Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remember Me

Date: 13/07/10. The Return of the King has to be put on hold for a night because I had to watch this movie (for reviewing purposes). I worked all day, but it's fair to say every shelf in Blockbuster was clean and in perfect order...for about five seconds.

So I wasn't really looking forward to watching Remember Me, because it just looked like one of those films where Robert Pattinson is trying to get people to believe he's an actor, not that 'sexy' vampire Edward Cullen. If this was the film he was trying to break free with, it was clearly the wrong decision.
In 2001, a college student Tyler (Robert Pattinson), who is a bit of a rebel, is trying to fix his relationship with his Dad (Pierce Brosnan). Meanwhile, he strikes up a relationship with Ally (Emilie de Ravin), a young woman whose Mother was murdered ten years before, and now lives with her cop father (Chris Cooper). The couple live in the moments, despite all the bad things that are happening around them.
I'm not being biased about this movie just because I hate Twilight and Robert Pattinson. But this, overall, is a terrible movie. Firstly, this movie would have had so much more promise if it was made as an Independent feature instead of a big Hollywood production. Because it just feels so wrong that it got a huge release, mainly because it's most bankable asset was Robert Pattinson, who turned out to be awful in this film anyway. He will never be able to shake off his Edward image; I certainly can't forget him as Edward and when he's in this film I feel like he is trying too hard, but its coming across as he isn't trying hard enough.
Remember Me has a nice enough story, but it wasn't enough to keep me captivated along the 108 minute running time. It has some truly shoddy cinematography, but it is just a huge missed opportunity. Aside from Pattinson, the leads are likeable, especially that of Emilie de Ravin, who has a promising future.
As it plods along through a pretty weak script with no real emotional connection between characters and the audience, we get this big twist at the end. Okay, I wouldn't call it a twist, I'd call it a big flashy end. What I'd like to say about that is, I didn't care much for what happened, I just thought it was overly offensive and stupid that someone would even think about putting it there in the first place. I'd imagine that teenage girls, mostly, won't be able to look past the end and call it the best movie ever made, which is when I'd like to say, it may possibly be one of the worst handled movies to be released in the past year. But I know that people will love it.

Remember Me had so much promise, but delivered so little. And I won't be able to forget that ending, for all the wrong reasons.

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