Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 08--A movie that should be required a high school viewing.

Since I go to High School, this is a really tough question for me to answer. Because, when we watch movies, they are usually crap. I mean, last year we watched Wildchild. And I enjoyed it, because I was taking the piss out of it. Same with The Merchant of Venice. I really don't like watching movies in class because there are so many opinions floating around. I've always kinda been the watch the movies at home and keep my opinion to myself unless I really believe in it (i.e. anything directed by Christopher Nolan) person. So, just randomly, I thought of a coupld of films which I think may deserve a look in:
Inception. I know what you're thinking...she's obsessed. But it would be good for conversational purposes. Then again, the conversation kinda ruins it. I think it would be okay for everyone to see, as it is entertaining and does require a higher level of thinking than teachers give teenagers credit for.
But I would definitely choose The Shawshank Redemption. This is a movie which deserves to be loved by all, as it is a true masterpiece that has become the number one movie on IMDB. And not just any movie gets that kind of accolade. I could just imagine what my school peers would think while watching this: it rocks.
However, it's best to keep these movies to stupid comedies so we can all have a bitch and a moan about them. And anyway, my class never gets to do film study.

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