Thursday, December 3, 2009

2nd December 2009

Body of Lies (2008) was one of the few Leonardo DiCaprio movies I hadn't watched. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor ever, and despite the lack of story in this movie, he still did a good performance. Because that's the kind of guy he is, doesn't matter how bad the movie is, Leo always performs to his best. And that's why I watch all of his movies. Okay, so Body of Lies is a bit touch and go. Most of the time I didn't understand was going on, and often thought that reading over my social studies book for the 50th time (I had an exam the next day) would be more interesting. The plot is mainly about terrorism in Middle-Eastern countries, with Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) going around trying to stop all of this crime going on. All the while, he is followed by a camera in the sky, and told what to do by Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe). Russell Crowe makes me laugh in this film, because since Gladiator he really has turned into a guy who looks like he doesn't look after himself very well. What I mean is, he just eats and eats, gets fat, and doesn't shave very well or dye his hair so he doesn't look so old. The guy really needs to look back on the Gladiator days and be like that again. The violence in this film is the bare-minimum, which is a bit strange considering the other films that Ridley Scott has directed. However, on the bright side, Leonardo DiCaprio turns out a great performance, which gets this film its merits. Only watch if you're looking for light entertainment.

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