doesn't need Harry Potter. I do agree about Daniel Radcliffe though, because without the glasses he doesn't actually look anything like his character.
    I remember when I saw The Dark Knight at the cinemas. They made it so loud that the chairs were shaking...it was amazing. But it would have been better in IMAX! Geez, all the cinemas are getting 3D screens, some of them should splash out and get an IMAX!
    You're right, these days we don't have a distinct style. We just like taking off previous styles and making them more modern. Then again, it has become crazier, thanks to Lady Gaga.
    If we didn't get The Hobbit, it would have been the end of our film industry. Not many people outside NZ know this, but we actually release quite a few films (mainly coming-of-age and drama films), which all comes out of our Film Comission. Peter Jackson's movies not only support this Film Comission, but they are also responsible for our tourism industry and economy. So if we didn't get The Hobbit, we would have been screwed.
    I don't plan to watch any of those spoof movies, even if all the people around me keep going on about how funny they are. I might watch Vampires Suck, since it rips off Twilight, but I just think they are a huge waste of time.

  43. Emma Watson did get a role in My Week with Marilyn, but I think it's only like a few lines - so not much to prove there, I think. Imax is indeed, the shit. I am suprised that it is just getting it's foot in the door now (probably to do with technology and costs more than anything) but it really is an amazing cinematic experience.

    The Gaga (though I am definitely not a fan of her music) has shaken the fashion world, which is a bit of suprise to me if I'm honest.

    Wow, seriously? I didn't know the film industry was that bad there, that's fucking insane man. We had a (similiar-ish) problem when the UK film council got axed earlier this year, and they produced shit-loads of (mostly) good stuff and were a huge funding for production companies outside the UK too.

    I got the feeling that Vampires Suck is actually WORSE than Twilight, which is a major feet beyond belief. I guess, at least it's probably not as bad as the 'reboot' of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise is going to be.

    Fuck, it pisses me off that this vampire craze is still going on - why can't fangirls get something new to obsess over already? D:

  44. Wow...I haven't exactly seen Emma Watson in anything other than Harry Potter apart from some TV movie 'Ballet Shoes'. It's gonna be hard for her to break out of it, but maybe if she gets more small roles like My Week with Marilyn, people might start to forget Harry Potter.
    IMAX isn't too big here (we have one screen in the entire country), which is surprising since there are a few films being filmed in IMAX. Does it cost more to go to an IMAX?
    I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga at all. Thank god no one has gone out to where a meat dress in the general public. That was pretty beyond weird.
    I'm a huge fan of small British movies. I guess every country has it's problems with films, but America has all the money to stop these problems from happening. I hope Sweden's film industry isn't bad, coz I bloody love every film that comes out of that country.
    Aaron Seltzer needs to stop. Does he know that his spoof films aren't actually that funny? What hurts me most as that people my age love those movies and will quote them and everything. Gosh, they could be quoting something as dumb as When in Rome and I would feel better about it.
    The vampire craze got a bit too over the top. Somehow, I think they'll keep trying to cash in on these fangirls and keep making more and more vampire based things. I'll just stick to my True Blood and Let the Right One In and those other people can obsess over Twilight as much as they like and not bother me.
    Anyway, are you a John Hughes fan? Just a random question.

  45. It doesn't cost that much more to go to IMAX here, a few pounds more really. We don't have to pay extra for 3D films like American's do (well, in IMAX anyway, I haven't seen 3D films in normal cinemas so far.)

    Thank the lord! Someone else who isn't a Gaga fan. I kept thinking I was the only one who thought she wasn't that great.

    America has always been the 'daddy' of filmmaking in terms of being able to have the money to make shit. I don't think I've seen that many Swedish films actually, haha. For me, the best country for film is Japan. Apart from the odd crappy spin-off anime film, every Japanese film I've seen is fucking good.

    Another reason to hate our age group right there @ quoting spoof films.

    The funny thing is, before the craze happened, I didn't realise how much I dug vampires and had a fair few vampire films and manga, so I guess the craze made me realise how much I like vampires. But, I think, I've always been a fan of supernatural/weird stuff anyway so the vampire's naturally fits into that fold.

