Sunday, September 5, 2010


I watched Adventureland waaaaaay back before this blog even existed. You may have noticed though, back in January I reviewed the movie on here. Long story behind that one, but I decided to buy the movie and watch it again. What's surprising is that it's a bit better than I remembered it to be.
James (Jesse Eisenberg) dreams of travelling to Europe for a while, and is hoping that his parents will help him pay for that. However, his parents are having a few financial troubles, and James is forced to go work at 'Adventureland', where he is in charge of a games stall which doesn't give out it's prizes to easily. It's not all bad working minimum wage for doing nothing though, as James meets a whole raft of interesting people, including Em (Kristen Stewart), a girl who just wants to live her life without anyone interfering.
Kristen Stewart really annoys me. I really wish the girl had more talent, and you can see that she is trying her best, but she relies on blinking and pulling her hair back too often. With time, and definitely a lot more films like this, she could become the next best Oscar winner. I haven't seen The Runaways, but let's just say, her recent films, with the exception of this, haven't done wonders for the talent she has locked away in herself somewhere.
The film serves as nostalgia for the olds, even though it is predominantly a teen film. A teen romance with real heart, to be exact. Jesse Eisenberg is perfect as James, who is over-educated and awkward. Yes, that sounds a lot like another Michael Cera, but I'm sure with Eisenberg's upcoming role in The Social Network, we'll see a real star on the rise. The cast is filled with some talented and genuinely funny stars, including welcome appearances from Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, who serve as most of the films humour.
The 1980's never looked so good, and neither did a crappy summer job. Good luck watching this film and not wanting to go and get some cheap thrills from some less-than-exhilirating fun-park ride. It's just a shame that this never got a huge release here and turned up out of the blue on DVD last year. It's a little gem of a movie that will have you laughing but will ultimately break your heart.

Bring out the high wasted pants and the some 80's songs after you watch Adventureland. Makes the 80's look cooler than anything else.

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