Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 07--Least Favourite Movie by a Favourite Actor...

If you have been paying attention to my blog, then you will probably know that Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite actor of all time. Who cares if I am currently obsessed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy? Leonardo DiCaprio has always come out tops.
Though most of his movies are genrally great (and not just because he is in it), there's which I don't really like that much...Body of Lies. Not that I expected it to be great. It has Russel Crowe in it for heavens sakes.
I disliked it so much that I, for the life of me, can't even remember what it was about. Something about terrorists in the Middle East? Guess it's just a topic which I don't really enjoy watching. However, just because I didn't like this movie doesn't mean I didn't like Leonardo in it. Even if he did have a wacky beard and really needed a shave. I can't really tell you what was wrong with this movie, as I watched it like nine months ago. All I can tell you is that it was boring and I obviously didn't think much of it. Doesn't mean I love Leonardo DiCaprio any less.

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