Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paranormal Activity

With District 9 coming out in the same year, it really makes me the cheap documentary style film creating the most amount of hype after the Twilight franchise? Paranormal Activity (2007) was billed as the scariest movie of all time. Now I ouldn't say it was overly scary, but that is probably because I watched it during the day. God help me if I watched it at night.
Katie and Micah are a young couple living in San Diego, leading what appear to be normal lives. But since Katie was young, she has been followed and haunted by what is thought to be a 'demon', and it continues to wreak havoc while she is sleeping. Micah decides to have a camera film them to pick up what is happening in their house, and what they find starts messing with their lives and their ability to be normal.
I had no idea why this film caused so much hype, and still don't. I found it quite boring in the first 45 minutes, and it wasn't until the film finally started getting into it towards the end that I garnered interest in it. Okay, I will admit, I found some of the scenes in this film particularly terrifying and unsettling, and I will probably be haunted by them for a few weeks to come. But, this isn't the scariest movie ever made. It probably will be if you watch it alone, in the dead of the night. Oh, and please, please, do not make Paranormal Activity 2, it isn't needed.

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