Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to 'Cinematic Paradox'

Yes, this was once 'Alice in Movieland', and don't worry, I'm still here. I just felt the need for a change and here we have may not look as great as Alice but y'know, I get bored with the same thing easily. The name, too, felt a little juvenile. It took me a while, but I came up with Cinematic Paradox. I know that a 'paradox' is some sort of contradiction or something, but I'm really referencing the paradox in Inception...and, this sounds really cheesy, but my never ending love for cinema. So just imagine this...a never ending staircase filled with movies...and all these levels of movies I watch. If that made any sense at all.
Anyway, with the new design and name change comes a few new features, come I haven't decided on as yet. Of course, I will continue reviewing ever movie I watch and keep up watching A Movie a Day until whenever I decide to stop. As for the features...well. Once a week there will be a 'Weird and Wonderful Find'. Movie-related, of course. The internet is filled with some stuff that just happens to pop up during random searches. I'll find some cool stuff and you may just be inspired to try this stuff out for yourself.
That's one new feature...but there will be a few more coming in the future. Other things you can expect from Cinematic Paradox? A better, more sophisticated layout to reviewing and a few new things in the sidebar.
I'd be excited, too=)

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