Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 06--A movie which makes me cry every time...

Sorry I've not been very consistent at keeping up these posts. Truth is, I have spent ages trying to think up an appropriate answer to this question. And I don't really have a completely honest answer, because I can cry in a movie the first time I watch it and then never want to cry in it again. But what I finally chose, I think, may be the movie which I have cried in the most.
Gone with the Wind is probably my favourite film of all-time (it's only early days with Inception, I have only seen it twice). I think the first few times I watched it I never cried. But then I watched the original original version of A Star is Born in late 2008 and cried during it, and after that I found every movie worth a cry over (I even started crying during Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging). So I watched Gone with the Wind again and there's now this particular scene which I cry in (or feel like crying) every time. This scene is when Melanie is dying and Scarlett goes to visit her. I don't know whether I cry because Melanie is dying or whether it is because I pity Scarlett because with Melanie goes her only chance of having a true friendship. A world without friendship=eternal sadness. Also, when Scarlett is talking to Ashley and he is pondering over one of Melanie's glove, the waterworks seem to flow even more.
But, with the exception of the weird book sequel 'Scarlett', it makes you wonder, would Scarlett have gone for Ashley? I mean, through like three and a half hours of film, she had been pining for him. Then, in the last 10 minutes or so, she finally realises her heart is really with Rhett. Is that enough though?
While I probably don't cry that much, I'm sure there's always a tear trying to escape my eye when I watch this movie.

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