Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Movie a Day is coming back

Many of my followers now won't know this, but I did 'a movie a day' back in October 2009, which is what started this blog. Now, because I have a lot more time than last term (production+exams+no life=hardly any time to watch movies), I will do a movie a day, until, lets say...end of September.

But the rules have changed
Instead of watching all these new movies I haven't seen, I will be able to rewatch some. But...this comes at a price. I can only rewatch once a week (you have no idea how much I rewatch movies) and I have to give a detailed analysis on the movie. Should be interesting.
I have three categories which I will be focussing on...and posting on:

Out of the Preview Drawer: Faith in the Straight-to-DVD Movie
What's this?? Me verging on insanity. I work at the local Blockbuster, and we occasionally get DVDs sent to us called 'previews'. The unfortunate thing is, these previews are what I think is just straight-to-DVD bullcrap, that I never bother taking home. But I think it's time I turned the tables, coz, come on, they can't be that bad. Or are they? Guess I'll have to watch to find out.
So, with this category, I have to watch at least two previews a week (not the one every day I told my colleague, I'm sure I was drugged last night), and blog about them, and maybe it will persuade me to like these straight-to-DVD movies. Because 95% of the ones I have seen are total crap.

Classics...I have never seen.
Even though my life is dedicated to film, I haven't seen a large number of films that every cinephile should have seen. That's pretty sad. So I'll be going through them, one by one, hoping to become a better movie watcher at the end of it. See, I've already started with The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
How many do I have to watch a week? As many as I wish to, but I have to watch at least one a week. That way, I'll get 10% of them out of the way. How will be getting these DVDs to watch them? Good question. The local DVD store doesn't have an exstensive range, so I'll be looking through all of my friends DVD collections, because some of their parents seem to have reeeeally good taste in movies.
Don't ask about that random plum. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Mr. Plum, I have to tell you, is now deceased. R.I.P Plummy.

New Releases
When I say 'New Releases', I'm mainly meaning DVD releases because I don't go to the cinema that much. But, for example, I will be going to see Inception on July 22nd, so that is counted as a New Release. This will be my most loved category, because I just love those days when the new DVDs come in.
Why is there an Inception picture there?? Because I like it, and I like Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And Christopher Nolan. And Inception should stay relatively new until September. I could become like one of those uber cool bloggers and be a Leonardo DiCaprio--Joseph Gordon-Levitt--Christopher Nolan-sexual. Wouldn't that be fun??

Those pictures will be seen in every just depends what the film is.

A Movie a Day is hard work...but at least I'll be watching more movies!! Keep following my progress!!

And a big thank you to all of my followers!! There aren't that many of you, but if you are reading this then I am eternally greatful for your support!!


  1. Good luck! I find for me, A Movie A Day isn't toooo tough, but actually taking the time out to write about the film is where I falter. I'm a veryyyy slow writer, and am usually eager to watch the next movie. Then the list of movies to write about builds... it's a vicious circle. But best of luck :D

  2. That's my biggest problem to. But I'll get there!


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