Friday, November 13, 2009

12th November 2009

Amy Adams is one of favourite actresses. Ever since I saw Enchanted, I thought she was just so great and always picked the right films. Sunshine Cleaning (2008) is one of those good films she picked on her road to mega-stardom and success in the film industry. Pair her with Emily Blunt, who I loved in The Devil Wears Prada (one of my favourite films of all time), and there is a golden casting decision which makes for a good movie. Rose Lorkowski (Adams) is a single-mum who was the most popular girl in her year at High School, but has now turned out to be a woman struggling to get money. Her son proves to be troublesome at the school he is attending, and must be sent to a private school. But when Rose discovers she doesn't have the funds, she starts a strange business--cleaning up crime scenes. She drags her unreliable rebel of a sister Norah (Blunt) into it, and they end up making a successful business which keeps the money rolling in. Meanwhile, Rose is having an affair with her former High School boyfriend Mac (Steve Zahn), who refuses to leave his wife for her. Norah continues to hurt from the fact that her mother killed herself when she was to young to remember her, and decides to find out everything she can about her. But soon enough, their business turns to custard. Sunshine Cleaning is one of those movies which makes you look at your life and think about how lucky you are to be living. The performances are great, and although the script can be a little wonky sometimes, it always picks itself up. I loved it, and I'm sure most people will too. 8/10

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