Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obsession of the week: Christopher Nolan

Okay, so it's not an obsession.

Because thats just creepy. But its like I have just discovered what a genius this guy really is. I mean, I always knew it after seeing The Dark Knight, but there is more to Christopher Nolan than some really epic bat film.

Now, I have only seen two of his movies: TDK and The Prestige, so does that make him eligible to be my favourite director ever? Well, Sharlto Copely is one of my favourite actors and yet I have only seen District 9. So I'm sure you can make the exception.

The Dark Knight is one hell of a great movie. It could have been just a simple superhero movie with some really ludicrous situations and special effects, but its not. It is a great espionage thriller, with some terrific performances, especially from this guy here:

Now, tell me you don't like this film. Go on. I bet you can't, because everyone loves this film. I have this thing where I start to hate films that get lots of money at the box office...but not this one. Whatever Christopher Nolan does, I love. This movie made absolutely sure of it.

The Prestige, too, was really great. It was so trippy, I never knew what was going to happen and to be perfectly honest I didn't entirely get the movie, but with a second watch everything makes sense. I love movies like that, where you have to search for all the clues instead of having it served out to you on a silver plate. The Dark Knight is also like that-it gets better with every single watch.

I'm getting a copy of Memento sometime soon!

I'm as excited as a six year old having a birthday party. I feel so guilty for not having watched this movie before, but then again it's not entirely my fault because the video store doesn't have it. Like most good movies. I have been reading a bit about the movie (no spoilers, I promise), and it sounds so trippy. My goodness, this has to be a movie made for me!

Inception is out next month! I am still counting down the days!
I am just as excited about this movie. How do you top a movie like The Dark Knight? Well, you just have to be Christopher Nolan. As promised, a post of Inception coming soon. Until then, keep watching the trailer. I haven't got sick of it yet.

Christopher Nolan is my new director idol. No, I haven't forgotten about Quentin Tarantino, I've just been momentarily distracted. I don't know how one man can be such a genius.

Chris Nolan, you are amazing.

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