Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12th December 2009

Yes, I love Paul Rudd, but even he could star in a bad film. That bad film that hangs over his filmography like the black plague is Over Her Dead Body (2008). Paul Rudd, how could you?? But to his credit, he saved this film from flopping like an uncooked pancake. It's obvious that I'm not a big fan of the ghost genre, I mean, hello? Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was bad enough. But why does the film industry keep making films like this?? Because they like to see alive people making fools of themselves, while they're talking to people who are dead and aren't actually there. Note to all directors and writers: people don't get laughs out of people hallucinating and being totally strange anymore. Over Her Dead Body also stars Eva Longoria Parker, who is probably best suited to her role in Desperate Housewives (which is getting quite dated nowadays). Eva plays the woman who is crushed by an ice angel without wings (ironic and stupid) and dies on her wedding day, leaving behind her fiancee played by Paul Rudd. He tries to keep himself away from civilization, until he meets a psychic (Lake Bell). This psychic can see Kate (Longoria Parker), and Kate decides to make her life hell. If you think this sounds like Drag Me To Hell then think again. No way is it near as good as that. Over her Dead Body is bad, and even the hugest Paul Rudd fan would be disappointed.

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