Thursday, November 26, 2009

25th November 2009

I've never really been the hugest fan of action packed crime thrillers, and I can't say Eagle Eye (2008) really changed that. I used to be a really huge fan of Shia LaBeouf, ever since I watched Transformers. I even watched Disturbia, which was directed by the same guy who directed this, D.J Caruso, who did a great job with the mild teen thriller genre. But he failed in this genre. Eagle Eye really did start off great, with a bang, shall we say, but then ended up fizzling out because of the on-going scenes which are all along the same lines. If the scenes were mixed up a bit, then maybe this would have been a success. It was obvious that Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) and Jerry (LaBeouf) were falling for each other, but that was never dealt to because they were too busy trying to save themselves. Jerry was a shadow of his 'great' brother, and that drags on through the movie, it was almost like Jerry was trying to be exactly like his dead brother, which got really annoying. These two are followed by a female voice who is telling them to do illegal activities, and if they disobey, then there are consequences. The way this is done is very creepy, and the woman soon comes across as a stalker. All the while, Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton) and Zoe Perez (Rosairo Dawson) are trying to bring Jerry down, because they think he is a terrorist. There were good points and bad points about this movie. A good point was the mind-blowing special effects; but a bad point of the effects was that I could hardly tell why all of this was going on, and special effects aren't that special for me anymore. The story handled the 'technology is everywhere' topic well enough, but sometimes the movie couldn't handle it. The performances were okay, but I would have liked to see Shia LaBeouf branch out a bit more, because there's not always going to be action films for him to star out. A great watch for a rainy day.

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