Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I saw the cast of Nine (2009) and instantly thought I HAVE to see this. I mean, how is it possible that you can get Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren all in the same film? So, I finally got to see it, and unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. Though those were very high.
Nine is the story of Guido Contini (Day-Lewis), an Italian film director who can't get any inspiration for his film 'Italia'. But he starts to get help-in a weird way- from all the woman in his life: his wife (Cotillard), his mistress (Cruz), his confidante (Dench), his muse (Kidman), his critic (Hudson), his dead mother (Loren) and the whore from his childhood (Fergie). But can he make a film this way?
Okay, so the critics didn't like it. Well I can see why they didn't, the film suffered from misplacing of musical numbers, and it's self-indulgence which didn't translate so well to the audience. But that aside, this was a great movie. The cast was great, but the biggest stand-out was Marion Cotillard. I fell in love with her when she sung 'My Husband Makes Movies'. I never knew she could sing, but man, can she sing. She only got better as the film went on, especially in the song 'Take It All'. The songs weren't astounding, though I really liked 'Cinema Italiano' by Kate Hudson, which was probably the most upbeat song of the lot; and also 'Be Italian' by Fergie. She has an amazing voice and it suited this song well.
Will this win Oscars? i don't think so. Maybe for set design, but probably nothing else. But still, I really really liked Nine.

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