Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is what happens when you take The Notebook too literally.

Couldn't figure out what to watch last night, so decided since it was the only thing on TV, I would watch The Notebook. It wasn't completely my idea. My friend said if I watched it he would too. So we talked on MSN during the course of the movie. Here are some snippets of our conversation:
(Editors note: we are taking this movie way too 'literally' in the sense that everything said in this movie, we take the piss out of.)
*whilst watching the first scene in that house where Ally and Noah were going know*
9:04:11 p.m. Stevee wow, pro piano player
9:04:41 p.m. Kieran aee!
9:04:46 p.m. Kieran icky!

9:05:25 p.m. Kieran dad told my sister too shut her eyes
9:05:30 p.m. Stevee lol
9:05:52 p.m. Stevee I'm just going to keep my eyes on the laptop for the time being
9:06:06 p.m. Stevee oooh she takes her earrings out just in case things get rough

9:06:32 p.m. Kieran lol good precaution i guess
We are mature, but looking at things immaturely is way more fun.

9:14:45 p.m. Stevee Two minutes ago--"I love him"
9:14:53 p.m. Kieran lol
9:15:01 p.m. Stevee Now--"I hate him"
9:15:08 p.m. Kieran lol
9:15:19 p.m. Kieran make your bloody mind up

9:15:41 p.m. Stevee they aren't really breaking up, are they??
9:15:57 p.m. Kieran for now they are
9:16:23 p.m. Stevee haha, its just another one of those fights their having

9:23:36 p.m. Stevee ITS JAMES MARSDEN!!
9:23:47 p.m. Stevee I LOVE HIM!!

9:24:00 p.m. Kieran haha hes taken
9:24:11 p.m. Kieran and a bit dead
9:24:26 p.m. Kieran hang on which one is he

9:24:29 p.m. Stevee he looks amazingly beasty in that cast
9:24:34 p.m. Kieran lol
9:24:35 p.m. Stevee that guy
9:24:42 p.m. Kieran oh him
9:24:48 p.m. Kieran Lon Hammond

*when Lon proposes to Ally, and then we see Noah coming back from war*
9:27:29 p.m. Stevee everyone is the happiest man in the world
9:27:36 p.m. Stevee every man I mean
9:27:48 p.m. Stevee wow, poor Noah

9:27:55 p.m. Kieran i know
9:28:25 p.m. Stevee since when do you get sunnies in the war??
9:28:33 p.m. Kieran i know

9:34:38 p.m. Stevee why do people go hairy when they reach insanity??
9:35:10 p.m. Kieran lol its weird ae?
9:35:46 p.m. Stevee I can understand Howard Hughes in The Aviator
9:35:52 p.m. Stevee but not this guy
9:36:02 p.m. Kieran hes just lonely
9:36:14 p.m. Stevee which means he should have more time to shave
9:37:10 p.m. Kieran haha exactly

*leading up to that rain scene*
9:56:28 p.m. Stevee "you look different"
9:56:41 p.m. Stevee uh yeah, he has a lot more facial hair

9:57:05 p.m. Kieran lol
9:57:29 p.m. Stevee throw in the towel and start laughing
9:57:46 p.m. Stevee why does it always rain that heavily in the movies...but never in real life?

10:12:26 p.m. Stevee this movie is quite stuffed up
10:14:33 p.m. Kieran it is
10:14:52 p.m. Kieran its i love you then i hate you then i love you
10:14:55 p.m. Kieran omg!

10:16:04 p.m. Stevee im not afraid to hurt your feelings
10:16:16 p.m. Stevee what kind of a stuffed up message is that?

10:19:51 p.m. Stevee I like my profile picture for msn
10:20:18 p.m. Kieran haha i saw that before lol
10:22:19 p.m. Stevee i want that picture on my birthday cake
10:22:39 p.m. Kieran hahaha is that possible
10:25:31 p.m. Stevee yeah, of course it is
(was that off topic? It's hard to talk about The Notebook for two whole hours)

10:30:36 p.m. Kieran ;(
10:31:10 p.m. Stevee this, I will admit, is really sad
10:31:41 p.m. Kieran it is but the ending is nice
10:32:16 p.m. Stevee he goes and sees her
10:33:09 p.m. Kieran yes he does
10:33:47 p.m. Stevee nawww
10:34:12 p.m. Kieran she remembers
10:35:08 p.m. Stevee all too late
10:35:21 p.m. Kieran yeah sad that isnt it
10:36:16 p.m. Stevee :'(
10:36:36 p.m. Kieran please don't cry
10:36:45 p.m. Stevee im not
10:36:52 p.m. Kieran good
10:37:06 p.m. Stevee even though the rest of the movie is pretty bad, I still find the end sad
10:37:11 p.m. Stevee hey that rhymed

10:37:22 p.m. Kieran lol it did
10:37:31 p.m. Kieran and yes it is sad
10:37:40 p.m. Kieran and we both survived it yay

There you have it...a conversation about The Notebook. I have seen it before, and I lauded it with 8/10. However, on a second watch, it is way too romantic even for my standards. But the end gets me every time. I don't absolutely hate it just isn't one of my favourites. And I really don't like Nicholas Sparks, so I guess that doesn't help.

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