Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whatever Works

I was afraid that Whatever Works (2009) wouldn't, well, work. Okay, so it didn't run smoothly but it was average. Compared to Woody Allen's last film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, this is a bloody masterpiece.
In the streets of New York there is an old man, named Boris (Larry David), who has a temper problem. He likes everything to be his way or no way, which certainly does not help his career as a Chess player/instructor. One night he stumbles upon a homeless Melody (Evan Rachel Wood), a Southern beauty pageant contestant who has just moved to New York. She is pretty ditzy, and overstays her welcome at Boris's house, but ends up marrying him. Yes, marrying an old guy.
This is what is called 'classic Woody Allen'. It does ring the resembelance to Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but it is a whole lot better. Evan Rachel Wood is the real star of this (Larry David just gets plain annoying), as she embodies the role of a ditzy blonde well. It was quite scary because towards the end she started looking exactly like Diane Kruger. Which was extremely traumatizing for me. However, this just one of those movies that is a bit out there (urm, a three way relationship?) but will never be great. It'll just always be there. Whether you want to watch it or not.

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