Friday, August 13, 2010

The House Bunny

Look, The House Bunny was never going to be a great movie. For starters it has Anna Faris in it playing a ditzy Playboy Bunny. And this bit of dialogue from the trailer made me cringe big time:
Shelley: "They're kicking me out? But I'm 27!"
Marvin: "That's 59 in bunny years."
Like, seriously, that is some crime against cinema or something. Unfortunately for me, their were way more cringe-worthy bits in this movie...
Shelley (Anna Faris) is a Playboy Bunny who has been kicked out of the mansion. She is left with no where to go, but eventually finds the girls of the Alpha Zeta sorority (I have really gotta learn more about these 'sororities'...), to whom she becomes their 'house mother'. Shelley teaches these girls with zero confidence how to transform themselves into what guys want. But all the while, the girls start to think that they should be what they want to be as opposed to being what other people want to see.
On one hand, this is some serious fun. I like seeing stupid girls failing at day to day things. Which makes me wonder, how is it that they have zero brains and guys still find them somewhat attractive? That's movie myth #156. Anna Faris is pretty funny as Shelley, but it's just the stupid script (though her character is dumb, I'm pretty sure no-one is that dumb) that lets her down. Faris singlehandedly lifts this film up from what could have been a total nightmare. But in the end, she does get pretty annoying.
On the other hand, this movie is gut-bustingly stereotypical. Movie myth #124: nerds are absolutely nerdy, they aren't classified as human. All of the stuff that happens in this movie is totally nonsensical and doesn't translate well to the real world. And most of the script is unfunny. I can only imagine how many awkward silences there were in the cinema while watching this...

A standard comedy...just with more stereotypical characters than ever.

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