Friday, April 16, 2010

Women in Trouble

Okay, it wasn't really my original intention to watch Women in Trouble (2009). But then I heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in it. So I waited, and waited, then realised that the credits were rolling and I had not seen a glimpse of Joseph. I wallowed in my disappoiontment, but then saw him at the end of the credits. I was happy again, but then the preview cut off his scene. However, even though Joseph was barely in it enough to get the starring role credit on the poster, Women in Trouble was a surprisingly enjoyable film.
As the title suggests, this film follows the lives of some women, in, well, trouble. The most prominent of which is porn star Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino), who discovers she is pregnant. Her whole world is falling down around her, but she is not the only woman that day experiencing trouble in life.
Women in Trouble is a quirky chick flick...taking out the stupid formulaic feeling and being totally unique. While it's not exactly great, it just takes a look at ten different women, in trouble. Which makes for seemingly great viewing by the way. I wouldn't say this is one for a girl's night in, but I would say this is a film to watch by yourself with a block of chocolates. It won't fail to suck you in.

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