Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kick Ass Yourself!

This is the first Weird and Wonderful find...these will be coming at you at least once a week. Of course, they will be movie related and will have some degree of epicness in them. Hope you enjoy!

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Now's your chance! Stuff Batman, you want to be a Kick-Ass hero! Well I do...anyway. this is probably the most shoddy of them all. Mainly because I don't think I'd ever look good in a green scuba diving suit. And considering Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski is a guy. Who's played by Aaron Johnson. Who is really good looking. Yeah, I just can't live up to that kind.

The Red Mist one looks alright. I mean, I look really happy as Red Mist. I think, if I was anyone, I'd probably be Red Mist. Mainly coz I'm not the most co-ed of people and I totally pull off that hairstyle. So if you see a Red Mist lookalike running around the know it's me.

Hit-Girl is pretty cool. I really like her purple colour scheme she has going on. I think I could pull Hit-Girl off too. Just minus the cool moves and attacks she has. Oh, and I don't want to be shot by my father. That is just really weird.

Haha...this one is my personal favourite. Even so much so that I have humiliated myself by making it my Facebook profile picture. I hate Nicholas Cage. So for his character I had to make it look stupid. Give the guy a smile and I AM BIG DADDY!

Now you should have a go...BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE COOL! Make sure you have some good webcam pics to can tilt/rotate them when you get the right superhero. It's a cool little thing, especially for fans of the movie! May we all become our own heroes! (BTW...If anyone can make Big Daddy look funnier...please send me the pics. In fact, if you do this...send the pics. Just comment below and I'll find a way of getting them! We could start up our own gang...)

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