Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Ex

Don't you just love free-to-air television?? All of those movies that you had promised yourself you would watch-but couldn't be bothered getting them out from the DVD store-just come on two years later and you realise that your money would have been wasted anyway. That's the beauty of it. The Ex (2006) is one of those films that I thanked the greatness of free-to-air telly that I didn't have to spend a cent to watch it.
A slacker, Tom (Zach Braff), is forced to go work for his father in law when his pregnant wife, Sofia (Amanda Peet) quits her high-paying job to have their baby. But at Tom's new workplace, he meets Chip Sanders (Jason Bateman), who happens to be Sofia's ex-boyfriend, and also confined to a wheelchair.
Thank the Lord Jason Bateman was in this movie. Even when he is playing a complete jerk, he still seems so utterly cool! He totally pulled of the bright ensembles he was given and the wheelchair. However, apart from the awesomeness of Jason Bateman, this film literally had nothing else going for it. Okay, the small appearance from Amy Adams was cool, and some bits were mildly funny, but other than that, it was pretty flat and kind of offensive. For a comedy, of course. And it didn't help that I couldn't find any reason to watch the whole movie, but managed to stick with it right until the end.
Not exactly the laugh a minute I had hoped for.

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