Tuesday, December 1, 2009

27th November 2009

Zac Efron, to me, is the most famous person in the world. But what is he famous for?? It's not his acting skills, it's his film career. I remember when High School Musical came out and every one went MAD. That was like 2006's 'Twilight' (I have to admit, High School Musical was better than Twilight). Every one, and I mean every one, fell in love with this Troy Bolton. Little did they know, High School Musical would come to an end, and Troy Bolton wouldn't be gracing the screens any longer. So Zac Efron had a supporting role in Hairspray, then went on to be a leading man in 17 Again (2009). While this wasn't the best film ever, there was huge cheese factor which made me cringe a lot. I watched this with my entire English class, and every time some people laughed at the movie, me and my best friend looked at each other like 'why the hell are they laughing, it's so cheesy!'. Cheesy entertainment is really fun though, because I just think about the sucker who was writing this and how many cheeseburgers they had that day. Anyway, the movie is about Mike O'Donnell (Matthew Perry), who is about to be divorced to Scarlett (Leslie Mann), the girl he's been with since high school. Something strange happens to Mike though, he is miraculously turned beck into a 17 year old, who is now called 'Mark' (Efron). Mike/Mark decides to have his high school life back over, but discovers it's harder than he thought. He tries to resist his 'daughter' Maggie (Michelle Tratchenberg) coming on to him, and helps his 'son' Alex (Sterling Knight) get into a basketball team and get a girlfriend. All the while, he just wants to get his wife back. It is a strange wee story, but the cheese factor makes it so enjoyable. I know Zac Efron will have a great career, he just needs to steer away from films like this.

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