Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Daze

You know what? I think romantic comedies are severely under-rated. I mean, yes, the story-lines are all the same, but who cares? They're a lot of fun. Wedding Daze (2006) is a helluva lot of fun. Mainly because Isla Fisher is so cute and funny.
The movie is wedding themed of course, but don't get it mixed up with Wedding Crashers. Anderson (Jason Biggs) is left extremely depressed after his girlfriend chokes to death when he proposes to her. After a few months of being locked away from the world, he is dared by his friend to propose to the first girl he sees. That first girl is Katie (Fisher). She says yes, even though she doesn't know him at all. But can they actually make it to the altar?
Well, Wedding Daze isn't anything special, but it is really funny, and has some clever moments in it. The critics take it way too seriously, but it's not a movie that's worthy of negative reviews. Yes, there are heaps of cliches, but you are sure to enjoy it. If you like Isla Fisher, then you will love this. And even guys might like it, it really has something for everyone.

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