Friday, July 9, 2010

My Top 10 Actors and Actresses onto big things

Time to unveil my 2010 hit list, the stars who I think shine brighter than the reeeeeeally famous ones (ha, wasn't that cheesy). These guys and gals have impressed me somehow in the past year or so, even if they had their break through like ages ago. Enjoy...

10. Eric Bana Yeah, I know his big break was in hit Australian film Chopper ages ago. But earlier this year, I saw him in Funny People, and it turned out that he was the only 'funny person' in that movie. He also starred in The Time Traveller's Wife, which isn't really as bad as everyone thinks it is, and was met with comments that he's a bad actor. Hey hey hey, back it up a little, Eric Bana is a fantastic actor. Did you not see him in Star Trek? Eric Bana had a really great year last year, and is truly on his way to becoming the most dashing leading man in Hollywood.

9. Diane Kruger

Let me ask this: how did Diane Kruger not get an Oscar nomination for her performance as actress Bridget von Hammersmark in Inglourious Basterds?! She worked so amazingly well in the character, and who can forget that black/silver dress she wore at the end? Who cared about that cast on her leg. Diane Kruger, is, and I say this with a strong opinion, the best dressed woman ever. And one of the most beautiful. To top it all off she's an amazing actress. Did I mention that she can fluently speak German, French and English and dubs herself in all three languages? That takes talent. Diane Kruger has it.

8. Peter Sarsgaard

This guy was once known as 'Maggie Gyllenhaal's husband', but no more, thanks to his appearance in the hit Brit movie An Education he is now known as 'Daaaaaaaavid'. Chances are you probably hate him after that movie, but other than being that creep, he starred in the horror Orphan. And did pretty well. But yeah, Sarsgaard has been in some pretty big movies, in some pretty small roles, though it never ceases to amaze me at how underrated he is. Like, he is really underrated, it's almost a crime against movie watching.

7. Abbie CornishNow you could be forgiven for thinking that Abbie Cornish is just 'that chick who went out with Ryan Phillipe after he left Reese Witherspoon'. Well, she's not. If you have seen Bright Star, the John Keats bio-pic directed by Jane Campion, I think you will agree, Abbie Cornish is not 'that chick who went out with Ryan Phillipe after he left Reese Witherspoon', rather, she is a talented performer, even more so than the experienced Phillipe himself. It goes without saying, Cornish should have been recognized for her wonderful performance with an Oscar nomination. She is one of those actresses who doesn't get lost in costumes and is a total knockout in anything she is in. Things are looking good for her too, she's starring in Zack Snyder's upcoming action flick Sucker Punch.

6. Bradley Cooper Long time readers will know this: I love Bradley Cooper. Anything he is in I will go and see, since the day I saw Yes Man (arguably not one of his career high points, but you know, he was pretty good in that...). So he stars in a few star studded romantic comedies (He's Just Not That Into You; Valentine's Day; New York, I Love You), which aren't the best. But he is a charming leading man. The Hangover. Need I say more? Then The A-Team, a film which he seemed to carry (he was better than Liam Neeson, and that is saying something). Cooper has been to the ends of the Earth in his film career, and finally he has cemented his place as Hollywood's top leading man. Yeah, I said it.

5. Anna Kendrick Unfortunately, everyone will 'know' Anna Kendrick from the Twilight movies, where she plays the slightly annoying plastic-y Jessica. Really, everyone should know her from Up in the Air. Honestly, who didn't fall in love with her after seeing that movie? She was That scene where she breaks down crying at the hotel makes me laugh every time. She doesn't have a lot of films in her filmography, but has already been nominated for an Oscar at the age of 25. And then there's the fact that she has more talent than the entire Twilight cast put together...

4. Joseph Gordon-LevittEvery time I see Joseph Gordon-Levitt it breaks my heart a little more. He is beautiful! I really don't know what to say about him. So much talent. So much charm. So much individuality. There are so many reasons as to Joseph Gordon-Levitt is shaped up to be the best actor of our generation. Everything he is in, it doesn't matter whether its some crap straight to DVD fare or something great like (500) Days of Summer, he makes it worth watching. I can not wait to go and see him in Inception, which will hopefully get him an Oscar nomination...there are so many of those waiting for him in the future.

3. Saoirse RonanEven if you didn't like The Lovely Bones, you probably had some place in your heart for Saoirse Ronan, who played Susie Salmon. Just the same with Atonement, where she played Briony and got an Oscar nomination for it when she was just thirteen. Thirteen. Just like Anna Kendrick, her filmography is short, but you can tell in the future that it will become exponentially long and she will be starring with the big guns--and outshining them, because that's what she seems to do for a living.

2. Sharlto CopelyOut of all the people that didn't get nominated at the Oscars this year, Sharlto Copely was the biggest disappointment. Have you seen District 9?! He had no acting experience at all, and whats more is that he improvised most of the film. End result? Wikus van der Merwe: greatest alien character ever invented. The only other film you can see him in is The A-Team, where he plays Murdock and provides the audience with most of their entertainment--he is perfect, and that is only his second film. Considering he is in his late 30s and has only just started his brilliant acting career, he needs to get working so we can see him more. In the meantime, District 9 is enough proof for me to say that Sharlto Copely is right up there with some of the greatest actors around.

1. Vera Farmiga

I fell in love with Vera Farmiga when I first saw her in Martin Scorsese's The Departed. But then Up in the Air? *sighs* She was absolutely marvellously fantastically amazingly greatly exponentially wonderful as Alex Goran. I wanted to marry her in that movie. I do admit that Mo'Nique deserved the Oscar more, but Vera should have won. In saying that, she has many more nominations and awards to come, not to mention she is stepping behind the camera to direct Higher Ground. Will I be going to see it? Yeah!! I'm sure my favourite actress can soon become my favourite director.


  1. stevee i love your blogs they speek so truthfuly and are also funny

  2. Gordon-Levitt with enough time, can just so possibly be the next Johnny Depp, just you wait and see.

  3. Even though I'm not the biggest Johnny Depp fan, I can definitely see this happening. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing.

  4. i admire peter sarsgaard so much!!!


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