Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DVD--Letters to Juliet

or: Another Amanda Seyfried movie with letters.

One word to sum it up: Ummmmmmmmmm.

If you have seen the Letters to Juliet trailer, I think you may feel like you have already seen the whole movie. I mean, I didn't know how they could possibly turn that 2 minutes of trailer into a whole 100 minute film. To my surprise, the trailer was missing some of the film, but you could get the basic storyline, from beginning to end, in the trailer. So instead of doing a plot synopsis, here's the trailer. Oh, and I guess I should put here *spoiler alert*.

While Letters to Juliet had a nice enough story (by that I mean the actual 'letters to Juliet' and Vanessa Redgrave finding her true love), that didn't excuse how cliched it was. One of my friends asked me how the movie was, and this is what I said: "It was amazingly cliched, as predictable as our main street in town, and the script was so awkward it made Paulie Bleeker look normal." Then I later tweeted: "Wow...Letters to Juliet has some of the bigest twists and turns I have seen since...Valentine's Day." I think either of those two statements rightly sum up Letters to Juliet. It may offer a little more than the usual romantic film, but it sure doesn't strain itself to set itself apart from the crowd.

I wish Amanda Seyfried would take on some better roles. I mean, look at this: three of her films, Letters, Dear John and Mamma Mia have all had letters playing a more prominent role than her. I say send an email and get it over with. There are only so many times we can see Amanda all puffy from crying over love. Also, I think the film over did the role that Gael Garcia Bernal had. If he was really that ignorant, then why would Sophie stay engaged to him? Christopher Egan wasn't that much better. If anything, this film suffers from some bad characterization and limp dialogue, but there is still Vanessa Redgrave's story to swoon over. That's true romance, right there.

THE VERDICT: Romance fans will love it, but even they might have a hard time not noticing the outward awkwardness of this film. And they may feel like they have seen it all before.


  1. I haven't seen this one but looking forward to. But now, tell me whether it was pleasant or just boring. Even though it was cliched, it could have evoked some nice feelings in your soul. Did it?

    And, as for letters in Seyfried's films, I see your point but I'm inclined to say that she picks up really good movies and she's in cinemas all the time. Only those recent snd last year's that come to my mind are "Jennifer's Body", "Dear John", "Chloe", this one, soon she'll appear in a gothically interpreted fairy-tale . She's very goal-seeking and she's on her way. Just wanted to say that her career is going up, as it seems to me.

  2. I admire Amanda Seyfried, as I think she has some real talent, and it's really only natural for a young actress to star in romantic drivel before becoming a huge star. I still love her most in Mean Girls, though.

    Letters to Juliet is, well, quite boring in some parts, but pleasant in other parts. If you like romantic films, then this is definitely for you.


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