    I do really dig Zombies though. They're just so hilarious to me. Still need to check out The Walking Dead, been wanting to see that shit for ages, and now it's airing, I haven't been watching it.

    I love John Hughes. I wouldn't call myself a fan of his stuff, but I love Sixteen Candles. Everything about that film is great. And of course, The Breakfast Club is awesome too. I still gotta watch Ferris Buller's Day Off and other Hughes films actually, if I can get round to it. He really did get the teenage mind-set downpact, which is always nice to see.

  46. Hey...I'm back from my week without movies! Thank god.

    I haven't really checked out the prices for IMAX here, all I know is that they are still playing Inception for a cheaper price of $10. Can't wait for that movie to come out on DVD next week!

    I don't think I have seen any Japanese films. I am a huge fan of European films though, like Let the Right One In and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It's quite sad that America can't make movies like that. But in saying that, America still makes some bloody good movies.

    I think Mum made me watch Dracula: Prince of Darkness ages ago, and thats where I first saw a vampire. I wasn't too into them, and now I just think they're cool because they're on True Blood.

    I love zombies! Man, I wanna see The Walking Dead, but I don't know if it will air here. Maybe if I wait two years we might get the first season.

    John Hughes is the man! I loved The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I thought Sixteen Candles was pretty good too. I reckon every teenager should be required to see one of his films, because they are so amazing!

  47. Hopefully I'll be getting Inception on DVD for Xmas too, which comes out next week here as well. But my dad is all set on getting me DVDs from the Criterion collection (which, I have to admit, have some great films there) but it looks like I'll be getting an iMac and a couple of things that I and others had already bought, which will be extremely awesome!

    Saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly recently, fuck I don't think I've seen a film with such a brilliant opening 15 minutes since UP. A beautiful film.

    Man, Japanese films are legendary! Well, most of the ones I've had the chance of seeing, they really don't let me down! You haven't since anthing anime related? (Since they're all Japanese films anyway) Seriously, you need to check out Japanese cinema. If you want any recommendations, I'd be happy to give you some!

    Asian cinema in general, I think is pretty good, I'm especially digging Korean films atm.

    Just check The Walking Dead out online. That's how I watched Boardwalk Empire/all of True Blood because I am terribly impatient when it comes to TV shows, because it takes us so fucking long to get them D: I don't like watching things online (which I've probably mentioned) but desperate times call for desperate measures ;o!

    Agreed, every teenage should watch at least one John Huges film (even Weird Science, so bad, but so good)

  48. Ha, I'm buying myself Inception for Christmas. Mainly because I couldn't wait another 2 and a half weeks to get it.

    Okay...recommend me some Asian films. I feel like I'm missing something here!

    Gosh, I'm really impatient when it comes to TV shows too! Had I kept watching True Blood on TV I would have stopped watching it easily. But getting it on DVD made it just sooooo addictive! Man, I wanna check out Boardwalk Empire. Looks like I have some watching to do in the holidays!

    I should probably check out Weird Science. Thats another thing I can do in the holidays: sift through John Hughes movies!

  49. I'm strapped for cash atm because of having to quickly make this short film for a competition, and I really needed props for it, so now I've got them all ordered and hopefully coming this week, I can start keeping my money saved up again!

    I don't think I ever kept up with the UK showings of True Blood, they're way too slow! I made myself feel all American by catching it on Monday mornings (they showed it on Sunday over there) And yes, Boardwalk Empire is excellent! I've been lagging back in episodes, but that's just due to being so busy D:

    And do check out Weird Science! So bad, but so good. And I think Robert Downey Jr. is in it.
    Alright, on to the recommending (I'm sure you like recommending films to others too, I always am happy to!) I'll just start with the films that everyone should see (for Japanese cinema anyway)

    So here we go!

    Studio Ghibli: If you haven't already watched a Ghibli film, I highly recommend it. They've been dubbed the 'Japanese Disney' (the good Disney days) over the past few years when more and more people begun to know about them, and rightfully so.

