Wednesday, September 29, 2010

R.I.P's are in order...

I'm sitting here, taking a break from searching for DVDs I wish to add to my collection, beaming about how sunny it is (usually winter doesn't finish here until January...if we're lucky), but there is some sadness in the year. Yesterday morning, I recieved a tweet from IMDb informing me that Gloria Stuart died at the age of 100. This morning, I recieved another tweet (well, first I read a tweet from Rotten Tomatoes telling me that The Social Network might be a rare 100% 'Certified Fresh' soon, which got me really excited), informing me that Sally Menke, Quentin Tarantino's editor, died at the age of 56. So here are a couple of wee tributes I have for these two.

Gloria Stuart, 1910-2010
Most people, like me, would probably only remember the lovely Gloria from Titanic. Sure, she was in a lot of other movies, as she was one of the girls in the studio system days, like Gold Diggers of 1935, The Invisible Man and Poor Little Rich Girl, but today's more mainstream audience wouldn't remember that. What's most remarkable, however, about Gloria, is that she was a hard working actress in her hey-day, but managed to make it to the amazing age of 100 years old. How many actresses can do that?? And thanks to a role in her late career that everyone saw, Gloria Stuart will be remembered.

Sally Menke, 1953-2010
Everyone knows about the genius of Quentin Tarantino, and how his films always have cleverly cut lengthy scenes. The person behind that rather...intricate task was Sally Menke. Sally started working for Tarantino when he made his debut in Hollywood with Reservoir Dogs, and has edited every single one of his films ever since. There is no doubt that Sally played a huge part in how great a Tarantino movie is, and his films probably won't ever be the same again. The last film she worked on was an indie thriller Peacock, which stars Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon and Cillian Murphy (once again playing a girl). Sally will definitely be missed, especially by us Tarantino fans.

May these two rest in peace, they will definitely be sorely missed.

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