Thursday, December 17, 2009

14th December 2009

An R-rated romantic comedy? Who's playing who? There is no such thing. Even if The Ugly Truth (2009) claims that it is. The ugly truth about The Ugly Truth is that it isn't much chop, and I really sympathize with whoever wrote it...they have probably had very bad experiences with relationships. The good is: Katherine Heigl is a great actress who needs to choose better films. The bad is: the film was not funny in any way, and it was so predictable. The ugly is: everything about this movie. It was not romantic really, it was just about a guy (Gerard Butler) telling a girl (Katherine Heigl) how to get a guy in the worst possible way. Butler plays Mike Chadway, who knows guys only want one thing, and hosts a show where he tells girls that guys will never be in love with them. Katherine Heigl plays Abby Richter, who is a woman who wants to be in love with someone, but just doesn't realize that rambling on about tap water and bottled water being the same won't get her the guy. Mike teaches her how to flirt with guys, and ends up completely changing her...but can he resist falling in love with her? I'll leave you to waste 1 and a half hours of your life finding that out. I really hope Katherine Heigl doesn't ever do a film like this again, otherwise her career will be dead...and she won't even have Grey's Anatomy to fall back on.

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