Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Another movie I knew was going to be bad before I saw it. I mean, take a look at this sentence: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler star in The Bounty Hunter. Didn't that just put you off? It's like these two actors are on a parade trying to make a worse film than the last one they starred in. And it sure is working. I'm just worried that if they go any lower than The Bounty Hunter then nothing will be able to save them.
A bounty hunter, Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is given the assignment of a lifetime: arresting his ex-wife, successful reporter Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston). Once he succeeds in finding her, they find themselves running for their lives as they become the targets of some criminals. Will they be able to stop themselves from falling back in love with each other in the process?
I thought it started off pretty well. But once the first twenty minutes were over, this turned into just another average borefest. In a year of action-comedies (Date Night, Knight and Day...), this film seems like the dud of the lot, because it just isn't entertaining enough. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have absolutely zero chemistry, which is strange because they went out/go out in real life (I'm never sure, all I know is that Jen has had about fifty boyfriends this year, and she still wants Brad back). Had they been a bit better suited to their roles then maybe this would have been more watchable.
As I said, I liked the start, and this was a good concept, which could have gone very far. I found myself enjoying it a lot. But then I got sick and tired of the way this film seemed to repeat itself and drag on just to reach a certain run time. But Jen and Gerard still remain as attractive as ever.

Bland action comedy, with some auto-pilot stars and not a lot to offer.

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