Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week #3 in summary...! Apart from Nolan rewatches, I really like bombs this week...

Hello my dearest readers. This is me, Stevee, apologizing for my lack of non-Nolan movies this week. Okay, I rewatched three, but I have to apologize for it! It's okay if you want to shoot me or something...
So...what did I watch this lovely week number trois??

  • Inception (2010) Yes...three long days after the first time I watched it. And guess what?? I'm going to see it again for my birthday in a couple of weeks. I am still pretty excited over it! (My friends: "She is obsessed with it. She is going crazy.") 10/10.

  • (500) Days of Summer (2009) One of my favourite movies of all time. And because I am so behind with my blogging (here's the thing, I have internet in one place but not the sucks), I just posted a crappy video review I did a while ago. I would prefer it if you clicked the link that goes to my actual wordy review. Reason for watching this?? Ah, Joseph Gordon-Levitt *swoon*. 10/10

  • Daybreakers (2009) Not a rewatch. I'm amazed too. A pretty cool vampire flick that makes me pretty scared about the future. I'm not ready to become a vampire!! 6/10

  • The Hurt Locker (2008) The winner of Best Picture. Yes, it is better than Avatar. But not better than Inglourious Basterds, District 9 or Up in the Air. Hell, Kathryn Bigelow sure did deserve that Best Director though. She runs rings around those guys who think they can do Iraq war films! 8/10

  • Speed (1994) A total kick-ass movie. Bloody loved it from start to finish. Oh...and Sandra Bullock. WIN! 8/10

  • Batman Begins (2005) Christopher Nolan is amazing. That isn't the first time you've heard that on this blog, right? I liked Batman Begins a lot better with the second watch...10/10

  • The Dark Knight (2008) Beware: this is a lengthy review. I did apologize at the beginning of this post...10/10.

Okay, so all my rewatches got perfect scores...I'm not going to do Best Movie and Worst Movie because there isn't really a clear deserver of either of those categories.

Highlight of my week (non Movie a Day): Christopher Nolan night at my friends. Or going to see Inception with my friends (not watching the movie, what happened before it started...that's a whole other story!). Oh, and finally getting the highest mark for class speeches (surprisingly, mine wasn't on Chris Nolan, it was on Facebook.)

Lowlight of my week: Um, there was a bit of unhappiness circling around my group of friends. Not a good thing!

Bring on next week...

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