Friday, April 9, 2010

The Weirdest Movie Posters. Ever.

A couple of my friends were a little freaked out by The Time Traveller's Wife poster. Well, these could scare them more...and then there's the great movie posters...

Doesn't look like an average inspirational film. No wonder it hasn't rented one single unit at the video store. What does it say? I'm actually not sure...that Matt Damon is extremely happy that this just ruined his movie career? Or, it really does say 'please avoid this movie'.

Love the movie, but this is one weird poster. It's like an optical illusion, but doesn't really say mich other than it is some complicated looking sci-fi movie. Don't let the poster put you off though, this is one truly great movie.

Hmmm, I don't know what to make of this poster, or the movie, for that matter. In some ways it has this documentary feel to it, but then it has this sort of 'portrait of our lives' feel to it. It doesn't generally say this movie will be funny, we leave that to the title. Which is misleading, by the way.

This doesn't say anything at all.

Yes, we know that Will Smith thinks he is a hero and all, but we don't really need to see a huge poster of his head. The movie is not so fantastic, and it is not all about Will Smith. Probably a poster better suited to I Am Legend.

The. Creepiest. Movie. Poster. Ever. Honestly, would you want this on your wall? No. But is sort of effective, and there is something wrong with Esther.

Maybe a poster with the alphabet written out on it would have done better? That's what you get when you go straight to DVD, a crappy poster made by someone with no creativity.

Ummmmm, either Catherine Zeta-Jones is insanely boring, the washing machine is hurting his butt or those undies don't taste good, because Justin Bartha looks like a blue eyed dog on the way out. He has no emotion what so ever. And Catherine looks like she's a cannibal.

Worst thing about this poster? Lindsay Lohan. Who would want to see this? We all know it's just paying for her regular visits to rehab.

Okay, definitely the weirdest of the lot. Just because you star twice in one film, doesn't mean you'll get away with a poster like this. Eddie Murphy, please stop making movies.

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  1. OH GOD I've just realised exactly what's wrong with Esther: she's absolutely symmetrical. I've looked at that picture a number of times but only now have I realised it's actually half a picture that's been mirrored.


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