Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Maybe watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) on a TV which got really bad reception ruined it for me. Or maybe it just didn't manage to be how I thought it would be. Or maybe my expectations were just too high.
Peter (Jason Segel) had it all. He had the TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), who dumped him. Devestated, he decides to go on holiday in Hawaii. Little did he know that his ex-girlfriend would be there, with her new boyfriend, eccentric rockstar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).
To be perfectly honest, this movie was a little too raunchy. Which kind of drew the attention away from the other laughs that were hiding somewhere. It was funny, but there were no real laugh out loud moments. In fact, most of the humour came from some of the minor stars (Paul Rudd was totally boss in this film, but he is always awesome so who am I kidding?) and the clips we see from Sarah's TV show. It ended out to be a disappointment but it wasn't a total failure. If anything, it could be sweet at times, particularly because of Mila Kunis playing Rachel Jansen, who the audience can easily relate to, unlike some of the other characters.

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