    Hayao Miyazaki, who is the main man behind most of the films they produce, is really a fairytale director. He is brilliant, and though there are lots of other directors I prefer, I will always look at his films as great childhood fantasys and more (saw my first Miyazaki film when I was 10)

    So, for Studio Ghibli films, I'll recommend - Spirited Away (probably their most famous film to date), Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the fireflies (the latter being so heartbreaking and completely different to Ghibli's other films.)

    Tokyo Story, which is usually polled as being one of the greatest films of all time, is indeed a classic that everyone should see. Beautifully told, and quite philosophical in places.

    Another classic (well, in my opinion anyway) is Akira (the 1988 one), which has been my favourite film for far too long. The whole film is just superb, and you'll never see a better landscape than what is in that film. Plus, it has one of the best film soundtracks, probably, ever.

    On to ridiculous and hilarious Japanese films, Battle Royale (with Tarantino has citied as being one of his favourite films and the one film he wished he had made) and Tetsuo: The Iron Man are pure Japanese weirdness.

    Satoshi Kon, probably my favourite director, who recently died soon (which was absolutely heartbreaking) is quite overlooked outside of Japan I think, but every film he had done (4 and a TV show) were just masterpieces.

    Darren Aronofksy actually asked to use a scene for Requiem for a Dream that was in Perfect Blue (he did do it justice) I found, and Inception, I'm sure, has been inspired by Kon's last film, Paprika.

    I recommend you watch all of his films, because they're so completely different to each other, but unique in their own way. Oh, and if you can, check out Paranoia Agent, his TV show - so messed up.

    Horror, obviously it's got to be The Ring (Ringu) and I really dig Dark Waters too.

    Though most of anime now is, if I'm honest, pretty shit (with terrible drawing styles too boot) there are some classics, Ghost in the Shell being one of them.

    For the rest of Asia, as a quick little go through here:

    Bong-Joon-Ho (Mother, Memories of Murder, The Host)

    Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Lust Caution - this I warn you on though, it has crazy elongated sex scenes, but they are done beautifully)

    Wong Kar Wai (in the mood for love, Chunkging Express)

    Lou Ye (Suzhou River)

    Phew, I think that's me done there. I might start recommending you Japanese gangster films when I get round to watch a boxset my dad bought, you'll have to tell me to shut up then!

  50. Whole! Cool! A film competition! What are you doing for it? Gosh, I wish we had film competitions over here, but like you, I'd be strapped for cash too!

    Right, when I get some time I will go through and try to find all of these films. I feel like I've been missing out on a whole different world of films! And it will be nice to get away from all of the American films for a while.

    There have been quite a few people saying that Inception was inspired by Paprika, so it'll be interesting to check that out.

    Thanks for all the recommendations! Now I have a lot more to do these holidays!

  51. It's to make a music video for one of the newly released songs from David Lynch http://genero.tv/davidlynch/ and all the entries so far are so good! (The competition was only announced like a week ago, and closes in two weeks) so once all my stuff comes I've ordered, I've got to get filming!

    I know I won't even come close to winning, but it's such a great competition that I just can't pass it up - even if it is an over 18 shindig, my brother is going to help me out (crap they better not read this then, hahah)

    There are loads of worldwide film competitions, this being one of them, all you gotta do is search for them! Young filmmaker ones are quite good too, and at a technical level, you knowe that everyone is going to be of the same standard, so it gives a chance for creativity to shine through more than anything else!

    Paprika is a complete and utter mind-fuck, but Satoshi Kon's stuff always is (apart from Tokyo Godfathers, that was just hilarious)

    I know what you mean about missing out on other films. There are so many countries that I wanna check out their cinema (especially South East Asia - India etc.) as I'm not too familiar with their films.

    No worries, I always like recommending films, just hope you enjoy some of them at least!

    Feel free to recommend me some stuff too, it's always good to find out about new films that I've never heard of/seen before (also, when I go on a recommending-tip, I don't seem to get off it for a while, and a lot of people can pretty much get annoyed by it, so if I end up doing that, please tell me to calm it down xD)

  52. That sounds so cool! Hey, I love entering stuff just because I can. I think it's just great to learn stuff and get better at these sorts of competitions. Anyway, I hope you do well! Good luck!

