Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am Legend

Everybody told me that I should watch this back when it came out on DVD in 2008. My response was "I'll get around to watching it." This was totally true, because it was on TV and I thought I should get around to watching I Am Legend (2007). Boy, that 2 hours was a little wasted.
Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the perceived to be the last man on Earth, since the whole civilization was wiped out by a disease which turned them all into zombies. We follow his day to day life, with his dog Sam, who is his only companion. But Robert soon realizes that he is not alone on this Earth, and the things that share it with him could end his happy life alone.
I thought this would be a good concept, and it sorta was. In the first five minutes. Then this movie turned into a CGI disaster, the concept fizzled down to be almost non existent, and the movie slowly began to fall like the disappearance of civilization. Will Smith was consistent though, roughing some of the worst directorial work I have seen. Still, I have to be proud of myself, because I got around to watching it. And I found it a little entertaining...possibly for all the wrong reasons.

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