Friday, December 4, 2009

3rd Decemeber 2009

I've always enjoyed Cary Grant movies, mainly because of how romantic he is and how much chemistry he shares with his female co-stars. He had already starred opposite Ingrid Bergman in Notorious in 1946, but 12 years later he re-teamed with her to star in Indiscreet (1958). Okay, this was a movie which I bought last year, because I thought that it was Notorious and I actually wanted to see that movie. Shows how much I've learned about film in the last year and a half. Anyway, I couldn't spend that $10 without watching the movie, so I decided to drag this out of my collection and watch it. Indiscreet was directed by Stanley Donen, who took a break out of making musicals to make a fluffy romantic comedy. But of course, like any musical director, he had to put in a bit of dancing, which Cary Grant, er, happily displayed. Cary Grant plays a ladies man, once again, who captures the heart of Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman), a very successful and famous stage actress. They fall in love, but Anna soon finds out that Phillip Adams (Grant) is keeping a secret from her, and Anna sets out to get the perfect revenge. The main plot clincher (the revenge) doesn't happen until the movie is nearly over, which is a shame because the first hour is devoted to the very romantic relationship between Phillip and Anna. Unfortunately, this gets very annoying and I nearly switched off because of the lack of plot. Bergman has a very strange character, who's mood swings more rapidly than an adolescent teenager. The film really has a thin plot, and sometimes it just acts as an excuse to bring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman together again. If your looking for a better film with these two in it, try Notorious, and don't get in mixed up with this one.

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