    Come to think of it, I think I'd like to stick to my writing until I'm a little older. And then, who knows, I might just be a director. But if I find a film making competition I'm interested in, I will be in like a shot!

    I was thinking I might check out some Bollywood films some time, just to see what they are really like. Maybe I'll do a whole feature on foreign films and the like...this whole new world of cinema must be seen!

    No worries, I don't mind being recommended films. I think I have a really generic taste in movies, because I basically just watch all the new releases and classics which everyone has seen but I haven't. Keep recommending some more little foreign films, and hopefully my taste will be more broad.

    Oh, and by the way, I got Splice on preview. I hope to watch it in the next couple of days...I am looking forward to it!

  53. I doubt I'll win the competition, or come close to winning, but thanks for wishing me luck anyway! It sounds so generic, but it is really, the taking part that counts - and that's why I wanted to do it anyway (I'd get a short film I wanted to shoot done and enter it into a competition.) So, for me, it's a win-win situation.

    Writing, at the moment, is definitely my main thing, just because I (try) to do it all the time, and writing is where everything just comes out on paper from my ideas (or in this case, the computer screen.)

    There are actually A LOT of writing competitions out there, and quite a few blogs advertise contributing places for writers, so maybe you could check them out?

    I've seen bits and pieces of Bollywood films, but never a full one, should be something I need to check ut too!

    Man, I am SO bad when it comes to not having seen classic films. I only saw Singin' in the rain a couple of weeks ago and yet to see Casablanca, Brief Ecounter etc. I mean, I know all the famous quotes and what not, I just have never sat down and watched them, even though we have both films in the house.

    Haha! Good luck with Splice! Hope you find it as funny as I do (well, stupidly funny that is) but entertaining at that.

  54. Well, there's no way that you could ever win unless you've taken part heaps of times before. It's all a big learning curve. That's why I like taking part in so much stuff, because one day, it might amount to something.

    This blog is my main base for writing. I mainly write because it's the easiest thing in the world to do...just typing (sometimes scribbling somewhere) stuff that is randomly swirling around in my head for no particular reason at all. But hey, I enjoy it, and I'm half decent at it, so why not?

    I must check out some writing comps! Another holiday project on the go!

    Casablanca is so beautiful, it's one of my favourite movies. God, I love classic films. I own so many of them...I should really go and watch them all again. I used to be obsessed with them, but this year I haven't seen too many. Woopsy.

    Right, I'm just going to watch Splice now. Thanks for wishing me luck!

  55. True, everything is a learning curve, have to agree on that one!

    I find the thoughts buzzing around quite hard to write down sometimes (well, it depends what kind of writing it is - whether it's a review of something, or fictional writing) but, when I am in the mode, I do love writing!

    Enter the writing comps! Seriously, there are some good ones out there, and some good film blogs that look for contributors too, the same for some websites that look for film reviews. All of it is a great way for loads of people to see yours and anyone elses writing. I guess that's one of the good things about the internet.

    Thanks for the heads up on Casablanca. It's on funnily enough at Xmas, so might have to give it a watch!

  56. Actually writing ideas down is the hard part for me. I think I'm better at writing in my head then I am writing on paper haha. Writing is cool though!

    Man, the internet may be a huge timewaster in some ways, but it's the most helpful one in others. It's also great when they have blog awards like the 'Lammys' for movie blogs, because you can check out all the other blogs and see why they are so good. You can learn a lot off the internet these days.

    Casablanca is the perfect movie for Christmas! I bought mine the day after Christmas and I've usually watched it every Christmas since. But my favourite Christmas movie has to be Meet Me in St. Louis (even though it only has one Christmas scene in it, really).

  57. I guess there are good things and bad things about everything, and the internet does slide into that slot. It's just this whole 'I must have as many Facebook friends has possible' kind of mentality that pisses me off. Also, there are a hell of a lot of people that have some fucked up ideas and are pretty judgemental - yes, all them haters.

    Well, I'll be looking forward to catching Casablanca at Christmas! I should be ashamed to say, but I'm not, that my favourite Xmas film is Arnold Schwarznegger's Jingle all the way. I know probably everyone in the world hates that film, but I just can't (probably because it has links to my childhood) but I genuinely think that it is hilarious. Yes, Arnie can't act for shit, but who cares?

