Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is Beautiful

I thought the title-Life is Beautiful (1998)-sounded a bit cheesy, and this would be one of those soppy romantic films depicting perfect lives and thing like that. But surrprisingly, Life is Beautiful lives up to it's name, but should have been called 'This Film is Beautiful'.
Guido (Roberto Benigni) is a Jewish family man living in Italy, chasing his wildest dreams and married to a beautiful woman with a wonderful child. He and his family live in peace and harmony, that is, until the war starts. He is shipped off with his family to a concentration camp, but Guido takes this horribleness as a game, in order to make his son feel better and promise him a better life.
Okay, I know my synopsis may sound a little cheesy, but this is one of those movies you just have to see to know what I am talking about. This movie is amazingly beautiful, it just clicks where it is supposed to and handles the war story with heart and humour--something we rarely see these days. Honestly, if you want to watch a really good European/Italian movie, then do not go past this one, because it is one of the best. Life is Beautiful, well, yes it is, but this film even more so.

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