Wednesday, December 2, 2009

29th November 2009

Okay, my mum loves horror films. It must be in the genetics or something, because I love horror films too. When I saw Drag Me to Hell (2009) was available, I knew I had to see it. I was a bit worried about it though, because Alison Lohman was in it. I'm not saying she's a bad actress or anything, it's just that she was playing a teenager in 'Flicka' when she was 27 years old. I mean, there is a time limit for how long you can be a teenager, and she passed it by then. However, seeing her in this film was like discovering a new actress, she was great. This movie wasn't really that scary (I don't find movies scary, but Changeling did scare me a bit), but Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) was a woman you wouldn't turning up on your back door any time soon. The story centres around Mrs. Ganush, an old lady who is about to get kicked out of her house by the bank. She pleads to Christine (Lohman) for an extension, but Christine makes the decision not to allow her another extension. This is a decision Christine regrets making. All of a sudden, she is haunted by this Mrs. Ganush, who is dragging her slowly to hell. All the while, Christine appears to be a bit of a freak, and even her boyfriend Clay (Justin Long) doesn't believe what is happening to her. Sometimes this movie is funny, but it mostly emulates what an old-school horror would be like. Sam Raimi returns to his horror roots, after being tied up in the Spiderman trilogy, which was very successful. Horror fans will eat this up. They will love it. I also think I am falling in love with Justin Long. I mean, he is comedy gold. He is particularly funny in 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' and 'He's Just Not that Into You', but in Drag Me To Hell, he proves to be comic relief, even showing a dramatic side. If you're looking for a good horror, then this is for you. The end is not what you'd expect, so watch out.

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