    Oh, The Nightmare Before Xmas is a good Christmas movie as well. Over here though we always get the same films shown on TV come Xmas time. (If I see the Railway Children again, I think I might just have to staple my eyes together.)

    At least this year there are a few different films showing I guess, but maybe it's a tradition in itself to show the same films on TV come Xmas time? Is it the same in New Zealand too?

  58. Gah. Another thing I hate about the internet is people tend to hide behind their words a lot and feel obliged to say things that they couldn't normally say to someone in real life. They think it's a lot easier to insult someone online. It's so sad and pathetic the way they do it. Also, the worst thing about Facebook is people who like to use a status update for pity. Geez, it's so sad!

    I've never even heard of Jingle All the Way (does that make me a bad person?). Arnie did a Christmas movie? I need to see this!

    New Zealand has the weirdest Christmas movie traditions. Yeah, we still see all the average Christmas movies like The Santa Clause on most Christmases, but we also get some other strange choices. Forrest Gump is usually always on the 23rd December, which makes it my favourite Christmas movie that has nothing to do with Christmas. One channel likes to show classics like The Wizard of Oz, which is always good. The Shawshank Redemption always makes an appearance on screens (I first saw it around Christmas last year). The weirdest holiday movie choice is showing the new version of Psycho, plus the two sequels, which has happened two years in a row now. Weird, huh? Shows how sadistic the holiday season can make us Kiwi's.

  59. Generally, I am exactly the same person online as I am in real life. There is already enough people who pretend to be someone else, so at least there are a few of us left who would actually would say what we say on the net in real life.

    No, it doesn't make you a bad person! It is an awful, awful film, but loveably awful (I guess anything post-Terminator 1/2 for Arnie is bad anyway)

    The Shawshank Redemption seems a little too depressing for Christmas haha. I don't think I've ever heard of The Santa Clause - so many movies with the name Santa in, it's pretty heard to keep track.

    Oh man, the new version of Psycho was actually on yesterday, and worst of all, it said it was the original, but clearly wasn't. It was so bad (and Julliane Moore, Viggo Mortensson were in it with Gus Van Sant directing.) Truly terrible.

    We don't usually have a sadistic Christmas over here, that's why I was suprised to find Carrie (which I love) on, on Christmas day.

    I think after last year's Christmas, it's going to become a tradition to show the new Narnia film as well, that was so churned out last year, and yes, according to TV guides, it's back for revenge.

    At least they stopped pummeling the first Shrek (which I love too, but it can get pretty boring seeing that every year.) Instead, Shrek the Third has taken it's place.

    A random note, according to your visitor traffic feed, I now live in Birmingham xD

  60. We need real people online! Mind you, when I blog I sometimes get a bit more hyper than I usually am, but that's just the way I write...over exaggerating everything. That doesn't really count as 'different' though.

    You're right...there are too many 'Santa' movies. No wonder Santa isn't real :/

    I decided to give the new Psycho a miss, even though Julianne Moore is appealing. Why would they remake it? The original one is tops. God I love Hitchcock films.

    Holy. Fuck. You love Carrie too?! That was like my favourite movie when I was eleven! (I still love it, though I haven't seen it in a while) It's like the coolest horror movie ever!

    Narnia...yeah, I'll just stick to the books. It pisses me off how they haven't adapted all of the books.

    Shrek has been on so many times here! I guess it's because the guy who directed it is a New Zealander and all. I love Shrek. I watched the latest one last night, and it was only okay. The second one was awesome, but the third one was crap. They should have left it as one.

    That live traffic feed isn't great. My hometown is never on there, and sometimes I 'live' in places that are in the South Island. A few times I have 'lived' in Canada, Jamaica, UK and the USA. Places which I have never been to.

  61. Yeah, I agree, with writing reviews as you do, you can go into a hyper-drive more than you'd do in real life if something is so awesome. I mean I don't really say 'awesome' in real life, even if I have the tendency to slip 'lol' into a conversation. I hit myself everytime I do that.

    Seriously, you don't want to see it. Gus Van Sant must've needed to pay some serious bills when he decided to jump on board that ship. I did hear it was just an experiment. Still, one that shouldn't have seen the light of day.

