Saturday, July 17, 2010

Waiting's a bitch.

So pretty much everyone in America has now seen/is going to see Inception. Which just isn't fair. Because little old me down in here in New Zealand has to wait until Thursday. That isn't the only problem. I can't preorder tickets here, so I am not guaranteed to be able to get in at the 5.30pm-ish screening. Mum doesn't finish work 'til 4pm. So, basically, I have to hurry home from school, make Mum hurry home from work, get her ready, and then go to our neighbouring city, which should hopefully take 45minutes. I am really hoping that there aren't some ridiculous screenings before 5.30pm, otherwise I am going to die.

I should really stop stressing. I have five days to worry about this.

All's well though, I think I have figured out a way to preorder tickets without having to steal Dad's credit card and having him texting me every five minutes making sure I am not buying large amounts of Burger King and a few new scarves with it. That card is only the key to Inception.

Despite the fact that it is rated 83% on RT, I'm not too happy about that. The negative reviews are sounding really negative, but I am still thinking those reviewers are just jealous of Nolan's talents. They keep saying that it is too smart for it's own good. *coughs* These were the same reviewers who were looking for some smarter blockbusters. I think that the non snobby film bloggers and the genral audience all really like this movie. Okay, that's an understatement. They f**king love this movie! Because I fit into both of those categories, I know I will love this movie. I'm just worried that my expectations are way too high because I have been waiting for this movie for so long.

It has a 9.3/10 rating on IMDB, and is currently rated #83 on the Top 250. I can only imagine that this will go up in time because only around 5000 people have voted. 84.5% of whom have rated it 10/10. This is why I prefer IMDB's consensus more than RT's, because most of the people on IMDB are non film snobs. Oh, and by the way, the RT community have given it a generous 92% average.

I can not wait any longer. The teacher's will be so worried when I start having fits of excitement during class on Thursday.

If I don't get to see Inception on Thursday (above).

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