    I have only seen Carrie once, but I still love it after all this time (think I watched it around the age 11 gap too). I now have this aversion to a certain spaghetti pasta smell that my mum was eating when we were watching it and the hand popped out of the grave.

    I can't really remember the Narnia books, but I know I dug them that's for sure. The 80s Narnia film (I think it was the 80s one) was awesome though.

    The second Shrek is my favourite out of the two (I have yet to see the third one, but the thought of those ogre children really puts me off.) Didn't know a New Zealander directed Shrek, learn something new everyday.

    Well, I guess the live feed can make you wish you were in places that you weren't - heck, I'd like to go to Jamaica.

  62. I have the tendency to drop in some of the 'hip' language like 'lol' into conversations. I don't mean to. I also tend to take the piss out of all the 'gangster' people when I talk, which doesn't show through on the blog...no one would be able to understand me!

    Of all movies, a remake of Psycho sounds stupid. Especially when the ending is such a one-off kind of thing. The younger crowd wouldn't like it anyway, if that was the effect they were going for.

    Gosh...I had nightmares about Carrie for weeks. One night I watched it, and I stayed up for the rest of the night watching my window coz I was so sure she would just appear. Oh, how young I was.

    OMG! Guess what is on TV here next Thursday?! JINGLE ALL THE WAY! Amazing!

    Haha, I'd like to go to America. And the UK. Okay...anywhere that isn't here.

  63. Haha, I know where you're coming from. I do that all the time, and because I used to anyway use slang a lot, my friend who lives outside of London didn't know what I was on about. Then again, most the time, I don't think anyone does!

    I think remakes should only be done unless A) the first film was a bomb or B) It was good, but you can add a new twist to it that hadn't been seen before. But really, it's all down to money these days :/

    Carrie has the tendency to do that. Now I am the kind of film watcher that guesses shit from a mile off (it's really annoying too - I did it the other day with The Usual Suspects) but my brother was the one too say "Oh, her hand is going to come out of the grave," when he was in the room watching it with me and my mum.

    Man, that is freaky! You gotta make sure you have time to watch that shit. So bad, yet so good. Typical Arnie I guess!

    I'd like to go America because of the rides (and being a typical teenage girl now, because of the shops) but other than that I never have been so interested in heading off to America.

    I find it weird (I guess everyone does when they live in a certain country people are going to think is awesome) that people want to come to the UK, in particular, London. It's probably because I've lived here all my life I don't find it so great - and the tourist stuff is as boring as hell (I'm looking at you London Eye.)

    The good thing about London is, again with the shops, it has good little places to find weird items and has some awesome comic shops too. Also, it's pretty multicultural, which I think represents London well.

    Traveling is so ridiculously expensive though.

  64. Haha, you've got to watch your slang language. It either sounds really cool or really stupid because no one has a clue what you're on about! I really like using big words in normal conversations, because I reckon that sounds pretty cool. Ever since Juno came out, I believe.

    Some remakes from a long time ago, like The Maltese Falcon, are actually really good. I think that was just the way movies were back in those days. One thing I hate though is when Americans remake foreign films. It shows how lost they are for ideas, and how much they lack creativity when it comes to making the movie. I guess it all comes down to the material and the director. Which didn't quite work out for Psycho.

    I can't guess anything from a mile off, unless I'm watching a romantic comedy. The ending of Carrie gets me every time...even though I know what is going to happen, I always jump. And then I get haunted by that memory for days.

    Gosh, I wanna go to America so bad, especially LA. Mainly because I wanna stalk Christopher Nolan. But if I ever saw him, I would probably faint or start crying so much I wouldn't be able to move, so it would be such a waste of time. Man, that sounds like what a tweenage girl would do if she saw Justin Bieber. Anyway, I'd also like to go to the Walk of Fame, just to all the names. And the shops too.

    I know how you feel. Everyone goes so crazy about NZ. I do admit, we have some pretty cool stuff to offer, but everyone is so amazed at how green it is here. Truth is, it takes so long to get from place to place because of that green-ness, which gets so boring after a while.

    I wouldn't mind going to London, mainly because of the shops and the fact that half of my extended family live there. In NZ we have so many London wannabes, because we are such a 'British' country still. Travelling is so expensive everywhere these days, it sucks.

  65. I only use the general slang (like 'sick' for example) but I agree it can sound, really, really stupid. Well, you have many thanks to give to Juno then!

    Yeah, Americans are the main culprits for remaking films. Worse, is because they already know there is some kind of fanbase there, so more than likely, it'll make money. Money, money, money = that's all the industry cares about :/ And it's sad because you can make a good original movie and STILL make money (look at Inception as an example of that.)

    Romantic Comedies are the most predictable 'genre', it's got to be said. If someone can't guess what's going to happen at the end, they've either never watched a Romcom before, or are just totally spaced out. But remember, the ending of Carrie was all a dream!

    Haha! Don't worry, we have our stalker teenage-girl type moments all the time. Like I had a serious WTF moment and spasm laughter when I heard that Jake Gyllenhaal was going out with Taylor Swift. I think the only people that would recognise Nolan would be his fans, so I'm sure he'd be suspecting that kind of reaction! (or maybe not, who knows?)

    I love the countryside, but I hate walking, so I guess I'll never win on that front! I wanted to go to NZ so badly when I heard they still had the sets of LOTR there (was that true?) but obviously, never did, before they bulldozed them down.

    London wannabe's - made me laugh xD Didn't the British colony control New Zealand for a while? (I know jack shit about History despite the fact I got an A for it in my final exam)

  66. I don't like the fact that they only make movies for money these days. They used to made for entertainment and for people. I mean, sure, money does help, but it's sad when people judge a movie by how much money it has made. And it makes me really sad that James Cameron keeps re releasing Avatar every five seconds. It's the highest grossing film in the world, so just leave it at that!

    Valentine's Day was trying so hard not to be predictable it was so funny. When I found out everything at the end, I just laughed my head off. They weren't predictable...they were just stupid. There are only so many different endings you can use in a romcom, and you usually see that ending in the trailer.

    Man, when I heard that Jake was going out with Taylor Swift I laughed my head off. That has to be one of the weirdest couplings to come out of Hollywood.

    I wonder how many people have actually had some weird reactions over Chris Nolan? Maybe I will have to stalk him to find out.

    They did have the LOTR sets there for a while. I believe some that were left in a soundstage were burnt down earlier this year (it was an arson attack). There's a place up north that has a little hobbit's village too. One of the funniest things is that I know at least five people who were in LOTR, mainly because they were riding horses for it. That's my claim to fame right there.

    The British colony did control NZ, and I'm pretty sure most cities think they still do. We are still a very British country and we take the Commonwealth very seriously...it's rather strange.

  67. It's what has happened to all creative industries, which is just pitiful :/ I mean, tbh, the music industry has been hit the hardest by 'money making' because popular music is down-right awful (I guess, in a way, it always has been, but lord it is just shitty beyond belief.)

    Thank God I haven't seen Valentine's Day - I have managed, and succesfully, stayed away from it. I'm suprised that Jennifer Ainston wasn't in it though. Doesn't she dominate the RomComs?

    However, I did think Easy A was an enjoyable romp, the better of the 'romcoms' I've seen in forever. Mainly because it was a play on the romcoms tho.

    I think of it on a creative level at my WTF'in about Gyllenhaal and Swift though. He, is a geuinely talented actor, and she, well, let's not even go there. Doesn't he also realise if he dumps her, she's just gonna write a song about it for the whole world to know? (And since her songs are all about someone, that's a hell of a lot of boyfriends she's gone through.)

    Do it! Do it! Do it! - this is my inner 'fandom' teenage girl hoping to see what happens on the stalking Chris Nolan haha.

    Man, the only thing I wanted to have done when I first saw LOTR was have been an extra in it (of course they had filmed the films back-to-back so there was no way of that happening.) I think I was the only girl ever to have said they wanted to be an orc extra xD (I never sided with the girlish type of roles, for example, The Elves, who just walk around the woodlands all day - though I love Arwen.)

    I'm learning a lot about New Zealand without having ever been there thanks to you!

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

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